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Polyamory (or love many) 2

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The third major trait that is absolutely necessary for polyamory, is an unconventional view on life, on major things like love, marriage, sex, money, responsibility, your body, and so on. 561 more words


Polyamory (or love many)

If you read about polyamory all day, you will still know nothing about it! It’s one of those things that you need to try to know what’s it all about. 723 more words


So fucking tired 

taking my sleep medication but I’m only in for seven hours of sleep over three nights :/.

How to improve your relationship 2

Read from the beginning here: http://cootis.com/2015/03/03/how-to-improve-your-relationship/

Self-worth is important because it determines how we feel about ourselves. Unfortunately, for a predominant majority of people, self-worth is determined by ownership. 365 more words


How to improve your relationship?

Men, women, doesn’t matter; if you have a problem with your relationship, the problem is always – you!
It’s a good thing, because if the problem was somebody else, besides you, then you would have a hard time trying to fix that person. 505 more words


Hello March!

First, a short apology for being so remise in writing blog posts of late.  I’ve been lazy!

5 thoughts for today:


I can’t believe how fast time is going.   483 more words


Un-dying, Never-ending.

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You: I need to face you.

Lock in your gaze to help steer me through the grey.

Though you have not been the voice of reason in the past, … 205 more words