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A Wife's Experience With A "Gang Bang"

In my younger swinging days in the mid-1980s, I once had four men plus my husband in a sort of “mini gang- bang.”

Basically, we were in a large bedroom where a swinging party was in full force.  1,439 more words

Open Marriage

My Husband To The Rescue During The Scariest Moment Of My Life

Scariest moment for me with another man…. Believe me, the photo above is exactly how I felt during the incident.

After we stopped swinging due to my husband’s health issues with diabetes, we started experimenting with how I could meet men. 993 more words

Open Marriage

A Hasidic Couple's Kinky Open Marriage

I thought that this article deserved its own blog post, and not just a pithy tweet.

As a human interest story, and drawing attention to the struggles and balancing acts that (even) Hasidic people experience on a daily basis — even to the point of leading double lives — I thought the article did a fine job. 911 more words

Frum Erotica

Dating... again?, Piercings, and Toys

Ok this experience is definitely a roller coaster.

I guess technically I’m still in an open marriage despite not wanting to do anything sexual. I have an old HS friend I’ve been talking to and I’d love to date him. 590 more words

Cancelled Date

Well… ok so. My blog is now a different kind of blog. Turns out I somehow lost the desire to be in an open marriage, at least sexually. 389 more words

Dating Again

This is a strange thing to type:

I have a date on Thursday!


I’ve sexually been with the same man for over 10 years. I’ve known him for 17. 398 more words

It started like this.

My husband and I have been together for 17 years now. We met when I was only 13. I fell in love with him almost immediately. 914 more words