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Retrofit - Diving in!

Hello friends! Sorry for not posting any update for about 2 weeks. It was a silly mistake to give blogging a break.

Today I want to share a small tutorial about Retrofit with you. 1,425 more words


Fixing bug on brackets

Issue#606:  https://github.com/mozilla/brackets/issues/606

This regression is from my previous bug fixed


The toggle can remember UI setting, but it doesn’t actually disable javaScript.

We can play the bug by doing this steps: 143 more words

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Adding feature for thimble

Issue#1745: https://github.com/mozilla/thimble.mozilla.org/issues/1745

In this issue, they want to add a feature to allow users editing svg file instead of showing a preview.

Analyze this issue… 41 more words

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iKommunicate Getting Around !

Well the 2017 boat show season is in full swing and our iKommunicate gateway is getting lots of attention wherever it goes. The picture above was taken last week at the NauticSud 2017 show in Naples (Italy) where Raffaele Montella was exhibiting his… 182 more words

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最近突然開始想寫文章了(絕對不是因為突然想傳教了XD),想要分享一下我最近一年幹了什麼奇怪的事情,之後偶爾分享一些八卦,還有我的一些 project 的最新進展。在這裡也能看到我用中文講一些比較不會寫在 documentation 裡的東西,或是講一些很多人不知道的 python 黑魔法。

第一個系列的主題當然是介紹我最近一年開發的 open source project (全部都是 python package)

在寫 code 寫了很久之後,會發現其實有一些東西,會出現在你每個project裡面。每次開一個新的就要複製貼上,改一點東西。漸漸地,我就開始意識到這些東西應該要寫成 package。即使再簡單,他就是沒有人做出來的東西,不必感到害羞。於是我就開始著手把這些東西分成各種小 package,然後調整 interface。讓以後每次開新的 project,都可以更加順利。另外就是,我覺得 machine learning (或是科學計算?)社群的人其實大部分都不太會發 package。造成很多小工具短缺,開發上會一直做重複的事。雖然都只是些小東西,但難免會增加一些困擾,降低 code quality。 42 more words

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Proyek crowd-source article kedua

Crowd-sourced paper pertama sedang ditranslate ke Bahasa Inggris (tautan Preprint di Zenodo).

Sekarang saya coba menginisiasi paper crowd-source kedua judul sementaranya kira-kira “The status of low cost GIS software implementation in higher education in Indonesia”. 177 more words

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