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2.6 The Distorting Lens

This is a great technique to separate your subject from the background. I have used this before for portraits and wildlife shots. However have not tried to compose the out of focus areas  as much as with these shots. 339 more words

Part 2

Exercise 2.3 The Distorting Lens

This shot was taken with a Sony RX100 with a 18-75mm lens it is taken at iso 200 with a shutter speed of 2 seconds. The camera was stood on the bridge to get it as low as possible. 181 more words

Part 2

Types of memory

When we look back at the past our memories are all saved differently.

Difficult memories

  • Are heavy and hard to carry
  • Remain detailed and large and cannot be shifted…
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Dye Garden

I love the historic nature of natural dyeing, ancient traditions that are still relevant today. I also love the fact that some of the plants have other connections and meanings, both within medicine and other traditional customs. 117 more words


Materials used to preserve the dead

I have been considering materials used to preserve the dead as an aid to my thought processes surrounding preserving memory. Alot of my work tends to be quite materials led and I therefore tend to build upon materials that surround a theme. 220 more words


Assignment 3 Buildings in use - Ideas

The outline for this assignment are:

Choose five or six buildings and for each produce between two and four images that describe effectively and attractively the way in which these spaces are used. 509 more words

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Street View photographer snapshot: Eric

Street View has given Eric the chance to seek out the unusual in Sheffield, something, as he says, ‘that would have a message in it.’ … 573 more words