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HardwareX Is A Scientific Journal For Open Hardware

Disruption is a basic tenet of the Open Hardware movement. How can my innovative use of technology disrupt your dinosaur of an establishment to make something better? 452 more words


Design for Hackers

Near the end of the lifecycle of mass-market commercial product development, an engineering team may come in and make a design for manufacturability (DFM) pass. The goal is to make the device easy, cheap, and reliable to build and actually improve reliability at the same time. 1,414 more words


Open Source House Building

In the past I bookmarked several “open source hardware” project, including Obrary (machines!), AKER (gardening), Opendesk (furniture), and Precious Plastic (plastic recycling).

I’ll round out the picture with the… 385 more words


Spaceship Interface Arduino

I started working with Arduino boards, and I recently made a circuit that is supposed to be a representation of a spaceship interface. It has 3 LEDs in it, which turn on depending on if you press the button.

Open source hardware sparks innovation

Nathan Seidle, founder and CEO of SparkFun Electronics, believes open source is not only good for humanity, but also good for business. SparkFun is a successful online retailer that sells the parts people need to build electronics projects. 754 more words


Here’s why we should welcome our robot overlords

When Richard Hulskes (@Rieshuls), co-founder of Wevolver, was a kid, he spent endless hours building rockets and robots―often unsuccessfully. Today, he prints them. 580 more words


Google launches Project Bloks, a new open hardware platform for teaching kids to code

Google today announced Project Bloks, a new open hardware platform that allows developers, designers and educators to build physical programming experiences that can help kids (5+) learn to code. 651 more words