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Day 295 - Trying to stay open

I was at a concert this evening, thanks to the generosity of a friend who couldn’t use her ticket. It had a lot of the right ingredients to transport me but didn’t, and, yes, I feel that is partly the fault of the singer–from the song choices on the first half of the program, to the almost total lack of diction, to her scooping and singing flat quite a bit of the time. 147 more words

Things To Be Curious About

I Think My Personality Changed.

Somewhere between filling out college applications and dealing with everything else going on, my personality changed.

I took the Big 5 Personality test, kind of because I was bored and kind of because I was curious, and these were my results: 258 more words


8 Things That Open-Minded People Always Do Differently

It’s inevitable that we will live our lives with constant hardships that test who we are, our morals, who we want in our lives, and the paths we take. 993 more words


It is important to develop positive communication skills. These skills are required in life, learning and almost every type of job there is!

Employers look for employees who have… 398 more words

Body Language

Receptive [haiku]

Deep listening is

never in gotcha mode, it

considers all views

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What's Up with You

It is hard for me to be consistent in writing a blog.  I had to consider that I wouldn’t be doing any bells and whistles:  few photos, probably no video.  574 more words