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M3 bPortfolio Reflection - STEM Research

My ideas of STEM have changed slightly, but significantly since beginning the course. I have learned about the different models of STEM (Henrikson, 2015):

  • SteM – Science and Math are the “bookends” and most important…
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P - Practice Effective Teaching

Starting a new life begins with listening

A few day’s ago, I started a new life as entrepreneur and owner of my own company “Toubipbip Secrétariat Médical Téléphonique”. It has been exciting and fun days… less stress than what I expected but in the same time more complex than I thought. 309 more words

School’s out but learning must not stop

It’s now mid June and the kids are out of school, but that doesn’t mean we stop pushing them. Whether they’re your children or grandchildren, spend some time with them and put them in situations where they have to think. 547 more words

Hot Buttons - The Value of Selling to the Emotional Need

Customer’s buy products and services for emotional reasons. While they may have a “need” the real power is finding out how that issue is negatively impacting their life. 1,011 more words

Hot Buttons

Market Research: How to ask your customers questions

A big part of market research is asking customers direct questions. Surveys and questionnaires are an excellent tool for finding out what your customers want and need and getting their feedback on your product. 366 more words


Asking open-ended questions

Open ended questions help your child/ren…

  • Notice details
  • Think more about what they are doing / saying / thinking
  • Use their developing language rather than just giving one word answers…
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5 semplici parole per aumentare Loyalty e Vendite

NOTA AICEX: Un buon esempio di quelle tante cose che ci sono state insegnate ma che dimentichiamo di applicare.

Recently, I had an important networking event and needed some business cards for the next day. 904 more words

Customer Experience