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Elixir of Life

The elixir of life would be a kind open heart;
if we really listening others feel special;
always helping when we are able.

For this elixir could heal deep scars… 58 more words


Haiku - keeping score

~ Results may vary Yet keeping score closes hearts Find your Middle Ground. ~

When we engage the analytical mind, we start to close down our ability to empathize. 28 more words

Middle Ground



Expand, relax into yourself.
choose yourself.
choose your life.
choose openness.

Insight comes like lightening… I am open to receive it.

There is plenty of JOY to be had with an open heart-mind. 7 more words



I was born with a mind so open
That I have to struggle to keep everything from falling out of my mouth;
It’s like I know which things should just stay hidden deep down, 335 more words


Nothing is Ours

If I cannot see the beauty
in this moment
then my eyes are not open wide enough.
May I allow my whole self
to open to this moment: 72 more words


Open deeply

Open deeply

Mind blown
Heart open
Mind reinstated
Mind blown
Heart opened
Heart reinstated
You are not your feelings, and you are not your thoughts… 58 more words


Open My Eyes

Open my eyes Lord, help me to see.                                                                                             Blinded from birth, sin’s curse hides me
My lids shut tightly, no glimpse of light
Open my eyes Lord, if ever so slight… 100 more words

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