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Street View photographer snapshot: Eric

Street View has given Eric the chance to seek out the unusual in Sheffield, something, as he says, ‘that would have a message in it.’ … 573 more words


The Fly

Danny sat at his desk staring blankly at the monitor. The low hum from his computer was a constant reminder that he was the only one still here. 2,342 more words

Creative Writing

Burying in wool act 1666

During the 17th century linen and cotton became scarce and were needed for the growing paper making industry, as well as concerns that the woollen industry was under threat. 34 more words


Memory and History

I have spent some time considering the idea of history and memory. I came across this interesting article from the University of California’s History department written by Kerwin Lee Klein. 136 more words


Calvary - Golgotha

I started to read ‘The Empire of Death’ by Paul Koudounaris which explores the cultural history of ossaries and charnel houses. I discovered that charnel houses were often displayed with a crucifix because of the belief that Christ was crucified at Golgotha, on the same site where Adam had died. 99 more words


Osteology and memory

Osteology is the archeological study of bones and the skeleton. I became fascinated with this subject after I was lucky enough to visit the bone archive at The Museum of London… 183 more words



I have just finished Textile 3 – Your Own Portolio and am excited about the possibilities of continuing to develop ideas that I started within that course. 140 more words