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Polyamory, The Hope

So……after you finish the “Dream” stage we entered what we like to call the “Hope” stage. This is where you’re now comfortable with your decision to explore non-monogamy and in our case it was… 225 more words

Ethical Non-monagamy

Book Review - This love that feels Right!

                                                                                      Title                      :     This love that feels right…

Author                  :    Ravinder Singh

Publisher              :   Penguin Metro Reads
Category               :   Fiction

Pages                     :   232

Price                      :   Rs. 199… 811 more words

Sexlessish Marriage Less Sexless During Affair

I’m a thirty-something hetro female, married for almost 16 years with three kids. Like many couples who have been together a long time, my husband and I have grown apart. 525 more words

Sexless Relationship

Polyamory, The Dream

After coming to a point in our marriage where we felt secure enough to discuss our fantasies and desires openly and honestly, we entered what can best be described as the… 154 more words

Ethical Non-monagamy

The First Time I Let a Handsome Young Stranger Pick Me Up At The Mall While Shopping

Never in a million years did I ever expect this to happen to me.  It was one thing for my husband to give his approval to bed other men, but how does a forty-seven-year-old woman, at her sexual peak go about achieving this?    1,503 more words


My Husband's Health Issues Resulted In Me Bedding Other Men (With His Approval)

Just short of my 47th birthday, my husband sat me down, held my hand, and said that he had something to tell me.  That’s never good to hear, but to make matters worse he had just returned from his doctor.  972 more words


Feeling Down

I have felt like I have no outlet for my feelings; for years if I write them in a journal, my privacy is violated and then I am punished for merely expressing my feelings in my own private journal! 251 more words