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Relationships- "On the Go"

Yesterday I saw a short film “The Dinner” on You Tube. It basically revolves round a conversation over dinner.

A soon to be married couple is invited over by an already married couple , for dinner. 412 more words


Love and marriage. I do and I don't.

I still believe in love. Even after my marriage fell apart and I realized that my ex and I never really loved each other, at least not in the way I now define love. 835 more words

Polyamory, The Reality

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face”, Mike Tyson

This quote sort of sums everything up about what happens when you start to get involved with other people. 257 more words

Ethical Non-monagamy

131 ♠♣♠ CLINTON LAWYERS WITHOUT BORDERS: sex, candy and driving extra miles with HRC and Energizer Bunny


Election’16 Democratic POTUS candidate-Hillary CLINTON-099, FLAWS
ENABLER-IN-CHIEF DEFENDS CHILD RAPIST & ADULTEROUS HUSBAND BILL: Known To Arkansas State Troopers as “The Energizer Bunny” 6,178 more words


Yesterday and today have been two of the most eventful and painful and challenging and tearful and wonderful days in my whole history.

Before my husband left we made a last ditch attempt at prolonging the life of our marriage by experimenting with the idea of having an open relationship. 353 more words


Polyamory, The Perception

Back when our adventure started some 7 years ago, we like many others had pre-conceived notions about who and how our new found “lifestyle” would play out. 696 more words

Ethical Non-monagamy


Okay.. you guys have heard me bitch about this a million times, so I’ll TRY to keep this brief.

Sometimes things in open relationships chap my ass. 576 more words