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I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Choose

I used to tell myself that a life of cautiousness was a sign of maturity. By evading damaging situations and relationships in my youth, I would find an adulthood without the scars and bruises that plague more reckless friends. 1,258 more words

2008 की 19 सितम्बर और शुक्रवार की सुबह थी. परिन्दें अपने घरों से निकल चुके थे. ओखला के अवाम हर रोज़ की तरह अपने-अपने कामों में मशगूल हो गए थे. 26 more words


The Water in my Hair and Ear

In the warmth of summer my skin was fresh and pink

The clear blue water smoothed across my skin

And dripped from my mane

down my sun kissed cheeks… 36 more words


Break Up! 

To my darling Jeans,

Im sad to say, its over. We had a long run, probably 20 years or so, but its just not working for me anymore. 152 more words

Dear Teachers

Dear the Teachers that shaped my life,

Sometimes I question whether it really is the students that need inspiring. You teach the same lessons over and over again and seem to forget that your job isn’t just about reciting a textbook. 597 more words

Open Letter

Open Letter to Universe

Dear Universe,

What have I done to you to put me in so much misery? Like being broken hearted is not enough, you gave a spark of hope and crushed it by the last minute!  164 more words

To My Soulmate

Dear Soulmate,

I don’t know if I’ve even met you yet or if you even exist at all. But I know that if you are out there, one day I’ll know for sure that you’re the one I want to be with. 506 more words

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