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Football League to be re-named ‘Amelia’

After consulting with 18,000 fans and a copy of ‘100 Top Baby Names’, the Football League has decided to align its brand with the most popular name of 2015. 179 more words


Never mind the trolls: what blogging can do for you.

Something surprised me this year.

No, it’s not the creeping realisation that Wagon Wheels have shrunk since I first ate one in 1975. Or the fact that people seem to prefer the name… 619 more words


Made to make your mouth water

This is the second shirt I’ve made to commission in ‘Poppyseed Dreams’, a print that Liberty say was inspired by Indian textile art and that hints at Sixties’ psychedelia. 280 more words

Midweek Drinking #3: You! Me! Drinking!

Wednesday 4th December 2013. It’s 6.30pm. I stumble into City Arms to meet the legend that is Mark Foley. We’re also joined by Loz who works at the Manic Street Preachers’ studio. 658 more words

Urban Tap House

Post 123


Dear Portglenone.wordpress,

Actually, it’s ‘Frances’, I’m a lady gay and therefore do not have a ‘lad’. I do have a CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED but the instructions say that it should not come into contact with water as it could go on fire. 81 more words

Birthday cheese...


Today’s Crazy Rhymey Challenge was a toughie!

Here are the words kindly donated by Twitter today:

@shaggydogyarns – Opal Fruits*
@IMcMillan – Widdershins
@ofTheTimesShop… 541 more words


The usual shopping woes No. 658543

In the queue in Home Bargains (when did it stop being Home & Bargain?). A lengthy wait, but it was still dinner time and being the end queue, near the sweets and booze, what did you expect? 301 more words

Modern Life Is Rubbish