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My first contribution to the Open Source community

Soon or later it had to happen and here we go – I have made my first contribution to open-source project. There are many open-source projects on the web and you can always find tons of bugs that are waiting for your fix:) It was not hard to find issues especially when the whole group found more than 40 issues related to package.json files for popular node.js modules. 356 more words

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Smartphones & Tablets: Educational Distractions or Bicycles for Our Minds?

The short answer is YES!  Yes, smartphones and tablets can be wonderful learning tools, or bicycles for our minds if used properly, and Yes, they can be a huge distraction if unskilfully used. 1,555 more words


About Angular 2 TypeScript snippets

Everyone thinks that participating in one of Open Source Projects must be very difficult, but today I heard from my professor that as a beginner, just amend some small tiny things such as semi-colon or keywords in JSON file. 76 more words

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Vinyl-fs Contribution

Vinyl-fs is a simple metadata object that is used to describe a file. Vinyl-fs currently has 44 contributors and 351 commits and even with many contributors I have managed to come across a JSON error within the Package.JSON file.   46 more words

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Why it's time to stop blaming open source for ransomware attacks

Developers may be the new kingmakers, to quote Redmonk, but they’re not very careful about locking the gates. That’s the primary take-away from a slew of ransomware attacks against MongoDB, CouchDB, Elasticsearch, and Hadoop, as I’ve argued. 6 more words


More eslint coverage for Firefox developers

Since my last post on the eslint work that is happening in mozilla-central, we have increased coverage as well as enabling more rules.

The publication of that post spawned a few conversations, among them Florian Quèze has added a bunch of new Mozilla-specific rules to our eslint configuration and evilpies has started looking at what it would take to run eslint on the JS engine code. 368 more words


Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee

Between December and January there were FAmSCo elections together with FeSCo and Council.

Here you can find further details and the interviews for all elections:  … 61 more words