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Throwback Thursday (The New "Middle Class")

I questioned who was benefiting from this shallow society we now live in. Pondered what the cushion between the haves and have-nots was, now that the middle class has all but disappeared. 517 more words

Inner Dialogue

The Washington Post OpEd: Mike Huckabee: A conservative plea for the National Endowment of the Arts

Never thought I’d agree with Huckabee, but I agree with any advocation for the arts.

“Funding for the National Endowment for the Arts might seem expendable — especially given how often celebrity artists insult… 152 more words

The Washington Post

A Template for Taprooms - Sentinel Brewery, Sheffield, UK.

Seems like this is as good a time as any, but given the Crafts Drinks Bill is heading to the 2nd stage in the Dáil this week, for me to take a look at, what makes a great tap room. 628 more words


ZWELLING, MD [OC Register]: "Fake repeal-and-replace legislation fails to reform health care ..."

This simple executive order costs nothing but is a priceless opportunity to lead the nation’s health care reform efforts. It establishes a healthy conversation about the things that matter most in any health care delivery system, the sanctity of the patient/physician relationship and individual patient choice.

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Trump is a Pussy Algorithm...

Given how FBI head guy Comey has specifically stated there is no proof of taps etc will President Trump declassify information showing something?

YES↓ No→ 136 more words


Starting Days! | Weekend in LA 

OMG where did the weekend go?! I’m currently blogging here in LA. I’m supposed to be leaving for home already, but! We’re stuck for a little bit longer! 95 more words


​The Trial of Hameed ‘Netanyahu’ Ali

​The Trial of Hameed ‘Netanyahu’ Ali

By Simon Kolawole

Retired Col. Hameed Ali was sitting gently on his sofa and watching TV on August 27, 2015 when some news flashed on the screen: he had been appointed the comptroller-general of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS). 1,824 more words