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Mood : My creativity needs a kick-start.

     Welcome to the first mood post on the blog. Let’s have a drink, no matter what you’re into and talk to me, Friends.

As an artist, have you ever been… 308 more words


To the Pizza Boy

Dear Pizza Boy,

I don’t know your name, I don’t even know who you are really. All I know is that your some pizza boy that I met on a Sunday when I was picking up my pizza. 157 more words

Open Letter: To College Freshmen

As the fall semester creeps up towards community college and university professors alike, new students like you can’t wait for move-out day (if you’re lucky enough to live in a dorm or apartment with friends) and may or may not be dreading-slash-ecstatic-about that first day of college classes. 1,157 more words

Open Letter: Dear Racism

If you know me, then you know I love writing letters. Writing letters seems to be the easiest and most direct way, for me, to put my (many) emotions and thoughts into words. 290 more words


An Open Letter to People of 30's and Above

I’m writing this open letter to let everybody know what I’m going through and hopefully get insights as I am just an individual who’s getting older and wants to be aware of what lies ahead. 248 more words

Are we Romanticizing Toxic Relationships?


1- I AM NOT SAYING ‘ALL’, I don’t want to hear any not all men do xyz comments, I KNOW! I DIDN’T SAY ALL! 1,404 more words


An Open Letter to the Expecting Mother

Dear Mama,

First, I would like to say you are beautiful. You look perfect. And no matter what anyone else says, you are doing a beautiful thing for your family, for your child, and for all of humanity, really. 1,058 more words

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