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To Expedite Innovation, Give Away Your Code

Open-source software has been a growing phenomenon for more than two decades, but in recent years it has risen in importance in a whole new way: as a key to rapid innovation for startups and corporate giants alike. 833 more words


Drupal Profile: Darrell Ulm

The Drupal Profile for Darrell Ulm and links to projects such as the Google Books module.

Drupal Profile link for Darrell Ulm

Tutorial: Using R to Analyze NORC GSS Social Science Data, Part Six, R and ANOVA

Tutorial: Using R to Analyze NORC GSS Social Science Data, Part Six, R and ANOVA

A tutorial by Douglas M. Wiig

As discussed in previous segments of this tutorial, for anyone interested in researching social science questions there is a wealth of survey data available through the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) and its associated research universities. 572 more words


10 Open Source Apps That Run On Windows

Linux is a wonderful operating system and comes with almost everything that a user might require. However, sometimes you might just have to use MS Windows, even though you’d prefer not to –- for instance, if your office primarily works with Windows, or you are a gaming fan and prefer to retain MS Windows to play the latest action games. 974 more words


Darrell Ulm Drupal Module (Contrib.) Google Books at GitHub

A contributed Drupal Module by Darrell Ulm: Google Books

This is a link to a contributed Drupal module coded by Darrell Ulm in PHP for Drupal which uses the Google Books API to pull Google Books data into Drupal for use as a Drupal Text Filter.

Creating The Open-Source Community Of Your Dreams

When a company decides to embrace open-source software development, releasing the code under a suitable license is only the tip of the iceberg. The real challenge that companies face is learning how to attract and collaborate with contributors. 769 more words


Why Open Source?

It has been a matter of becoming more aware of what a proprietary software is and what it means for a user: either you spend a lot of money to buy all the programs or you have to find alternative ways that are not completely… correct, to put it in a way. 366 more words