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New Helpers Library Road Map Version 2.0 for "Helpers Library 0.2"

New Helpers Library Road Map Version 2.0 for “Helpers Library 0.2”:

Project Will Be Splitted to Multiple Libraries:
1- CodeHelpers: project contains logic helpers code… 56 more words

Dot Net Code Helpers Library

L293D Project

The main project I’ve been working on recently is a Python library that controls an L293D motor driver chip via the GPIO ports of a Raspberry Pi, in order to easily control motors. 108 more words

Getting Involved with Habitica's Community

In addition to being a task manager for individuals, Habitica has an active community! If you’re interested in learning more about getting involved, there are a variety of Guilds that can help you get your feet wet. 207 more words


Enterprise open source montage

I cut the below montage-y overview of the history of enterprise open source from a Register piece I’m working on. Here it is!

For me, the dawn of enterprise open source was somewhere around 2001 when… 197 more words


Scaling the Cliffs of Insanity (aka using Ansible from a Windows controller)

This post is just record-keeping for me to remember why I abandoned Ansible on Windows a few months back.

Here’s what I did to enable me to use Ansible for automation… 1,773 more words


Simplifying Vagrant-based testing: unsolved (I'm just calling it out to the universe)

I’m doing some pretty mind-numbing testing using Vagrant (yes, on Windows 10 – I like the challenge, apparently!), to make sure that I’m getting the results from changes I’m making to Ansible scripts.   235 more words