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Building Business Apps with BlackBerry: Integrating BlackBerry Integrity Detection into Your Apps (Video)

Here at BlackBerry, privacy and security are deeply engrained into the minds of all of us who bring you a productive, and secure mobility experience. As an Android developer, you too can make use of BlackBerry’s renowned software security expertise, by integrating your applications with BlackBerry Integrity Detection (BID). 377 more words

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Lessons on the Future of Technology

I attended the We Are Developers 2017 conference recently and returned from it completely changed. All of my former grudges and qualms are long gone, to be replaced by a strong need for Getting The Job Done. 369 more words


The (Necessary?) GNU/Linux Fragmentation

I would like to share with you a story of my recent struggles with Debian. They’re partially my fault, but also partially due to the way Debian handles network management, which is quite different from how other GNU/Linux distributions do it. 554 more words


GNU/Linux and Its Users

I decided to devote this entry to a reflection I made recently, while participating in discussions in the Facebook Linux group. I realized, as many have before me, that… 447 more words


Release 0.3

When I was working on my Second Release, I noticed a bug. You can find it here. And I thought that these bugs are related somehow to each other, so I might as well fix this one too! 147 more words


Open Source Tooling and Automation

In this lab we are going to learn some open source tooling.

So the first step is to read the instruntions! If you, dear reader, want to practice with me please go ahead and take a look here: … 181 more words


Celestia : Free space simulation software

 A free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions. Celestia runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.