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Documentary on Chinese organ harvesting censored in both China and the U.S.

The fact political dissidents are murdered and harvested for their organs in China has been known for years. And the Communist regime has been able to successfully carry out its genocidal scheme without repercussion the entire time. 48 more words

Culture In Decline

Gallifant: "Patients Put at Risk by GPs? Time for Real Change?"

Patients are being put at risk by GPs being forced to carry out complex consultations in 10 minutes or under, says the British Medical Association (BMA). 88 more words


Hamilton controversy distracts from Trump University lawsuits

by Jesse Goodwin, Staff Writer

On the night of November 18, Vice President-elect Mike Pence was greeted with a mixture of boos and cheers when he arrived at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City with his daughter and their cousins to see the acclaimed musical Hamilton, which depicts the life of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. 794 more words


Battle of the pets: Cats are obviously the winner

by Kristen Botas, Contributing Writer

It’s the age old deal breaker. It has been said to define a person due to their preference on the subject. 558 more words


Battle of the pets: Dogs are truly golden

by Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

Dogs or cats? Let me think about it – wait – that’s easy, dogs! You know the slogan: “a man’s best friend.” I mean who doesn’t like to look at that cute little puppy’s face, it will melt your heart every time! 528 more words


How to get through a New England winter

by Alex Solari, Staff Writer

It’s the beginning of December now, and as you’ve probably noticed it’s cold, dark, and pretty soon, it will be even colder and darker. 630 more words


A commuter’s story on making friends in college

by Scott Lariviere, Staff Writer

Making friends in college. Easy right? Not necessarily.

Think back to your first day coming to the university. If you’re lucky, friends you met in high school attend the same school as you, so you may not have needed to make friends from the start. 534 more words