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Learning from Children

I have said before that we should always be open to learning from other people (Keep an Open Mind about People). Well, that also includes being open to children. 781 more words

Personal Development

Through a Baby's Eyes

When people talk about parenting, they tend to focus on sleepless nights, nappies, screaming, tiredness and poop. What people don’t mention nearly so often is how much that we, as parents, can learn from our babies – about living in the moment, the dangers of preconceived notions, the creative possibilities of human ingenuity, and what our bodies are really capable of. 803 more words


First blog post - and for some reason stuff about Oracles

This is cheating slightly to call this my first blog post here, because I’ve imported a load from my Blogger when I realised I preferred WordPress (and no they’re not paying me to say that, although all contributions to the Kim Gets A Pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Fund are very welcome) 831 more words


It's Just A...

Books; a place to get completely enveloped in a world in which you can get lost. There is nothing I adore more than coming home after school or a day out and settling down to read a book, laying in the warm golden sun on the beach, while re-reading a favourite and reading with friends in comfortable silence – although looking up every few minutes to discuss a passage or laugh about what a character said. 804 more words

Open Minded

Keep an Open Mind about People

It is easy to think that you know somebody, but there is always more to somebody than meets the eye. Take Prince, the artist, as an example – he was popular when I was growing up, but for whatever reason there were only a few of his songs that I liked. 210 more words

Personal Development

Why I refused to be a teenage volunteer in African nations

Since I was a little girl, I’ve had a strong desire to go to Africa. I’m aware I sound like a typical Westerner saying “Africa” referring to an entire continent rather than one of the 54 individual countries, but there are so many countries in Africa I would like to travel to: Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and Madagascar to name a few. 1,437 more words

Social Commentary

Si Ignorant dan Si Observer

Tadi malam aku dan beberapa abang-abang cabul sedang terlibat dalam obrolan yang lumayan seru. Mulai dari seputaran selangkangan -merupakan bahan wajib di setiap perjumpaan kami- hingga melebar pada tipe-tipe pada manusia. 403 more words

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