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Two Armed and Masked White Men Walked Into a Dearborn Police Station

What I’m writing about clearly shows that we are in a system motivated by racism/white supremacy. This also shows that the true and greatest threat to Law enforcement are white males,, contrary to the false War on Cops propaganda, and contrary to the false narrative that ONLY  black males are targeting cops. 536 more words

Second thoughts?

Some folks got seriously wrong ideas about the Second Amendment  ,  — what  police officer wouldn’t respect the rights of a hood wearing,  body armored, open carrying citizen walking into the station? 94 more words

Second Amendment

Why I Support Open Carry Laws

There are many debates about gun control laws. Some states are witnessing an increase in concealed carry permits (CCP) while other states have some form of open carry laws. 434 more words


Stupid Human Tricks

Two Michigan men entered a Dearborn police station wearing a ski mask, body armor and carrying AK-47s with the intent on filing a complaint against police and exercising their open carry rights. 197 more words

The Job

Why I don't Carry Empty Or Chambered

There are many gun arguments among gun owners, but I feel perhaps the most contentious is around concealed and open carrying.  The root of the argument is whether to carry with a round chambered or not. 367 more words


Daily Links

The confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s cabinet began today with Senator Jeff Sessions, who will likely be confirmed as the Attorney General of the United States. 381 more words



Happy 2017, let us be optimistic and determined to make positive change even in the face of hostile circumstances.

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