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How can I open my heart again?

Are you fighting being closed off? Relax into it. Accept it as it is. Fighting a feeling keeps you stuck in it.

For example, when you try to suppress a laugh, you laugh even more. 342 more words


sharing the practice...

In 2008, I began a regular meditation practice after reading the book Calming The Fearful Mind: A Zen Response To Terrorism by Thich Nhat Hanh. It wasn’t that my mind was especially fearful, no more than any other person I suppose, but fear seemed and still seems to be very present in the world. 340 more words


How to Cultivate Compassion

Take a childhood of abandonment and mix that with equal parts of anxiety and panic.
Fold the child within herself and leave her ashamed and confused. 151 more words


Open Dear Heart

dear heart
and love
this world.

at the light
nor dark.

dear heart
and let
the whole
world in.

neither against… 32 more words


Three weeks post-opp.

So, I am Three weeks post-opp from an aortic valve replacement surgery.  There has been so much going on and so little concentration.  It took me fifteen minutes to write the last two sentences.   765 more words

Shining Light in Shadowland

Ever since the election, in spite of attempts to stay centered in a positive outlook, I often wake up in the morning with sadness and apprehension. 815 more words