"Ekenäs story Caravan" joins the European Idea Camp 2015 - "Build the City"

‘Build the City’ is the theme of the 2015 European Cultural Foundation Call for Ideas.

Our project idea “Ekenäs Story Caravan” was selected as one of 50 ideas from all of Europe to join the Idea Camp in Botkyrka in Sweden in September 2015. 399 more words


A City Where Everyone Works, There Are No Police, And The Salary Is 1200 Euros

Since the financial crisis began in 2008, Marinaleda has shot to fame — and so has its maverick mayor Juan Manuel , who earned the nickname,”The Spanish Robin Hood,” after organizing and carrying out a series of supermarket raids in a direct action protest last August.

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Stadsdialog men 7 generationer i tankarna

Jag hoppas verkligen försöket att skapa ett forum för stadsdialog i Ekenäs kommer att ge något positivt resultat. Vad vi behöver i Raseborg och Ekenäs idag är en arena där vi på ett konstruktivare sätt än hittills kan prata om en hurdan stad vill ha. 353 more words


Collaborative decision-making

As I watched a political debate on a news program here in Finland last night I was struck by how the participants not seemed unmoved and unchanged by what the other participants were saying. 820 more words


A lush apartment complex

This article from the web magazine GASAN – Give a shit about nature – makes me happy! Why could we not have a building like this in Norra hamnen in Ekenäs? 162 more words