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What is Linux?

What Is Linux?

This was originally intended as brief history lesson followed by a guide, it got out of control however so I have split them into two posts.   1,073 more words


A dive into filesystems - ZFS - part 1

I’m starting a series of posts about ZFS. I will try to provide as much as possible architectural diagrams and code examples. The series is for people wanting to learn more about general filesystem architecture, especially about ZFS. 1,316 more words


Zoom-Transition between NSViews

For Briefly, I needed a nice, subtle animation for switching between the detail soundtrack view and the reorderable list view. In OS X Yosemite 10.10.3’s Photos.app, I noticed something I liked very much. 598 more words


Geolocating your employees when they enter dangerous places

BlackBerry was recently asked for help from a large public health organization with an unusual request. This health organization wanted help in writing an app, which would track and upload their employee’s geolocation data on a periodic basis to a company server behind its firewall. 519 more words

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Frontera: The Brain Behind the Crawls

At Scrapinghub we’re always building and running large crawls–last year we had 11 billion requests made on Scrapy Cloud alone. Crawling millions of pages from the internet requires more sophistication than getting a few contacts of a list, as we need to make sure that we get reliable data, up to date lists of item pages and are able to optimise our crawl as much as possible. 1,669 more words


Google Analytics Upstream to PhoneGap

Written by:  Tim Windsor

This is the third follow-up post from the UCOSP program this past fall. In previous terms, we started working on PhoneGap plugins to add BlackBerry 10 support. 644 more words

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5 Reasons To Contribute To Open Source

I recently made my first pull request into an open source package. I was able to add YAML and XML driver support to a package that provides Doctrine ORM as an alternative to Eloquent ORM in Laravel. 511 more words

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