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How Open Source Trading Systems Improve Profitability

As a trader, you know how thin margins have been stretched. You have to be even smarter, even faster, and even more disciplined to grind out a profit in the world of high frequency trading. 734 more words


The secrets successful stories on open source software

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Open Source is gradually picking up acceptance in the corporate world. More corporations are starting to see the benefits of Open Source and have started embracing it. 1,597 more words


How Trading Has Changed, and Why That’s Bad For Proprietary Trading Systems.

Trading, whether it’s stocks, bonds, forex, or any other kind of asset class has changed dramatically over the last few years. Technology, the financial crisis, and new regulations among other factors have combined to make trading in 2016 and beyond look completely different than what has come before. 954 more words


This Automaker Just Joined IBM and Google as a Patron of Open-Source Software

While not as momentous as its introduction of the Prius in 1997—the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle—Toyota Motor Corp quietly took another bold, industry-leading step toward technological innovation last month. 1,072 more words


How to use Non-English Languages with WSO2 API Manager

Hello All,

When I am writing this blog WSO2 API Manager 2.0.0 is about to release and we have already released our beta version. I thought to let you know about one interesting feature of it that comes with this release. 1,220 more words


Writing an API about myself for my Github page

All Github users have the option to make a personal page ({username}.github.io) from a repo. I have long had one setup with no content in it whatsoever. 400 more words


Scrappy Database Upstart Says New Execs Will Help It Take on Oracle

MariaDB may not be a household name beyond the world of database geeks, but this small company really wants to change that by taking on Oracle and its huge head start with big customers. 774 more words