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Scary Mommy and Me. Oh yeah.

Friends and Followers,

I had a blog published on Scary Mommy last Friday. It’s near and dear to my heart for many reasons. It’s about privilege, seeing clearly, the struggle to do so, and the importance of teaching our children to open their minds. 28 more words


Ignorance Should Not be Your Bliss

Good morning beautiful people, thanks for taking the time to read this :)

As I have previously mentioned, my boyfriend and I hold a huge significance to being diverse, skilled, knowledgable, and worldly. 1,327 more words

What Makes You An Open-Minded Person?

Ever had a dream that you felt would change your life forever? You were so excited about this idea so much that you felt you should share it with a friend. 361 more words


Psychology and Me

As a Leadership Advancement Scholar I was required to take the Psych 100 Leadership class to become one step closer in completing a minor in Leadership. 107 more words


Day 095 - A (fictional) example of interpersonal curiosity

My favorite Jane Austen novel, if, indeed, it is possible to have a favorite, is Persuasion. There are a number of passages that speak to me. 162 more words

An Example To Us All

What is wrong to be like me?

What is wrong to be like me who wants to be loved in a distance that never close enough to suffocate my freedom and far to lose my interest? 73 more words