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Fuel The Fear: Weird Gun Logic

The only way to stop a bad guy with a bad idea is by a good guy with a good idea

Living in a country where guns are so predominant it’s equally fascinating and scary to observe. 762 more words


Stand Your Ground Top Tweet

This GIF image, used in Roy Clymer’s post entitled “A Manifesto of Second Amendment Responsibilities“, powerfully portrays a simple message so effectively that it gained lots of attention on twitter within the last month and became our Top Tweet. 96 more words

Stand Your Ground Law

Missouri Becomes A Stand Your Ground State

Democrats filibustered and put up a bold, powerful fight against SB656, a bill that will make Missouri the first since the Trayvon Martin case to become a stand your ground state. 349 more words

Stand Your Ground Law

Open Carry Law At Center Of Lawsuit Against Englewood

By Rick Sallinger

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– A federal lawsuit has been filed by a man who claims Englewood police violated Colorado’s open carry law. Officers arrested him and took his firearms. 273 more words


Poll Shows People Uneasy In Theaters That Allow Open Carry

Most movie theaters have a policy that forbids firearms, and you may think anyone would be a little uneasy in a dark theater where open carry is allowed, but results of an unscientific recent twitter sample poll indicate that some people would feel comfortable in a theater which allows open carry. 350 more words

Stand Your Ground Law