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There and back again: a {json:api} tale at Trainline

Our team was tasked with creating a new RESTful API to help reduce the amount of logic that is implemented in potentially different ways across our front-end channels. 1,149 more words


DPS909 Lab 5 - Preparing for Release 0.2 in Mozilla Brackets

For release 0.2, I decided to chose issues based on the brackets repository rather than Thimble. The issues I choose are:

  1. Remove or Update issue template #593…
  2. 425 more words
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Finding a Bug to Fix in Mozilla Thimble

Moving forward to the new horizons of Open Source world. To get more familiarised with Open Source and the way it works. For the past week I’ve been working on couple of things. 382 more words


Release 0.1 - Fixing bug 1001 on Mozilla Thimble

The bug I chose to fix on Mozilla Thimble was: The delete button is scary, because I don’t know what it’ll do

The problem with this bug is when the user wants to delete a project from their list of projects the pop-up warning message isn’t clear for the user. 350 more words

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DPS909 Lab 4 - Working with branches, merging, rebasing, and gh-pages

This week I got to learn more about using branches, merging, rebasing, and gh-pages on git. I have had experience with using branches before but I never merged branches together or rebased my commits into one commit. 159 more words

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