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Add a second IP to a single network interface in CENTOS

If you would like to permanently assign multiple IP addresses to an interface, create corresponding configuration files in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts.

$ sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:1
BOOTPROTO=static… 28 more words


Building a Cross Platform, Salesforce Powered, Contact List App

Recently I was tasked with building a new proof-of-concept app, which is nothing new for me as I’m all about building POCs. It’s a lot of fun, a great opportunity to hone my coding skills, and to show-off just a bit :) 203 more words

Web Development

War on Inconsistency II

In my former study of Gentoo Linux I encountered certain problems with GNU/Linux that are the more apparent as one strays from mainstream distributions, such as Ubuntu, Fedora/Red Hat and OpenSUSE/SUSE. 347 more words


Date with the Gentoo Oxen - Part Deux

As part of my journey to the sane and minimal of GNU/Linux, I decided to revisit Larry’s neighborhood of Gentoo Linux. I tried it for some days in the past, though without much success. 497 more words


Finding UNIX in GNU/Linux

In the spirit of UNIX claimed thus far, I decided to explore GNU/Linux options that would provide similar capabilities as FreeBSD. Of course, FreeBSD is absolutely irreplaceable and nothing can beat the organized nature of ‘true’ Unices. 595 more words


A look at Ubuntu Studio 16.04

It has been a while since the latest Ubuntu Studio 16.04 has been released. I couldn’t resist to make a live pen-drive with it and boot it on my Apollo. 1,466 more words

The Best Linux Audio Distro!

In the Linux ecosystem there are literally hundreds of distributions. According to DistroWatch, we have 277 actively developed distributions (the actual number is likely lager). 1,032 more words