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The sun warmed Lol Coburn’s forehead as he marched proudly into Walmart for his weekly jerky shop, the Beretta holstered to his hip engorging every step. 854 more words

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Opinion: Florida Supreme Court Rules “Open Carry” is Not Protected By 2nd Amendment

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In Florida last week while the nation was mesmerized  by the non-stop news that America’s government has been infiltrated by Ruskie operatives with a veritable cadre of Russian spies firmly ensconced in the White House, the state’s Supreme Court… 735 more words

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Dearborn Police Chief Wants Review Of Michigan Open Carry Law Citing Safety Of Community

DEARBORN (CBS Detroit) – Dearborn police received over a dozen 911 calls Sunday after more than a dozen protesters marched down Schaefer, armed. Police believe the protest was in response to the arrest of two men who walked into the Dearborn police lobby earlier this month, carrying guns and wearing masks. 173 more words


Two Armed and Masked White Men Walked Into a Dearborn Police Station

What I’m writing about clearly shows that we are in a system motivated by racism/white supremacy. This also shows that the true and greatest threat to Law enforcement are white males,, contrary to the false War on Cops propaganda, and contrary to the false narrative that ONLY  black males are targeting cops. 536 more words

Second thoughts?

Some folks got seriously wrong ideas about the Second Amendment  ,  — what  police officer wouldn’t respect the rights of a hood wearing,  body armored, open carrying citizen walking into the station? 94 more words

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Why I Support Open Carry Laws

There are many debates about gun control laws. Some states are witnessing an increase in concealed carry permits (CCP) while other states have some form of open carry laws. 434 more words