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A church for Muslims: Compassion not suspicion

Pastor Adrian Rodriguez has been preaching the gospel, translated by his wife, to about 30 people every Sunday in a church on the outskirts of Hartford, Connecticut, and not one of the congregants is Christian. 145 more words


Ahh, the twists and evolution of the English language is a constant source of amazement.  What imagination came up with bling, dongle, moodle and Smiggle? 389 more words

Be Open Minded

Being open-minded is not the same as opening your mind to everything. You may open yourself to all possibilities, but you ultimately decide what you believe. 30 more words

The Message

This is not your message

Only when you make it your message

And it can still not be

Your message

It could be for someone you know… 111 more words


Challenge Day 6: Proud of my Personality

Talking about myself is sometimes difficult, especially if it comes to things that I am proud of about me. I’ve always been a self-conscious person. Compliments makes me uncomfortable and I never know how to respond. 657 more words

30 Day Challenge

Discovery of the day

As we mentioned earlier, we at Open are always open to discovering new music. I decided to start a sub project called “Discovery of the day” I am always on the internet, so why not discuss what opens my mind? 174 more words


We are Always Open

Hello World,

Welcome to the Open experience. We are always Opened and never a part of the millennials¬†that we call “closed”. We are a group of media oriented individuals who are striving to open doors and windows of opportunities for those seek them. 362 more words