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A guide to creating healthy, intelligent, test driven github repositories

When looking at a well developed project on github I often find myself impressed and surprised with how many integrated utilities can be applied to a project. 847 more words

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a16z Field Notes: Devcon3 - Ethereum Developer's Conference

Editor’s Note: These notes, based on talks at the Ethereum Foundation’s third¬†annual developer’s conference¬†earlier this month, were shared internally over email, as part of our ongoing sharing of ideas and learning inside a16z. 9,125 more words

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OWASP - A2 - Broken Authentication and Session Management - LSB

Threat Agents

Consider anonymous external attackers, as well as users with their own accounts, who may attempt to steal accounts from others. Also consider insiders wanting to disguise their actions. 461 more words

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Fool's Mate Friday: the Just Chess Engine is just getting started.....

There are only 20 first moves in any standard game of chess. 20 choices, 20 options. Statistically, only 10 of those options regularly result in a win, or at worse, a draw among experienced players. 424 more words


Microsoft Open Sources Java Debugger to get Visual Studio Code Editor

Microsoft open obtained a Java debugger it developed to its light weight, opensource Visual Studio Code editor.

of a month ago, the organization released the versus Code extension to supply Java debugging, publishing it in the Visual Studio Code market place and asserting that it would soon be released to the community. 526 more words

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GitHub Intros Dependency Graphs, Security Alerts Coming Soon

GitHub is fostering the security capabilities of its Software Development stage, introducing a new opensource job dependency graphs and promising alarms when lousy actors appear in those charts. 370 more words

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Study Examines Open Source Risks in Enterprise Software

Amid rising reports of cyber-attacks and data breaches, Open Source security company Flexera has published the outcomes of a report examining the risk of using vulnerable open source code in enterprise systems and applications. 654 more words

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