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Won't you at least buy me dinner first?

If you have spent any time in the swinger lifestyle, you are aware that there are as many methods as there are swingers.  Everyone has their own agenda, boundaries, kinks, desires and expectations. 582 more words


Harder than it looks

Hey, get your mind out of the gutter!

I’m talking about any sort of ethical non-monogamous lifestyle.  Aside from the horrible social stigma associated with both the poly and swinging worlds, there is the inherent difficulty in finding someone you click with well enough that you want to invest in them.   1,590 more words


What's up with Krys lately?

Wow, it’s been a while since I actually wrote anything on here, other than the 30 days of kink thing, which I finished. Yay me! 735 more words

Random Thoughts

Other Voices, Other Rooms

HIM: Sometimes I feel like we’re very experienced in the lifestyle, but at other times the truth becomes obvious: we’re really just getting started, and a million miles from having it all figured out. 1,617 more words


Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Affairs We Don't Hear About

I am a faithful reader of your column. I appreciate the advice you give others whether I agree or not. I’ve also learned a lot and become more open to different experiences that people have.

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I just learned to let go. Not everything is fixable.

Desperation used to be a joke to me. There are no jokes made about it anymore. Reality of my sexless marriage puts a different spin on things. 194 more words


Not Jaded. Adequately Adjusted.

No, I’m not a jaded person. I’ve simply looked at reality and adapted to it.

  • People change.
  • Fairytales are for books.
  • I can’t change you.
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Sexless Relationship