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On Making Guns Seem Less Socially Acceptable

As someone who came from completely outside gun culture and became a gun owner later in life, I have tried often to find a middle ground between culture warriors on both sides of the Great American Gun Debates. 289 more words

Gun Culture

Ban Open Carry For Guns In Businesses

Should a business have a right to ask customers not to open carry in there stores? The answer is yes, because that is there store. Footwear and clothing are required and a business should have a right to refuse a voluntary transaction to anyone, although they would have to justify the reason. 469 more words


Schnucks to prohibit customers from open carry inside stores

ST. LOUIS – Major retailers across the country are asking customers to not openly carry firearms in their stores. Several companies, including locally-owned Schnucks, cited the safety and comfort of teammates and customers who expect a family-friendly environment as the reason. 280 more words


A Real Tacky Cartoon

Right-wing gun toters who love to call liberals “snowflakes” have a new issue to cry about. Walmart has kinda-sorta banned people from openly carrying guns in their stores. 917 more words

“Can you put up a ‘NO FIREARMS’ sign?” No, I can’t

“Can you put up a ‘NO FIREARMS’ sign?” Conrad Acorn bleated.

“Absolutely not. Why would I do that?”

He cast about for a reason other than, “Men with guns make me nervous.” 309 more words