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Why are Christians so judgmental?

Okay, so i’ve grown up in church my entire life, I only missed a Sunday here or there. I’m a baptist.  I know a lot of bible stories and verses, i know the ten commandments and the guidelines set before us in which we as christians should model our lives around. 150 more words

Straight Forward

How To Deal with Opinions You Don't Agree On

We live in a world where it’s incredibly important to connect with many people and socialise with them. This isn’t only for the sake of having drinks with buddies or trying to get a date. 613 more words


Kontemplasi Pribadi #2

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, Holly Father Fransiskus di kritik karena ‘terlalu liberal’ saat beliau mengatakan  “Who am I to Judge ?” (Siapakah saya sehingga dapat menghakimi?). 286 more words


INFJ Turbulence - TOP 10 Ironies of being a Turbulent INFJ. (At least in my experience)

(In no particular order)

1.) We loathe domineering attitudes even though we tend to seem domineering to others.

2.) We don’t like to be boxed in, but enjoy judging & categorizing people. 313 more words


Jesus the Man

After reading some of the new testament last night, I’ve come to the conclusion that I was slowly arriving to. Jesus was real, he was a man, but that’s all he was. 684 more words


Daily Inspiration: 7/30/15

As difficult as it may be at times,  I think we all could be less judgmental and more compassionate. Just because someone has different beliefs or physical attributes than yourself doesn’t give you the right to belittle, abuse, and/or villainize them. 71 more words

An Encouraging Word

Respecting boundaries

The Man and me have been having lots of discussions lately. One of the things I love most about our decision to explore the poly life together is that we are talking so much more. 359 more words

Open Relationship