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Within my sketchbook work I have, for some time, been particularly taken with the idea of an impression being a metaphor for how we feel about someone who has gone. 70 more words

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Paper clay

I have been trying to find a material that has a good combination of strength but also the ability to capture detail. I have considered plaster but felt that it is too powdery, I used simple paper pulp with nothing added but this does not quite give the level of detail I am looking for. 106 more words

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Bowls and vessels as a metaphor for death


  • Contain things (life)
  • Can be empty (death)
  • Tipped they can spill their contents.
  • Used as part of funeral ritual – vessels buried with deceased contain items needed in the next life…
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Part 2 Assignment - Collecting


I started this project by doing a scrappy rough brain storm to assess my options. I normally have a think about each possible category then figure out which one suits my style or objective best. 988 more words


Initial Thoughts

I have started to think about initial ideas for my main project as well as starting to fill my sketchbook.

I want to explore the idea of what is left after we have gone from our own perspective rather than from those who are left. 132 more words

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Heart Macabre - Barts Pathology Museum

I was excited to attend a life drawing class within Barts Pathology Museum recently. Barts Pathology Museum is usually closed to the public so this was a fantastic opportunity to explore the museum whilst also attending a life drawing class. 110 more words

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