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Review - Nick Knight OBE

Nick Knight (1958)

Fig. 1. Dolls (2000)

Initial Thoughts:- Bold, colourful, model, overpainting (digital or oil?) I think the overpainting is done with paints, on top of a photo, then uploaded and enhanced. 685 more words


Exercise 2.11 - Split Contrast

Brief: Split contrast is another darkroom technique that’s much easier to achieve in the digital domain. Use it to add drama to your pictures or to correct problems in exposure, for example an over-exposed sky over a correctly exposed landscape. 448 more words


Exercise 2.8 - Fill Flash

Brief: Flash isn’t just useful to illuminate a dark scene, but to bring out a foreground subject with a flash that is balanced with ambient light – be that sunlight or artificial light. 1,116 more words


Exercise 2.10 - Dodging and Burning

Brief: Dodging and burning is one of the most widely-used darkroom techniques: Dodging refers to lightening a part of the image. Burning refers to darkening a part of the image. 362 more words


Picture Analysis - The Conversation

Fig. 1. The Conversation (2006)

Write a visual description of the photograph above using short phrases and descriptive keywords.  The four key elements you should describe are: facial expression, posture and gesture, clothing, location. 764 more words


Exercise 2.6 - Part 3

A continuation of the exploration of people both near and far.

Again I am considering what genre of photography the style of image could be used for. 349 more words


Exercise 2.6 - Part 2

As I mentioned previously, I do not have anyone to model for me at the moment, so I took these photos of the public on a trip to Whitby. 694 more words