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Last minute updates for Open Beta 01

Two major updates:

  1. Reactions and Trifles are now called Instant. Instants use Trifle card icon.
  2. Actions usable in play have two boxes for card text. The lower box is formatted like a box of an Asset.
  3. 11 more words


There have been 3 levels of protection for assets from the very start of this game.

Red or purple cards are mundane, or unprotected. 68 more words


The Remover

The first layout test of Open Beta Assets is the Remover. An Illuminate Agent able to burn an Event card as a Run.

The Removers are highly effective troubleshooting assets trained by the the Order, who work for those who can can persuade the Removers to their case. 103 more words


Winning Putt Update Increases Level Cap

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. (BNEA) has released an update for Winning Putt, the online golf experience now available in Open Beta. 160 more words


Some Sweet Lookin' Crons

Hey everyone,

A listener sent photos of his army to me after he saw us mention our Marines Errant vs. Thokt Dynasty Necrons match for… 45 more words

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The Narrative Guys Beta is Live

The narrative beta concept and rules.

I’ve been talking about it since Adepticon and it’s finally here.  The worldwide narrative that will decide the themes for the major events like LVO.   94 more words

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