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Cubie Board 4 unboxing

As part of my effort to code OCaml and create a Unikernel I was introduced to https://mirage.io/ and that in turn lead me to http://cubieboard.org/ 28 more words

Open-source Hardware

Facebook's Big Sur



Big Sur is our newest Open Rack-compatible hardware designed for AI computing at a large scale. In collaboration with partners, we’ve built Big Sur to incorporate eight high-performance GPUs of up to 300 watts each, with the flexibility to configure between multiple PCI-e topologies. 498 more words

Silicon Valley Is in a War Over Artificial Intelligence and Facebook Just Made Its Boldest Move Yet

In the war over deep learning that’s currently taking place in Silicon Valley, Facebook just dropped a bomb.

The social network is one of the Valley’s most invested when it comes to building out artificial intelligence technology to help its products think and act like humans. 524 more words


Open Source Hardware for Scientists

Joshua M. Pearce has an article on Scientific American’s blog, talking about making lab hardware using Open Source Hardware model.

Wondering why to do Open Source Hardware?

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Review of vibrator development boards

Designing your own sex toys with advanced technology is becoming popular. Although the community is still very small the interest is rising. In this article we will introduce for open source vibrator development boards including our body interaction 1. 645 more words


Fleks3D Lets You Pull Your 3D Prints Out Of Your Printer With A Quickness

Pulling a 3D print out of your printer is usually a process fraught with conflict. Who will do it? Can you hire someone? Why does it have to be so painful? 190 more words


Olimex ARM64 OSH laptop update

Olimex is working on an Open Source Hardware-based AArch64-based laptop, based on their Open Source Hardware-based AArch64 dev board. They have a update on the system. 42 more words