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Open Carry and Racism - July 25th

The news is full of stories of police killing unarmed black men, but if they have a gun a black man is much more likely to be shot by the police. 416 more words


Here a Gun, Everywhere a Gun, Gun

When I began writing a blog, I was advised by my publisher, http://www.summertimepublishing.com to stick to one area. To become a pro. My realm of so-called expertise was to be expatriation – the good, the better and the best, as well as the occasional blip. 812 more words


Texas v Colorado

I’m a firm believer that everyone should travel. You learn a lot about other places and people, and then you really appreciate what you’ve got when you get back home.  387 more words

Much Ado About Nothing

Watch Samantha Bee Mock Pretty Much Everything About the RNC

On the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Samantha Bee, the late-night host, was back from hiatus, and she didn’t waste any time, focused on what she described as “the 41st, and possibly the last, Republican National Convention.” 561 more words


Cleveland open-carry advocates defend their right to bear arms at the RNC - Vice News Published on Jul 18, 2016

After the recent attacks on police in Texas and Louisiana, the head of Cleveland’s police union asked Ohio Governor John Kasich to suspend the state’s open-carry gun laws during the Republican National Convention. 66 more words

Point Of Interest

Open Carry and Free Beer, let's really fix the RNC in Cleveland, and do we need a "No Drive" list?

LEO in Cleveland have been asking (pleading, begging, weeping) for a temporary reprieve from OH’s open carry law because it’s impossible to tell the “good guy with a gun” from the deranged maniac out to shoot up the convention. 321 more words

Stuff Without Bike Wrecks

RNC convention threatens to highlight the maddness of open-carry laws

The legion of politicos, journalists, and celebrities flocking to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week will be joined by protesters of all stripes – including members of extremist hate groups. 608 more words