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Don't Mistake Unpreparedness for Writer's Block: Know What to Write Before You Write

Sometimes when you sit down to write nothing comes to you. You stare at the blank screen and you can’t picture anything. Frustration builds until you shove yourself away from your desk and leave writing for later. 529 more words


9 ways to get better at small talk | Business Insider

In a recent article for Wired magazine, Kristen Berman and behavioral economist Dan Ariely share their experience hosting a dinner party with one key rule: “Absolutely no small talk.” 62 more words

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Have You Ever Thought...

Have you ever thought to yourself…am I ever going to get ahead?

I know for certain, I have! 
Time after time again, when things don’ t go right or fast enough, this is the question we often ask ourselves. 271 more words

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questions while sitting in the fog

Questions fill my days, looming like a murky and stubborn fog, without sudden breakthroughs. I don’t know that they’re good questions. They’re just …. questions, those uncertainties which accompany me when I don’t see the next step ahead. 896 more words

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Mediation for Everyone, or Five Ways to Communicate Better Right Now

Today is my last day at Quabbin Mediation. After a year of hard work, a lot of learning, and a race to the finish line to get this website up and running, I don’t know when I’ll next find myself in the lucky position of working in an office full of people who are actual communication experts, professionally and personally invested in talking about difficult things. 629 more words

Discussing Non-fiction

In this blog post Questioning & Discussion in Secondary Classrooms looks at how to lead an inquiry based discussion.  History teacher Mr. Barlowe discuss and demonstrates his technique. 6 more words

Open-ended Questions

Qualitative Analysis: The Biggest Obstacle to Enriching Survey Outcomes

Analysis is probably the biggest obstacle to the broader utilization of qualitative research methods.  Other aspects of qualitative research – such as data collection (which is discussed at length throughout… 799 more words

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