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Make your dream come true

Make your dream come true

with open eyes

with open heart

with open mind

Make your dream come true

with full focus

with full determination… 41 more words

Which Pill Did You Really Take?

The problem is: The people who think that they have taken the red pill have actually taken the blue pill…the red pill will usher you into a world a ruthless compassion; ferocious grace; open-handed truth and selfless sacrifice.


What She Doesn't See

What she doesn’t see

Is her life without me

What she can’t comprehend

Is a love that won’t end.

There’s something about the dark

That feels so close to her heart… 35 more words


Look around

When lonely sometimes – you just Look around
Maybe all the things you dream beside you?

Без рубрики

If you have eyes to see, what are you looking at?

Recently, I have been watching a lot of Korean Soap Operas. And by a lot I mean, I am starting to understand Korean words when spoken at Korean restaurants. 650 more words