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Let's Talk About Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Open Beta (Discussion)

Scooter Tube tries their hardest to talk as much as he can about Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Open Beta

Vysda is Now in Open Beta

Over the weekend Vysda Beta 3 was released with a bunch of bug fixes and new features. We’re now out of private Beta and on to newer and greater things for Beta 4!

Ever, Jane: Mansfield Park and MMORPGs

Every MMORPG I’ve ever played has had murder as a basic and essential game mechanic. Need to complete a quest, advance a level, acquire an item? 494 more words


Paladins : A short personal preview

There has been a lot of talk about this new game from Hi-Rez called Paladins. Those of you who are familiar with their other game SMITE will feel at home with the graphics, while those of you who already play or watch Overwatch will be uncomfortably a bit too familiar with the game. 522 more words


We Spoke, They Listened. Improvements for Battlefield One Incoming!

   New intel, incoming!

Battlefield One Open Beta was without a doubt a massive success. With over 13 million people playing all together, there was definitely plenty of feedback. 450 more words

Video Games

Game: Atlas Reactor

QUICK UPDATE: Atlas Reactor is now in OPEN BETA (Sep 15 – 25)! All heroes are free to try out. Take this chance to try the game yourself! 259 more words


Battlefield 1: Trolling With Planes

The Broskis do what they do best in this video, troll with planes!

Pete pilots Ed and Brianna to success despite shitty controls. We had a lot of fun simply smashing people with the mounted machine guns and dropping bombs on them. 87 more words