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What makes your heart sign? - Steve Jobs

What makes your heart sign? – Steve Jobs – These words made Apple to the company it is today and it are words we all should use in our daily life. 460 more words


Menjadi Terpelajar: Sebuah Perjalanan Panjang Cinta Menyusuri Makna Kemanusiaan

Tulisan ini teruntuk Nadira, seorang manusia, sahabat semesta, soul-mate, dan platonic love dalam kehidupan.

Dan tak lupa untuk para pembaca yang meluangkan waktunya.


All is love. 1,190 more words


The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there. - L. P. Hartley

Rereading the previous posts is a bit of strange visit to the past: the first, to an old job, the second, to a paper I wrote three years ago during my Bachelor’s, and the third, to a book I picked up travelling in India and read on holiday in Spain. 534 more words

23 things I learnt at 23 - lesson 2: do not judge someone else's decisions

In the 23 days leading up to my 24th birthday I am writing one blog a day on the 23 lessons I learnt at 23. Here goes lesson number 2. 270 more words

In My Opinion

Too Late To Change Your Mind?

I was chatting with Mindfump the other day about whether people are capable of change after they’ve reached middle age. It seems like people have their minds set and that’s that once they have reached a certain age (though middle age seems to keep moving later and later so it’s hard to pin down). 1,567 more words

Choose Love: Be Open-Minded

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Whether you’re in a relationship, contemplating being in one, yearning to find somebody, or loving your season of romantic solitude, I truly wish you the best. 541 more words

Do we need proof? ~ Why the closed, logical mind needs proof of the non-physical ~ skeptics of Mediumship

The simple response to this question is YES. We need proof of life after death, and other dimensions like heaven. We need this physical evidence, because whilst our souls occupy our physical bodies we use our mind for analysing such matters. 640 more words

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