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If You’re So Happily Married, Why Are You In My Inbox Dude?

We are appalled by the fact that polygamy is still practiced in some African countries because we have been indoctrinated by the Eurocentric way of thinking.  313 more words

Open Marriage: Could You Do It?

More people are openly engaging in what are considered alternative marriage styles, including polygamous, polygynous, swinging, and open marriages.  The concept of sharing a spouse certainly isn’t a new one, but society, as a whole, has yet to embrace these types of unions, while often actually promoting infidelity. 262 more words

The Arrangement

So, again I am a terrible human being for not posting on a regular basis. I have no excuses. So hopefully this is a good omen and I’ll actually start writing on a regular basis. 140 more words

Pleasant surprises

The universe has a way of teaching us lessons that we never expected to learn. People have a way of surprising you. I used to believe I was really good at reading people. 455 more words


Erasing a mistake often just destroys the paper.

I have really been tempted to just totally unplug and not watch the news.

The latest- The suggestion that we should remove individual grave markers honoring confederate soldiers. 1,459 more words


How I met "J"

If you have read my first post I mentioned that I was in love with another man. A 23 year old I will just call “J”.   244 more words