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Plate and Carborundum Trials

The plates which I have made recently have either been plastic or plastic coated drypoint card. These have great advantages of cheapness, availability, ease of handling and cutting etc. 648 more words


Life Drawing 140318

In the life class this week, I continued with the technique of using scrunched up charcoal to create mass and then trying to identify a very limited set of marks to define the figure. 332 more words


Assignment Two: Point of Sale Display

This assignment will consolidate the skills and knowledge you have gained from the projects and exercises so far. At this stage of your development it is important that you focus on research and gathering and evolving your ideas. 897 more words

Graphic Design

Gallery - Part 1

Natural Landscape sketch

Natural landscape – carborundum and monoprint

Natural landscape – carborundum and monoprint

Carborundum and monoprint

A1 sketch

A1 sketch

Carborundum print

Carborundum print… 26 more words


1.3 Landscape Composition - Objectives and Planning

I have been considering carefully the course objectives for this project and my personal objectives. This project is particularly ‘old style’ and prescriptive (the course is due to be rewritten). 430 more words


1.2 Urban Landscape - Printing

Printing plan:

  • prepare two plates, identical in size, one for drypoint, one for monoprinting, sand corners
  • prepare drypoint image
  • prepare chine colle paper for red…
  • 1,199 more words

Pleased With Progress - Colour Verus Content - Viewing Photography From My Internal Frame of Reference

Two recent projects that I have completed, as a part of my studies, have given me a boost. They are the beginnings of the kind of photography that I wish to make. 1,095 more words