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Dinner at The Catbird Seat

For my first night in Nashville, I went to The Catbird Seat for a multi-course tasting menu. The interactive chef-run restaurant centers around an open kitchen where you can watch each dish being prepared. 839 more words


Cinnamon Coffee Scones

There’s something about baking on a weekend morning. Waking up before the rest of your family to bake up a fresh batch of cinnamon buns, pancakes, waffles, scones, muffins or whatever it may be. 450 more words

Who's watching your mess?

Our cosy little two-bedroom flat high up in a tower has an open kitchen, like most others in Delhi/NCR. Whatever goes on in there is visible to everyone else, including the guests. 946 more words


Dutch Baby Pizzas

Oh, baby! It’s officially Pi Day and what better way to celebrate a mathematical constant than by eating a fraction of a good pizza pieā€¦or two. 878 more words

Dutch Baby Pancake

It’s one of the simplest, most impressive, and most versatile things you could make. Top it with a sweet fruit compote, jam, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, pecans, walnuts…the list goes on and on. 257 more words


Holy crap, people! I have never considered how much I would love the idea of an open kitchen, living and dining room. All in one place, where you can interact with one another while cooking. 198 more words


A Kitchen Transformation

We came across this kitchen remodel and just had to share … take a look at this post from Kitchen Design Partners.

As the team said, “ 166 more words