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Everyone is open-minded until they are placed in a situation where being open-minded is the only option

Keeping it quiet vs shouting it from the rooftops

As more and more people in our circle of friends become aware of ‘what we’re up to’, I’m continually astounded by their sheer lack of surprise. 502 more words

Open Relationship

Excuse Me, Sir....

I’m not a man.

Though, apparently, I look like one.  Sometimes.  From the side maybe.  Or the back.  Or in the pancake line.

I can’t tell you how many times it’s happened this trip.   889 more words


Feeling Stuck

As I sat down to write my weekly blog post this weekend I continually found myself hitting a wall. Every idea I had wasn’t feeling right and the words just weren’t coming to me like they usually do. 1,000 more words

Personal Reflections

Never Too Young to Teach & Never Too Old to Learn

I believe that nobody knows so much that they cannot learn more from others, and nobody knows so little that they cannot benefit someone by sharing their insights. 750 more words

Dog Grooming

A little about me, but it is not all about me!


I am happy to report that I haven’t heard from any of those 2 crazy dates I had.  I have exchanged texts with that doctor I had 3 greats dates with, but it went nowhere.   1,035 more words

Daily Life

The importance of being........ Part 1: The importance of being open minded.

My mind is often a chaotic place, full of things I have picked up along the way and never quite discarded. My general knowledge is excellent because I have picked up snippets here and there and never quite got rid of them. 602 more words