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prime the pump

I’m trying to find my way.  Navigating out of the brambles and brain decay of social media to the place where I think and know what to do when I have a free moment (or I don’t but it doesn’t matter).  794 more words


My Countrymen

My countrymen… let me rant….

I’m conflicted with my countrymen in regards to the falling of the world these past weeks and their remedies… for are we not Canadians? 731 more words


Three Endless (2015)

1. Love.
2. Time.
3. Opportunity.
Always available to see-

Just open up your eyes, and let it be.


Its American Diabetes Month Ya'll!!!

So with each month of the year there is a medical awareness, which you usually notice being talked about on social media or the news. 198 more words

Starting The Effect

Should I tell my three-year-old about hell?

As a mom, more than any other thing, I want to pass my faith on to my children. So from the time they were babies, I have talked to them about God, and told them the story of Jesus coming to save us. 934 more words

You're a Good Good Father

Something that has been coming up a lot in conversation is my future. This is pretty typical for any college senior, so it’s not like these “post-grad conversations” are throwing me off–I’m just constantly thinking about life after college.  1,191 more words


Dreamin' and Livin'

In my way home I discovered the Tarlatans. I was listening to the radio as this song reached out and grabbed me:

“If I’m dreaming, I might be missing right now.” I’m a dreamer. 127 more words