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Wetin Diezani steal self?

​Wetin Diezani steal self?

By Olukorede Yishau

Her story ordinarily should be a simple one. Brilliant and beautiful. Good upbringing, good education, good jobs and the best of political appointments available. 1,160 more words

Americans Aren't Entitled to Happiness

My morning thoughts have wandered today. It has been a busy morning. Up early to get my son ready for school and then to Kingsport for an appointment with Kaye. 677 more words


What Happened to Respect in the U.S.?

This morning’s thoughts turn to respect. People are raised differently throughout the U.S. This is something that is clear from one individual to the next. One can argue that individuals influence those around them and in turn are influenced by others. 516 more words


Robert E. Lee, Part II: My Heirloom Portrait of the Confederate General

One fond memory of a trip to Gettysburg National Park consisted of my siblings, my cousins, and myself participating in a juvenile reenactment of the battle, complete with replica hats, jackets, and a discussion of soldierly life. 1,480 more words


Trump's USA

It is hard not to reflect on Trump’s U.S.A. I drove back over the border to Canada and could hardly stifle doing a happy dance. Is a decidedly different U.S.A. 1,172 more words

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Why Plastic Bottles are so Popular

I’m talking about disposable water bottles. The kind of thing that is cheap to produce, feels cheap to use, and doesn’t bother most people to simply throw away after one use. 576 more words


As We Begin the Journey to 2019

As We Begin the Journey to 2019

By Dele Momodu; dele.momodu@thisdaylive.com
Fellow Nigerians, unbeknown to many of our people, the battle for who becomes our next President has already started in earnest. 1,983 more words