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Time for an Honest Conversation with Khan

What if you made somebody’s day just by asking them a question or two?

Khan came to New York 33 years ago.

He’s married.

Now has five kids. 392 more words

60 Day Challenge

Fun with Bailey and Sylvie

Our Banksia Park Puppies Bailey and Sylvie

We had some fun today playing with our newest members to the Banksia Park Puppies family Bailey and Sylvie. 57 more words

Banksia Park Puppies

Banksia Park Puppies Schnoodles

Playing with our Banksia Park Puppies schnoodles

We’ve taken some photos of our schnoodles at Banksia Park Puppies this weekend. They are alot of fun! If you are picking up a schnoodle this week, these are your puppies! 9 more words

Banksia Park Puppies

Does your Cavoodle look like this?

We’ve put up lots of lovely photos of our Taylee, one of our gorgeous cavoodles. She’s so much fun to play with! But anyone with an ‘oodle’ (Cavoodle, Spoodle, Groodle etc.) will know that when they are groomed they look… different! 137 more words

Banksia Park Puppies

Obamacare architect apologizes for calling the American voters stupid, but lies about typos in the law

 Yesterday Obamacare architect Jon Gruber was caught on video admitting that the law was purposely written to deceive the American people while claiming it had to be done because of the… 374 more words


Banksia Park Puppies... Cavoodles!

Ah the fun to be had with 8 week old cavoodles :) What more can you say? (cuteness overload!).

Banksia Park Puppies

More photos of gorgeous mums and dads!

I’ve been out playing today with these gorgeous mums and dads :) How adorable are they!

I hope you have all had a great Melbourne Cup Eve (for those in Victoria!). 23 more words

Banksia Park Puppies