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One day seminar on "Free Software Buiness - New Paradigm for Technology Entrepreneurship with Free Software"

Technopark Technology Business Incubator (T-TBI) in association with Society for Promoting Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE) Kerala is organizing a one day seminar on Free Software Business – New Paradigm for Technology Entrepreneurship with Free Software on Monday, March 30th at 11:00am in Travancore Hall, Park Centre, Technopark​. 220 more words


What ails commercial open source software companies?

Open source software is mainstream, open source has made (and continues to) the world (not just IT) a better place in many ways. There are many example of open source software ( Linux, android, chrome etc) to open source projects (gov data, open hardware, educational contents etc) However, we can’t say commercial vendors of the open source software have been very successful (upward of $500 million and profitable) in selling their subscription model and create a robust business – of course the most notable exception to this is Red Hat. 830 more words


SciDetect (an open source software to automatically check for fake scientific papers)

SciDetect is an open source software program for evaluating academic papers. The software discovers text that has been generated with the SCIgen computer program and other fake-paper generators like Mathgen and Physgen.  73 more words


Koha implementation at libraries affiliated to Kerala State Library Council

The Kerala State Library Council (KSLC) is an autonomous body under the Higher Education Department of Govt. of Kerala. It is the statutory apex body of public libraries in the state. 451 more words

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Open Sorce Software vs. Closed Source Software

Since creating this blog, I’ve only been talking about open source software, but that is only half of the source software world. There’s another one, and it’s known as closed source software. 327 more words

Open Source Software

Where the Open Source Software World Meets The Business World...

In the business world, your goal is to keep costs low and revenues high, have effective and efficient workers and work produced. This is where the business world meets the open source software world. 238 more words

Open Source Software

Red Flags About Open Source Software...

Despite all of the positives about Open Source Software, which we discussed in my last blog, there are some noticeable negatives. In this blog, I will bring three negatives to your attention so that you can weigh the positives and negatives for yourself! 198 more words

Open Source Software