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Sunday Reverie

This Sunday morning, I woke up full of the joy of being alive, my heart awash in gratitude, empty of labels.

The true self is empty of all other selves. 202 more words


A Tune for All Seasons

Some tunes seem to thread through my life. “Finlandia” by Jean Sibelius is one of them. I first knew it as a personal, contemplative song: 247 more words


Generous to a Fault?



Open heart, hand feeds


Looks wanting

Till emptied soul succumbs to

Ingratitude’s curse

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The View From the Cheap Seats

I am reading Neil Gaiman’s book The View From the Cheap Seats, a collection of his nonfiction writing.  Magazine pieces, book introductions, speeches, musings, more.   243 more words


Entering Into New Ventures

Photo by Idea go. Published on 08 October 2010
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My mom and I are working together to teach others about the Spiritual side of things. 397 more words


Daily Bliss - September 22

The Angels remind us that no matter how lost we feel we are, their connection is never gone. All it takes to reconnect is a quiet space and an open heart.

Daily Bliss

Keeping our hearts open - Ord25C Wed

Herod’s Father Herod the Great had killed hundreds of innocent children.   He had tried to kill Jesus himself.   Herod Antipas, the Herod here, wasn’t all clean either: he had not only married his brother’s wife, he had also cut off the head of Jesus’ cousin John the Baptist.    123 more words