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Is Russia And Ukraine Really At War?

Daily Mail

Average Penis Size Study Shows ‘Normal’ Isn’t Necessarily What You ThoughtHuffington PostWhat’s the average penis size? The results are in, and they show it takes less to be well-endowed than you might think. 11 more words


SPOTLIGHT: WorldClinic, What Makes An Elite Concierge Medicine Practice Successful?

By Russ Alan Prince, Forbes, Contributor

MARCH 2, 2015 - When it comes to providing concierge healthcare to the rich and super-rich, there are certain defining characteristics. 522 more words


Money in Politics

By Ian Ziller
Political Science Major
The money in politics is a big problem. For example, the Koch brothers (two billionaires with strong conservative ideology) plan to spend $900k or more in the 2016 election campaign. 173 more words


Why 2014 was the year that we should have turned "LePage"

By Ashley Berry
Liberal Arts – Political Science

The year 2014 brought the State of Maine the opportunity for a fresh start, by removing a governor who cares more about businesses than about his constituents. 610 more words


Creationism in the Classroom ...and its implications

By Garrick Hoffman
Liberal Arts Major

If you subscribe to the separation of church and state, it’s likely you’ll be disappointed to learn that many – not some, but many – schools in America are essentially replacing textbooks with Bibles by implementing creationism into their curricula. 807 more words


The Anti-Vaccination Movement is its Own Worst Enemy

By Will Craig
Part Time Student
Out of the host of anti-establishment conspiracy theories that is unfortunately common amongst those less inclined to formal logic comes the Oedipal beauty of the anti-vax, or anti-vaccination, movement. 461 more words