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Littlebits Releases A Wonderful Gizmo And Gadgets Kit

LittleBits are fantastic, but I’ve never been able to recommend them for kids. Most of the company’s kits are just not intuitive for novices, nor do they contain everything needed to make gadgets that will keep kids interested. 442 more words


Arduino Application in Photonics Laboratory – 2.3 Arduino-PC Communication

Although Arduino is itself a computer and can do a lot of things, it is much easier and more user friendly to use PC to further process the information collected from Arduino, and communicate with user. 680 more words


OSHWA announces Open Source Hardware Certification v1

Excerpting the initial text:
Open Source Hardware Certification Version 1

This is version 1 of an official certification for open source hardware housed in the Open Source Hardware Association.  67 more words

How-to assemble the vibrator ring case

We have ordered a food safe version of the vibrator ring case from a 3d printing service provider. The case consist of the main body and a kind of cap to close the case. 111 more words

Case Design

Andy Simpkins: Developing products in the open

Last month, at the DebConf, the annual Debian conference, there was a talk for OEMs on using Open Source Software and Free Software (FOSS), as well as using Open Source Hardware. 142 more words

The Story of How I Ended Up at OSHW Bootcamp

When I first came across the story of Embrace a couple of years back, the first thought that came to mind was, “This is amazing. I wished I could do that too.” 33 more words


Parallax announces JTAGulator:

JTAGulator just went on sale.15% off this weekend only. http://t.co/DwGDCflkxv @joegrand pic.twitter.com/BMPb5Njnsm

— Parallax Inc. (@ParallaxInc) August 28, 2015


Designed by Grand Idea Studio, JTAGulator is an open source hardware tool that assists in identifying OCD connections from test points, vias, or component pads on a target device.

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