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[Research] [Open Source] Qme-ng

Qme-ng by Prof. G. Dupont and Dr. M. Perotin is an excellent, fast, open source mathematical software that deal with quiver mutations in the area of cluster algebra. 65 more words


Cyanogen Gets Boost From Wileyfox, a British Handset Newcomer

If your company wants a name that says you can outsmart rivals in the brittle Android handset market, you could do worse than Wileyfox.

That’s the moniker of a new phone maker from the United Kingdom. 233 more words


DevOps and Open Source Software Continuous Compliance


The term DevOps (Developer Operations) has been around as a concept since around 2009 and has quickly evolved into a broadly adopted practice within many organisations. 964 more words

MathTools Update: What Are The Odds?

I’m down to the polish on my gaming system so I decided to take a break… and work on MathTools. It never fails. Just when I think I’ve covered all the math tools necessary, I think up a new one. 453 more words

Big Data: Measuring and Predicting Human Behaviour MOOC

Big Data: Measuring and Predicting Human Behaviour is a FutureLearn-based MOOC presented by the University of Warwick.

The introduction suggests that these data sources are often naturally occurring (with the example of the location of photos uploaded to a sharing service), cheap to gain access to in comparison to other data, have worldwide scale, and offer opportunities to explore human behaviour. 312 more words

Data to Insight MOOC

Data to Insight is a FutureLearn-based MOOC, created by educators at the University of Auckland. The goal is to “help you think like a statistician”. 184 more words

How to Install WAMP Server on Windows 8.1

This article explains how to easily install WAMP Server in Windows 8.1.

WAMP install issues 403 Forbidden

Download and Install WAMP Service using the following: 152 more words

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