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Substituting a Why or a What or a How: Paths to a Two-Way Relationship

My son’s school has a uniform. The last week of school and he wanted to wear gym shoes instead of the more formal black standards. My first reaction was no, it’s not a gym day. 527 more words


It's Not Just Complicated, It's Downright Slippery

In pop culture, I often hear people say “it’s complicated” to indicate their relationship status. Usage has expanded to cover just about any aspect of life. 448 more words


Q is for Questions that are Left Open-ended

Lately, the concreteness of what can be known has been on my mind. It’s something I’ve pondered on and off for many, many years. I will probably continue to contemplate the boundaries of knowledge for the rest of my life. 613 more words


Open-Ended Questions: What's In Your Back Pocket?

This guest post is from Crystal Brown, Senior Director of Gender & Well-Being at BGCA.

Have you ever asked a Club member a question and they provided you with an answer that gave you little to no information? 564 more words

Reaction about the Final Exam

I was actually relieved that the examination is open-ended. Given the numerous requirements this trimester, I was happy that I do not have to re-read the entire module. 265 more words

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