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My idea file

If ideas were actually worth something–as people say when they say things like, “I’ve got a $10M idea”–I’d have been rich a long time ago. 1,286 more words

Little Projects

Choosing the FOSS Fighter's Gear...

…is still as difficult as ever! Recent study of minimal GNU/Linux desktop setups helped me jot down the bare essentials I expect from a work-centric PC laptop: 526 more words


GUI Design vs Software Engineering

I gently touched on the topic of graphics design practices vs software engineering in my last entry, though as it seems to bug me quite some, I decided to elaborate. 450 more words


Petya Ransomware BEATEN!!!! Decrypt for free your files.

Security experts have devised a method that allows users to recover data from computers infected with the Petya ransomware program without paying money to cybercriminals. Petya appeared on researchers’ radar last month when criminals distributed it to companies through spam emails that masqueraded as job applications. 37 more words


DBMS 2015 Numbers Paint a Picture of Slow but Steady Change

Gartner recently published “Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2015” (for clients) and the story the DBMS data tells continues themes we have been observing for some time in the market. 54 more words


Fixing LibreOffice after an upgrade to OSX El Capitan

I read an article this morning which stated that more developers use Macs than Linux and while I can’t disagree with that I am perplexed by my recent upgrade to El Capitan. 178 more words