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How we designed page previews for Wikipedia — and what could be done with them in the future

The rabbit hole

People love Wikipedia. People love Wikipedia for specific reasons. One of the popular ones, as explained by XKCD, is the author’s three-hour journey from the article on  949 more words


How I migrate(d) to OpenSUSE and Why

I’m a die hard FreeBSD fan. I simply love it! It rubs me the right (UNIX) way. Through trials and tribulations I managed to make it do things it was possibly not designed to do. 503 more words


Open – For Business – At the ASF

The Apache Software Foundation is about to celebrate an anniversary, and its extraordinary contribution to the economic refactoring of software stacks seems to be gaining more momentum with every passing year. 114 more words

Industry Trends

Pre-university students contribute to Wikimedia in Google Code-in 2017

Google Code-in is an annual contest for 14–17-year-old students exploring free and open source software projects via small tasks in the areas of code, documentation, outreach, research, and design. 550 more words


Why Golang is not for me...

Recently, I decided the time has come to progress my not-yet-existent game developer career. I always wanted to write games and there is a lot of great old-school games which deserve reiterations using modern technologies. 982 more words


Release 0.3 — Part 2

This blog post is a bit different than the others, as well as this part of my third release. 614 more words


Audigy Aural Action

By troubleshooting with an old PCI sound card, Windows had sound but also showed same sonic squelch as Linux. Unplugging the secondary upper monitor cured the problem. 57 more words