In the beginning of March the Story Caravan working group met together with the folks from Migrationlab in The Hague for a very welcomed workshop. Present was… 146 more words


DIY Urbanism - KTH blog

In a blog series the Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment in Sweden works with Karin Bradley, Associate Professor at KTH, to introduce the concept of Do-It-Yourself Urbanism and the questions this approach raises for those of us engaged in city making. 205 more words


Locus out of Focus - an online book

I participated in a very interesting urban art project City as a living organism in the spring of 2014 in Ekenäs as one of 9 experts from different fields. 164 more words


Bernie Sander's land is my land

I often think of “my US” as a bubble in an otherwise quite hostile and frightening American society. But now and then I find that my American subculture can be described more like a greenhouse where great ideas and wonderful innovations prosper and slowly find their way into American mainstream society.   789 more words


SLOW TV and SLOW travel

I am working on a Slow travel project and my TravelFor project partner Nedim found this funny and wonderful TED talk. We will pilot a Slow train trip from Copenhagen to Galicia and the Basque country during the coming year.   6 more words


The Trampolin House in Cph needs your support!

The trampolin House is a great independent initiative – a user-driven cultural house – where everyone is welcome. The House was formed in 2010 by a group of artists, asylum seekers, students, and professionals in reaction to the way in which the Danish state treats asylum seekers and refugees. 177 more words


Europas självömkan

Jag sitter och lyssnar på morgonens nyheter och surfar på nätets nyhetssidor. Det som slår mig är hur en annan våg väller fram över Europa tillsammans med flyktingvågen – nämligen en våg av självömkan. 240 more words

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