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The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn

My Review:

Suburban young couple, Lucy and Owen are looking to feel energized and happy in their relationship, to bring back the butterflies, so their exciting but not so well thought out solution was… 638 more words

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Old and New

My last post was about writing more, yet it’s been almost two weeks since then! So, I think that I’ll make this an update of sorts… 571 more words


BOMG Book Review: The Arrangement (Sarah Dunn) @HBGCanada @LittleBrown

The Arrangement, by Sarah Dunn, was on the top of my TBR list, so, when the library alerted me to the fact that this title was available for me to pick up, I dropped all my scheduled reading and ran like a psycho walked calming into the library, remaining completely serene to pick up this book. 388 more words

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Open Discussion

My wife works for an gynecologist which means our dinner conversations often center around interesting happenings at her office. A couple of days ago she tells me a woman she knows came into the office for her exam. 335 more words


Confused Feelings

Troy has been very good to me and he has enabled a freedom in my sexual desires that I never dreamed I would have.  Even if due to real life circumstances I am unable to fully express my freedom, when I get the chance, Troy has been open to any and all suggestions. 156 more words


Looking into the Eyes of My Husband’s Girlfriend

How I came to be in an open marriage (and, no, I’m not talking about sex here) 4,790 more words

A Good Guy is Hard to Find

It’s a cliché from old sitcoms and movies, I know, but I’m using it for my title of this post nevertheless: a good guy is hard to find. 711 more words