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And in the end, I will beat them all! Because I am happy and they can not fathom how that can be…

It was a tiny little bungalow, filled with yesterday’s treasures. 536 more words


A personal coming out story: Friends vs. family

Telling people about my polyamory came in two very different flavors: coming out to friends and coming out to family. Though we are out to many of our close friends, the vast majority of our families think we’re all just good friends. 760 more words


Why men in open marriages often have problems finding women to have sex with.

Initially, before we decided to pursue the “open marriage” route, we dipped our toes into the waters of swingerdom.

I didn’t care for it; far too detached for my personal tastes, didn’t like the culture surrounding it. 1,185 more words

"The Girl"

I of course knew that opening our marriage would at some point mean that my husband would start to see someone else, how could I not, but after 9 months of being with my boyfriend I had started to become content in the way things were, selfish I know. 715 more words


Parking lot sex

My longtime fwb, who I’ll call “tramp stamp” for the purposes of anonymity was out late one night earning some extra money driving for one of those popular personal taxi service apps. 265 more words

I take screencaps of my favorite texts.

And why shouldn’t I? I can pull them up for a little ego boost now and then when I’m feeling like a piece of shit.😅 370 more words

I like to watch my wife have sex with other men.

Since we’ve embarked on the journey of what could be loosely defined as an open marriage, I’ve only witnessed it on three or four occasions. But it was really hot. 205 more words