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Guns for Toddlers

In response to the recent theater mass shooting in Louisiana, on the 237 Republican clowns residing in the Clown Bus came up with “More guns in civilian hands is the solution!” 588 more words


Armed Militia Outside Military Recruiting

According to the Stars as Stripes article states that there have been people open carrying their fire arms outside military recruiting stations. There are pros and cons to both sides of the discussion. 28 more words

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Open Carrying Veteran ‘Did What He Had To Do,’ Saving Clerk From Armed Robber

This is from Bearing Arms.

Once more a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun and saves the life of a store clerk. 423 more words

There's Nothing Like Openly Carrying A Handgun To Protect Us Against Everything - Real Or Imagined.

In the weeks following the unspeakable gun violence in Charleston, there was one public voice notably absent, namely, the NRA.  As opposed to the belligerent… 662 more words


Burger chain: You can pack, just not in the open

Now that Whataburger has declared that people carrying guns in the open won’t be served in its Texas restaurants, let’s be sure we understand something else. 159 more words

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