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Apologies - Busyness - Current Reading - Women As Non Citezens

Firstly I want to apologise for not reading people’s blogs at the moment. I’m in the middle of an exceptionally busy time at the moment. Next week I’ll write a post about it because it’s also an exciting time for me and my photography. 417 more words


Life Drawing 11 04 18

A new term of life drawing has begun at our self-organised, untutored life drawing cooperative in a restored Edwardian artists studio behind a local museum. This is a wonderful, generous community to belong to. 536 more words


Ice Cream Tonal Drawing.

I have been practicing my tonal drawings recently because it seems like forever since I last created some art with just a pencil (and I mean a physical pencil, not on my graphics tablet which I have been glued to for months!) I have taken my first referance from pinterest , Its a simple sketch of an ice cream cone but I paid alot of attention to the textures of the object so it did not appear flat and lifeless. 96 more words

Art Log

Parallel Project - Focusing down

I had originally been thinking of a parallel project in the style of that of the Drawing 2 course, and based around a topical subject of personal importance. 319 more words


Assignment 1 - A Landscape

For this first assignment in this course, the objective is to create a series of three prints, in at least three colours, of a landscape. I have chosen to return to some sketches and photographs I made whilst at West Dean. 1,461 more words


Ty Newydd

I travelled from Lauder to Ty Newydd, Gwynedd, Wales on Easter Monday. Poor weather and Bank holiday traffic added an extra hour to the six hour journey.  686 more words