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Should We “Live Like We’re Dying?”

Let’s face it, time flies. As our parents would say, we are growing up so fast. But are we growing or are we deteriorating? Whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, death is inevitable. 447 more words


UMass Makes the Right Choice in Banning Certain Major to Iranians

By Abby Davidson

The University of Massachusetts has recently installed a new policy that bans Iranian students from enrolling in certain engineering and science programs. However, this has sparked controversy between the university’s administration and Iranian students, who believe this is discrimination. 403 more words


"First Things First, I'm The Realest"

Dating is a huge topic on campus. It’s everywhere you look and you run into it whether you like it or not. But it also brings in an abundance of issues. 1,290 more words


The Press’s Influence On the Trial of the “American Sniper”

By Abigail Davidson

The trial of Chris Kyle’s murderer is set to take place on Wednesday, February 11, at 9 a.m. Chris Kyle is the mostly deadly sniper in American history and is the famed “American Sniper” in the 2014 movie. 415 more words


Advice for the College Application Process

By Abigail Davidson

This year has been incredibly long, mostly due to the tedious college application process and decision that has consumed the majority of this year. 527 more words


Boring? Yes. A Nice Place to Live? Also Yes.

If you’re from Vancouver, you’ve probably heard about this article from the Economist going around touting that Vancouver is “mind-numbingly boring.” Many a Vancouverite seem to have taken personal offence to this (please see articles… 833 more words

The Literary Struggle

You can’t have life without some degree of struggle.

Literature is much the same.

I recently wrote a concert report on Smalls Jazz Club, an authentic(ish) jazz club in downtown Manhattan.   352 more words