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Bunnie on closed phone platforms

Earlier this week, bunnie Huang, creator of Bunnie Studios and the open hardware-based Novena system, created a video on YouTube that helps remind people about how closed phone-based computers are, how little options consumers have, and the need for more openly-available (unlocked), Open Source Hardware, firmware, and software options, for the community to be able to drive things, not just a handful of corporations. 72 more words

The Open Compute Project

I wrote recently about how a lot of hardware is now proprietary and that the largest buyers of network gear are designing and building their own equipment and bypassing the normal supply chains. 900 more words


Boards are assembled!

On July, 1 the body interaction vibrator development boards were assembled at Seeedstudio. They helped us a lot in selecting the best parts for the boards. 42 more words


RMS on Free Hardware from LibrePlanet 2015

The Free Software Foundation has released some of the videos from LibrePlanet 2015. The presentation from RMS is described as:

Free software, free hardware, and other things by Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation. 375 more words

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Open Source Hardware

Your kids want a new computer, but they’re $1,000.00, and become outdated in six months. What do you do? Get them a Raspberry Pi for $35.00! 129 more words

Hands On

Dave Taht Google+ Open Source Network Hardware Kickstarter

To one day get hardware that has low latency and good queue management at gigE speeds or higher requires better hardware offloading techniques than the bulk notions like GRO and TSO that exist today. 354 more words