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5 Big Open Source tools and Networking Platforms to enhance Your Data Career

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Nowadays, it is practically difficult to name a major player in IT that has not grasped open source Tools, Whitehurst noted in a LinkedIn post. 1,077 more words


About eBook Writing

Money is more important for everyone. Now I planned to write a book how to save 500$ every month using open source tools. Tomorrow I will start to write this eBook and I will dedicate this eBook for all web design and development company.


Open Source Tools for Developers

Open source tools used by developers for do certain things handle easily such as programming, technologies task. Many Open source tools are now available without a commercial license. 1,259 more words


How to Find the Right Open Source tools for web designers

How to Find the Right Open Source tools for web designers

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Open source tools are very excellent substitutes for web designers. Web designers have a caring love for open source application not lone because these tools are normally free of charge, but they can be customized in any way the designer sees fit. 1,429 more words

Open Source Tools

Scholarly Communication, Monetary Networks, and the Control of Knowledge

Since its inception EMOB has examined access to various commercial databases and related issues concerning the production and distribution of knowledge in our digital age. As an academic blog, EMOB employs a form of social media to engage in scholarly discussion and exchange. 1,352 more words

Digital Humanities

Best Open Source Text Editors Tools

Best Open Source Text Editors Tools

The text editor is a computer program which used for writing code, editing text files such as configuration files, creating user instruction files and much more. 154 more words

Editor Tools

Generate Castor binding (Schema/Java) files using Eclipse

Below are the steps to generate Castor binding files using Eclipse configuration:

Ensure that you have the right castor Jars. (note: with the latest version of castor, below code may require changes). 288 more words

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