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Freedom FROM Information Access Acts

September 18, 2017

The AP has reported on yet more efforts to restrict the scope of state open record/FOIA laws and limiting the public’s access to them. 269 more words

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Our view: Open records laws benefit the public - Editorials

Taxpayers benefit from laws that create that transparency and accountability.

When it comes to government transparency and accountability, open records laws provide a great check and balance for the public and not just through the media. 13 more words


Open Records?

July 11, 2017

This week, a local paper[1]reported that applicants for Pennsylvania medical marijuana licenses were permitted to submit two versions of their applications: one for evaluation by the state’s licensing authority and a second, self-redacted version, for public release. 171 more words

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Oregon lawmakers hide oil train safety plans from public

More than a year after a train derailed, caught fire and spilled oil into the Columbia River in Mosier, state lawmakers are on the verge of forcing railroads to develop plans for making Oregonians safer the next time. 47 more words

Oregon Legislature

Government Meetings and Records Are Open


KENNESAW, Ga. — It’s up to elected officials to prove they can meet in secret legally, not for the public to prove those meetings are illegal, Cobb County citizens were told at a Government Transparency Workshop at Kennesaw State University. 640 more words

Kennesaw State University

Nice to see some teeth in public records law -- Opinion

In a win for transparency in government, the state House of Representatives last week approved a bill that will make it easier for Oregonians to access public records. 57 more words

Oregon Legislature

Editorial: Finally, a win for open records

The Oregon Legislature has passed, without opposition, a bill that is the first in decades to actually put some teeth back in the state’s public records law instead of just slowly pulling those teeth out one by one. 31 more words

Oregon Legislature