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Georgia Public Policy Foundation: ER Costs vs. the new model of Direct Primary Care (2014)

By Georgia Public Policy Foundation

February 25th, 2014

The cost of the average ER visit is $969. Cost of primary care for a year under a new model:  283 more words


Happy Birthday America,Your Gift is Irony

This July 4th one item that is gnawing at me is how true the title of this post is. I find this to be especially so in the right-wing corners of my life where the ironic truth screams loudly at the jingoists. 185 more words


Gays, shootings, and flags or: Ranting about current(ish) events

It pays being oblivious while on vacation.

While spending two glorious weeks in Scotland, with little to no Wi-Fi anywhere, news did not reach me. Sure, the occasional headline made it through the spotty connectivity, but it was little more than a soundbite. 1,033 more words


The Lovers, the Dreamers & #SHRM15

I’ve always thought that HR practitioners were kind of like puppets, with people with P&L decision making and executive management positions more or less manipulating this function by proxy while making the back office Betties and HR Business Partners (an oxymoron if ever I’ve heard one) be manipulated into thinking that they’re the ones pulling the strings. 771 more words


TRENDING Story on CMT ... Can Physician “Concierge Fees” be Reimbursed From a Health FSA or HSA?

By Janet Palcko

Nov 25, 2014 –  As “concierge medicine” gains popularity, we are getting a lot of inquiries as to whether such fees can be reimbursed from a Health FSA or HSA.  900 more words


The Power Vertical: Russia's Deadly Fantasy Politics

I like this author.  We think alike.  I actually got a few belly laughs from this article, intended or not.

What Brian says is true, however. 1,115 more words


SYKES: "Membership Medicine Faces Challenges As It Becomes More Popular. Here are two stories to help you be prepared."

By Catherine Sykes, Publisher, DPC Journal, Concierge Medicine Today, DocPreneur Press

JUNE 22, 2015 – Today, attitudes towards both Concierge Medicine and its demographically diverse and very different familial companion, … 1,536 more words