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"Why I Became A Concierge Medicine Doctor." ~Doug Pitman, MD

By Doug Pitman, MD 

FEBRUARY 8, 2016 – Why should primary care physicians consider the concierge model of medicine? The question should really be rephrased: Why shouldn’t they? 311 more words


Dr. Thomas LaGrelius' Story: "Successfully Switching to Concierge Care in California."

February 01, 2016 | By Janet Colwell

FEBRUARY 1, 2016 – Thomas LaGrelius, a family physician in Torrance, Calif., first realized the potential of concierge medicine 25 years ago after becoming fed up with the restrictions imposed by third-party insurers and cutting his ties with Blue Cross/Blue Shield — at the time his largest insurance contract. 417 more words


SONJA HORNER: 'The Clock Will Help You Decide, DPC or Concierge Medicine.'

Includes a Formula that Helps You Determine the Best Model for You

By Sonja Horner, Healthcare Business Innovator | Outcomes Advocate

JANUARY 9, 2015 – 553 more words


What's the difference?

I saw something about Barbie dolls the other day and it got me thinking a lot about childhood.  I was born in the mid-60’s, the Vietnam War was discussed at every dinner table, and someone decided that Ken wasn’t manly enough for Barbie… and along came GI Joe. 251 more words


TRENDING Story on CMT ... Can Physician “Concierge Fees” be Reimbursed From a Health FSA or HSA?

By Janet Palcko

Nov 25, 2014 –  As “concierge medicine” gains popularity, we are getting a lot of inquiries as to whether such fees can be reimbursed from a Health FSA or HSA.  892 more words


Scaling Bitcoin vs keeping-up-with-Visa

Continuing on theme of the previous post on Bitcoin scaling challenges, there is an implicit assumption driving the scaling controversy that requires a closer look. 2,243 more words


When Appreciation Turns Into Appropriation

By Rachel York

I would like to address a project I read about recently on the internet. Hungarian journalist, Boglarka Balogh, seeking to spread awareness and act as an intermediary between the western world and women of African tribes, created a project in which she used Photoshop to morph her own face with the faces of these women. 301 more words