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Excercise 4.3 The Beauty of artificial light.

What is artificial light?

“Artificial Light is any light that comes from a man-made light source, so it can come from dedicated photo floods, everyday household lamps, overhead fluorescent lights. 778 more words


Reflection on feedback for Assignment 2.

This is the link to book I created so you can see the work discussed below. I hope you enjoy it.

Rock And Ice

Hi Michael, 812 more words


Excercise 4.5 The Google Search.

This Google search produced the above images. I noted down what I Saw in my notepad and then filtered them down to 10 things I saw in the photos. 194 more words



First you take the steps buried with trepidation,

a hollowness within the pit of your gut.

Sweat begins to cling to your skin

as shivers of feathers draw down your spine. 66 more words

Open College Of The Arts


I intended to use this blog as a way of logging my thoughts and processes throughout my creative writing degree, sadly I haven’t really done so. 309 more words

Open College Of The Arts

Excercise 3.3

1. When I thought about this I thought I would easily be able to see 1/500 of a second. So I took an old Olympus 10 camera opened the back and looked through the shutter. 163 more words


Excercise 3.2Traces of time.

After looking at How Wong Kar-Wai  Chungking Express on you tube I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen this film before it is fabulous. No wonder Tarrantino was influenced by it. 478 more words