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When my friend is changing to bisexual

I have told you about the reason on previous articles. A man who is my friend and I have feelings with him have sent me some sexy photos about himself, I am his straight friend (actually I am a bi man who hide from everyone). 611 more words


The last 3 dates

The Litigation Attorney

We met on Match.com and after some back and forth messages I gave him my phone number.  I have no rhyme or reason for giving or not giving my phone number to someone.  905 more words

Daily Life

Gua lu gua lu, soksokan!

Setiap social circle pasti menggunakan bahasa nya sendiri2 untuk saling ber-komunikasi. Dan setiap orang tentu punya caranya sendiri dalam mengekspresikan apa yg ingin dia sampaikan. 619 more words

Thinking Out Loud

If somebody come out as bi for you, what will you do

Come out as bisexual. Not every bisexual is willing to come out. Love can change people. There is always someone glad to change themselves for love. 491 more words


Meh: Hot Button Topics

Women’s rights, gun control, LGBTQ, our current President, foreign affairs – all of these are trending topics that can polarize you against your friends, family, internet followers, etc. 384 more words

Pithy Inscriptions

Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind ep6

Life is a never ending journey much like our minds, ever changing & adapting to the circumstances at hand, how we view things is a matter of perspective from the circumstances that we have been through…

Ramblings Of The Chaotic Mind

The Meanings of Worship

Jadi gua dulu sempet bikin kuosiner di IG Stories gua, yg intinya menanyakan soal mana yg lebih berdosa antara orang yg berbuat baik kepada sesama manusia tapi, jarang/tidak pernah beribadah… 833 more words