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Riding outside the White Line

There is little reason to not share the road with cyclists or runners other than raw selfishness. Even a large crowd of cyclists taking up a lane of country road on a Saturday morning can be passed eventually. 2,177 more words

Recent poll shows most Utahns oppose 'Constitutional carry' law

SALT LAKE CITY – A new poll from UtahPolicy.com and Dan Jones & Associates shows that most Utahns believe a permit should be required to carry a concealed weapon. 210 more words


Who Let The Droogs Out?

Three times now, since Tuesday,

They’ve been there with their guns,

Four young men in camo tees

Lounging against the tailgate.

Their presence isn’t new; they’ve been there many days, 46 more words


Wait Until Trump Voters See How Trumpism Will Affect Them

Like petulant children, tired of being scolded for their bad behavior and words, Trump voters gave humane, decent adults everywhere a great big middle finger in this election. 580 more words


Open Carry Laws Benefit Public Safety? - A Refutation

Joe Pierce, the co-founder of OpenCarry.org, argues that open carry laws benefit public safety in an article he wrote for US News and Report. 354 more words


Voting in My New Hometown.

While in Election Official training earlier this week, we discussed some curious things, particular to this election.

  • Many voters may choose to NOT vote for either presidential candidate.
  • 240 more words

Thursday Doors - A Sign of the Times

I’ve always wanted to participate in Thursday Doors hosted by Norm Frampton (Norm 2.0) But for some reason Thursday always seems to sneak by me and no door is posted. 186 more words