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On Using Computers

I’ve been planning to write this piece for a while now, though due to work related stuff I was somewhat hampered in my efforts. It’s a bit harsh at times, but I feel it should become a  1,144 more words


Sunday afternoon

Setting up a workstation is a much larger commitment than I anticipated. What started as a Sunday morning idle job quickly derailed and left me scrambling to fix a very broken OS installation, and all because of my impatience. 444 more words


I just opened an issue, want it?

Open source encourages a fluidity of action. From within their communities, ecosystems of requests and results are created, and though not every request will receive the same amount of attention as the other, this exchange of interest allows the community to anonymously guide the direction of the project. 362 more words


Catching my first bug

Like many others, my introduction to open source was by exploring Github in the early stages of my schooling. At the time I was only in need of a version control and had been told that Git was an important tool to learn and so I choose to investigate github and soon found myself wading through the massive amount of projects that were currently active and looking for contributors. 197 more words


compare_editors(vim, VSC)

When I begin programming I often start with a shopping list of goals, but what I find myself overlooking is what tools I could use to make the tasks easier. 816 more words


GNOME3 Oversimplified?

Seeing as how GNOME3 and KDE (4? 5? Plasma? Neon? Ion?) are the leading desktop environments nowadays, I decided to give GNOME3 a try on my openSUSE Leap 42.3 workstation (my current main distribution on most hardware, including a Raspberry Pi 3). 453 more words


Free from copyright pictures at pixabay.com

If you are looking for pictures free from copy rights look no further. www.pixabay.com has you covered. Go to the site www.pixabay.com and look for pictures that ft your project. 8 more words

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