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Part 2 Assignment - Collecting


I started this project by doing a scrappy rough brain storm to assess my options. I normally have a think about each possible category then figure out which one suits my style or objective best. 988 more words


Initial Thoughts

I have started to think about initial ideas for my main project as well as starting to fill my sketchbook.

I want to explore the idea of what is left after we have gone from our own perspective rather than from those who are left. 132 more words

Open College Of The Arts

Heart Macabre - Barts Pathology Museum

I was excited to attend a life drawing class within Barts Pathology Museum recently. Barts Pathology Museum is usually closed to the public so this was a fantastic opportunity to explore the museum whilst also attending a life drawing class. 110 more words

Open College Of The Arts

Magnificent Obsessions - Barbican Art Gallery

I thought that Magnificent Obsessons would be an insightful look into the mind of artists by way of their collections. I have to say though I was very disappointed, it all just felt a little unsurprising. 194 more words

Open College Of The Arts

P3 S2: Colour Perception Exercise 1

After all the mark making and embroidery, I can finally start my favourite part of the course which I have really been looking forward to: Project 3 which is all about colour. 781 more words

Colour Perception Exercise

Part 1 - Introduction to Painting, Assignment 1

The Subject

It wasn’t difficult to think of a subject to paint for this assignment, I really enjoyed painting on the dark ground for the last tonal study and I managed to pull the chiaroscuro effects off quite well, I really needed to see if I could do it again with different subjects. 2,193 more words

Pt 1 - Introduction To Painting

Exercise - Multiple points


  • Set up a still-life, with a background that is simple, but not entirely plain.
  • Use between 6-10 similar sized objects, each compact in size.
  • 90 more words