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the death of my marriage

im not actually divorced yet. im poor and cant afford to file the paperwork (300 bucks).

my husband and i met in highschool. he was actually my first bf’s best friend. 1,750 more words

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Lack of Sex in Marriage - The Elephant in the Room

On a number of occasions, I have made humourous remarks on Twitter about married people not having sex. Judging by the ensuing banter, many people find themselves in this situation.  1,187 more words

Husband's first date last night

I was doing all right for the most part yesterday. I went and got him the new work boots he wanted. Mentally prepared myself for dealing with the kids alone at night for bedtime (he really screwed up with timing on this one, we need to not leave the other spouse feeling like they have a load on their shoulders), got a babysitter so I could go do something by myself (no, I did not go on a date). 912 more words

Open Marriage

Lots and Lots of Love

So, as you may have guessed from revealing that I am in an open marriage, I am poly-amorous.  It brings up a lot of interesting thoughts and questions about love and relationships that I thought I would ponder on here.   1,025 more words

Some clearing up we did.

Last night, when husband came home from work, I could tell he was not in a good place mentally. He was upset. I was upset (see previous post) and things were not looking good. 1,038 more words

Open Marriage

A down night and day again...

The roller coaster of emotions has been more of a smooth ride lately, but it is still a roller coaster. The difference is that the UPS last longer and the DOWNS are shorter. 761 more words

Open Marriage

Trust your lust!

Elizabeth sent me a photo of herself today with an amazing message. What do you think?