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Lessons learned: Gephi not starting up

Scenario: When using Ubuntu Trusty (14.04.3LTS) Gephi 0.82 initializes but gets stuck on “Loading Cached Objects”

Solution: The default Gephi startup bash script does not correctly initialize the JAVA path (it uses… 34 more words

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Mentoring Google Code-In 2015 : Providing support & guidance

The new season of Google Code-In has been announced (Google Open Source blog), and what better to be a prime segment of this cool initiative. 118 more words


Golang: pros and cons

The Go Programming Language (Go) is an open-source programming language sponsored by Google and created by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. 484 more words

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Pro Audio Linux Documentation

Many resources can be found online to guide through the process of proper Pro Audio Linux configuration. However, very often they are obscure, especially for beginners. 627 more words


Once again Linux to the rescue of a Windows 8.1 machine

A former colleague has a Windows 8.1 computer that had been overtaken by trojans, worms and spyware and was not working well at all. Last week his wife called and asked if I could fix it. 203 more words

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Pro Audio Linux Distributions

A very simple way to probe the Linux ecosystem is by having a look at DistroWatch.com. If we go to the Search Distributions page and select “Multimedia” as Distribution category we will find only 10 active distributions. 602 more words


If you're in EdTech You Need to Come to All Things Open Next Year

Today while I was at the All Things Open Conference I thought,  “we need more educational technology people here.” There is a wealth of information shared about open source projects and technologies and most of them should be on the radar of anyone that’s teaching today’s students. 252 more words