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Three For AM (2015)

1. Yawn.
2. Open eyes.
3. Look around.
While asleep, news swirled-
Round the world.


Open eyes

To whom it might concern

Dear Males- representatives of the so called “stronger gender”…

I am writing this letter to you hoping that some of you will be smart enough to open your eyes, really wide, see yourselves and make a decision. 631 more words


Kittens Update 2!

Fiddlesticks has opened both of his eyes today! This is so exciting and he looks even cuter… If that’s possible. Faye’s eye is doing better. It is completely open and her other eye is half open. 58 more words


The Long Way Home

Sometimes the only way home is the long way.

I took this quite literally the other day as I decided to walk home. After a while my bag was seemingly getting heavier on my shoulder with every step and my feet began to ache a little. 106 more words

Honoring The Medicine

Banning smart phones????

Kids in this time period of touch screen phones and new technology, are changed. We are a new generation of bullies, friends and learners.

A very, controversial  question, should smart be banned from schools. 207 more words

Open Eyes - A College Throwback

“Every closed eye is not sleeping,
every open eye is not seeing.”
| Bill Cosby|

As I made my way across the leaf speckled street, my mind was strewn with questions.

2,428 more words