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First attempt at hat impressions

Hats that have been created in the round

Clay covering over bowl for support, burnished at leather hard stage.

Fired within a garden incinerator packed with paper, wood shavings and salt with kindling on the top. 86 more words

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Hats as a starting point

Rope felt appropriate for the bodmin piece of work, but for this the material itself does not add significance to the ideas or story for me. 162 more words

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Revisiting ceramic techniques

After the success of my bodmin prison piece I am drawn to continue to explore these techniques and ideas further. I feel that the outcome really goes the furthest to summing up my ideas of loss and the remains left. 102 more words

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Assignment 3 - The decisive moment

Assignment 3:

Before starting this assignment, I spent a lot of time studying other photographers’ work and trying to decide what I thought the decisive moment was. 959 more words


Charles Baudelaire - A Carrion

A Carrion By Charles Baudelaire Translated By — Geoffrey Wagner, Selected Poems of Charles Baudelaire (NY: Grove Press, 1974)

A Carrion

Do you remember the thing we saw, my soul, 304 more words

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Exercise 3.2

This exercise was focussing on using slow shutter speeds to show motion within the frame. This is something I have a reasonable amount of experience with and I really love to play with so I was really looking forward to this exercise. 865 more words


Historical resist printing

Whilst visiting Bratislava I discovered Slovak Blueprinting. This is a process of resist printing with indigo dyeing that has a strong traditional history but is slowly dying out. 410 more words

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