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Performance. Aug 26.

City – Zen One Mic Open Mic.

One of the main spots. A range of brilliant acts who are not me.

@The Maypole, Derby

8pm, Friday 26 Aug… 16 more words


Jeffrey McDaniel

Letter To The Woman Who Stopped Writing Me Back

I wanted you to be the first to know – Harper & Row
has agreed to publish my collected letters to you. 176 more words


I'm performing...

This Friday at City-Zen’s open mic event, One Mic. I get one mic and ten minutes to make my words count.

It’ll be fun. It will be fun. 79 more words


The Distance Between Two Points (3)

Buzz: there’s something about distance the scientist starts to think about when he gets hit by a car under that bridge to the 215, five miles from where he should have gone to sleep. 540 more words



(written c. 2015)

i kept this picture of a sugarcane farmer

to throw in a drawer – a reason for

this that another hers where’s matt’s oh go slow it’s in the cupholder in the back… 456 more words



(written c. 2014)

“she’s just a friend,”

i might as well have signed

to the josh duhamel looking guy

fighting with “i’m blue (da ba de)” 526 more words