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Sharing Opinions in an Age of Outrage


Have you noticed the tendency for an increasing number of us to become outraged if someone dares say or write something we don’t agree with? 1,149 more words

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National Carers Week

During National Carers week, people are asked to become involved by attending or hosting an event. This can be a morning tea, afternoon tea, a walk or some other activity to raise awareness of the diversity of carers and caring roles, who they are and what they do. 954 more words


Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.

Ponder this quote for a moment…

Now think about people who grew up in public school as the “birds” and think of “flying” as homeschooling. 822 more words


Why can sex be so difficult? 

Sex is a natural thing. You shouldn’t be begging for it but most of us is sooooo picky! We tend to want to have sex with the ones who barely give us anytime of the day. 242 more words


30 Day Challenge - Day 16 - I Don't Mean To Brag, But....

Topic – What are 3 of your personality traits that you are proud of?

I’m not proud of many things in my life (read: almost nothing), but I do think that as a person I am really great generally speaking. 538 more words

30 Day Challenge

Why is a good education important?

Is it really important to go to school? To read endless theoretical dull texts? How often do we get the feeling we don’t need to know what we are learning and immediately forget it after the tests? 541 more words


Change The World Around You

A few months ago, I had a very important appointment with a Neurologist to discuss further diagnostic procedures and future care.  I had had a very disappointing encounter with a previous Neurologist despite the continued support of my General Practitioner who was convinced of the course of action necessary. 936 more words