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Desain: Software Bajakan

Di kota kecil Kediri, harga jasa setting cuman 20rb. Di sini, kebanyakan orang ngertinya cuman setting, belom sampe taraf (memahami) desain.

Kalo ndhak pinter-pinternya menyusupkan… 922 more words


Free and Open Source Software - Özgür Ve Açık Kaynak Kodlu Yazılım

FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) yani Türkçesiyle “Özgür ve Açık Kaynak Kodlu Yazılım” manasına geliyor. Buradaki “özgür” ifadesinden kasıt —ki özgür ve beleş ifadelerinin Türkçe’de ayrı ifade ediliyor olması güzel — Richard Stallman’ın ifadesiyle şöyle: 311 more words

Açık Kaynak

Mad Dogs with Guns - Version 1.0 Beta

The first logical step in blogging my game-creation adventures is to show you my first free tabletop game, and that game is Mad Dogs with Guns… 170 more words

Zero to hundred

I didn’t completely abandon my original intention, but it did turn out a bit different.
I wanted to do short blogs about my progress, both as a way of motivating myself and creating a guide. 284 more words


At “parallel//2016” (Heidelberg/Germany, April 6th through 8th) I will address the topic of formulating fibers in pure Java SE 8, using the CompletableFuture API.


Github undergoing major Haul

This is what happens when hot startups grow up. GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath is imposing management structure where there wasn’t much before, and execs are departing, partly because the company is cracking down on remote work. 31 more words


What Google's Chrome OS Should Have Been

Remix OS is an operating system developed by some former google employees. Who wanted to create the perfect Android PC experience. Their idea came from the current… 29 more words