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What is this Open Source Hardware all about?

Here is a great video breaking everything down.

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As you can see this greatly lowers the barrier to entry. 31 more words
Open Source Hardware

Companies selling open source hardware/software

Two companies have incorporated the open source philosophy into their business models and are now providing products for neuroscience released under know open source licenses: 197 more words


Announcing Project Alloy

Intel announces Project Alloy: a standalone virtual reality headset; can connect wirelessly to a computer, but connection is not required for operation; Intel says the device blends virtual reality and real environments; users can see their hands and physically interact with virtual elements; will open source the hardware in the second half of 2017.

Future Moves

HardwareX Is A Scientific Journal For Open Hardware

Disruption is a basic tenet of the Open Hardware movement. How can my innovative use of technology disrupt your dinosaur of an establishment to make something better? 452 more words


Design for Hackers

Near the end of the lifecycle of mass-market commercial product development, an engineering team may come in and make a design for manufacturability (DFM) pass. The goal is to make the device easy, cheap, and reliable to build and actually improve reliability at the same time. 1,414 more words


Open Source House Building

In the past I bookmarked several “open source hardware” project, including Obrary (machines!), AKER (gardening), Opendesk (furniture), and Precious Plastic (plastic recycling).

I’ll round out the picture with the… 385 more words


Spaceship Interface Arduino

I started working with Arduino boards, and I recently made a circuit that is supposed to be a representation of a spaceship interface. It has 3 LEDs in it, which turn on depending on if you press the button.