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Masters of Photography

‘Masters of Photography’ the premise is echoed throughout the TV industry constantly metamorphosing to suit the subject. Twelve hopefuls compete against others to gain a considerable amount of money and be crowned winner. 883 more words


Exercise 1.2: Photography in the museum or in the gallery?

Read Rosalind Krauss’s essay ‘Photography’s Discursive Spaces: Landscape/View’. Summarise Krauss’s key points in your learning log (in note form) and add any comments or reflections.

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Is Photography An Art?

The course began with a few pages on how photography was created, I found it especially fascinating to hear the thoughts of critics and the debate as to whether photography is regarded in itself an art. 1,151 more words


Photographer Review - Michal Šúr

Exhibition Michal Šúr-

I wrote to Michal Šúr to ask whether I could use his photography on my blog, he very kindly agreed and sent me several low resolutions of the images I requested.  1,088 more words


A New Journey

A new course brings with it new adventure. New things to learn, places to discover and different ways to look at old things and different ways of seeing ,that show new things. 254 more words


Project 4.3 The Beauty of artificial light.

What is artificial light?

“Artificial Light is any light that comes from a man-made light source, so it can come from dedicated photo floods, everyday household lamps, overhead fluorescent lights. 794 more words


Reflection on Assignment 2 Rock and Ice.

This is the link to the book I created so you can see the work discussed below. I hope you enjoy it. Rock And Ice… 794 more words