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RocksDB from Facebook

I attended a HIVE-sponsored Meetup yesterday evening titled, “Rocking the database world with RocksDB”. Since I had never heard of RocksDB, I was curious to learn how it is rocking the database world. 305 more words


Goldman Sachs Leads $30 Million Investment in Software Supply Chain Fixer

Imagine an auto assembly line in which each factory worker is allowed to make random supplier and part decisions.

That’s the way Wayne Jackson, CEO of… 468 more words


Camunda BPM - Manual Retry

The Camunda BPM is a lightweight, opensource BPM platform (See here: https://camunda.com/bpm/features).

The “Cockpit” application within Camunda is the admin dashboard where deployed processes can viewed at a glance and details of running processes are displayed by the process instance ids. 161 more words

Sec Tools.Org: Top 125 Network Security Tools

Wireshark (#1, 1)

Wireshark (known as Ethereal until a trademark dispute in Summer 2006) is a fantastic open source multi-platform network protocol analyzer. It allows you to examine data from a live network or from a capture file on disk. 274 more words

System Analysis

I made a command line tool to lookup the weather

Now that I am putting the majority of my projects on Github I have been trying to come up with things to build. One of the first few things I set out to make was a command line app to get the current temperature based on a zip code. 327 more words

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Ken Chad on Library Services Platforms

Ken Chad just released his briefing paper ‘Rethinking the Library Services Platform‘ on his HELibTech wiki. It’s an excellent overview – Ken has been surveying library technology for about twenty years, and has maintained great independence both from individual vendors and from the Open Source movement. 255 more words

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