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Eleven Years

Eleven years. That’s how long I’ve been married. Eight years. That’s how long we were monogamous. One. That’s how many partners we’ve shared. Two. That’s how many partners I haven’t shared. 173 more words


Leading a double life

Life has been a bit strange in the past week.

The two weeks preceding it were the Easter holidays and being a teacher that meant no work. 424 more words


"Jaw With John" - Your Husband Is Tobias Funke Now

My husband and I are in our 50s with grown children who are on their own. We are youthful and healthy and, up until recently, our marriage was monogamous. 209 more words


Celebration of ‘adultery’

A lot has been written, spoken, and discussed about women’s rights, freedom, the ongoing struggles against misogyny, and several other issues of relevance in today’s knowledgeable yet regressive society of ours. 883 more words

Just My Thoughts

Gaslighting anyone?

I’m not sure if these last 3 years I’ve been in denial that things were on an up swing or if we were actually getting somewhere in our marriage. 601 more words


Marriage: the Conventional, the Unconventional and the Facts

credit: http://i2.wp.com (No, this is not my family; it’s just weirdly entertaining, kind of like my marriage)

April 19th is my wedding anniversary. In four days I will have been married 35 years–to the same man. 809 more words


Naughty thoughts.....

So as you know Elizabeth and I are walking the path towards non manogamy / polyamory and have been connecting in ways we didn’t know possible. 194 more words

Open Relationship