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Excercise 4.5 The Google Search.

This Google search produced the above images. I noted down what I Saw in my notepad and then filtered them down to 10 things I saw in the photos. 194 more words



First you take the steps buried with trepidation,

a hollowness within the pit of your gut.

Sweat begins to cling to your skin

as shivers of feathers draw down your spine. 66 more words

Open College Of The Arts


I intended to use this blog as a way of logging my thoughts and processes throughout my creative writing degree, sadly I haven’t really done so. 309 more words

Open College Of The Arts

Excercise 3.3

1. When I thought about this I thought I would easily be able to see 1/500 of a second. So I took an old Olympus 10 camera opened the back and looked through the shutter. 163 more words


Excercise 3.2Traces of time.

After looking at How Wong Kar-Wai  Chungking Express on you tube I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen this film before it is fabulous. No wonder Tarrantino was influenced by it. 478 more words


Exercise 3.1 Frozen moments in time.

I decided to take photographs of water dropping into a bowl of water.
I used a standard glass bowl from the kitchen and an eye dropper. 233 more words


2.6 The Distorting Lens (Bokeh).

This is a great technique to separate your subject from the background. I have used this before for portraits and wildlife shots. However have not tried to compose the out of focus areas  as much as with these shots. 339 more words