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Cool COPR projects - Fedora Magazine

These are very cool COPR projects that were posted recently in Fedora Magazine.  In case you don’t know, COPR is a system of privately maintained repositories, similar to AUR in Arch, that offer programmes that aren’t mature or stable enough to be included in official repositories yet good to have. 49 more words


B-but it's right there, VSCode!

Hello again! It’s me, your favorite – hopefully by now – mediocre blogger/programmer!

So for this week, I was tasked with looking into a bug on Microsoft’s VSCode and see what it is that I can understand from it. 928 more words

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A hat for an alien

Last week I have found some exercises which I used to do when I learned Catia many years ago. I was wondered how I could do the same in FreeCAD. 342 more words


My Daily Droll Troll

Pic of the Day:

Indoors as the Snow starts to Fly! #365photochallenge.

Stuff I liked online:




The Ultimate Guide to Learning Anything Faster… 123 more words


OSD600 - Lab 3

We’re starting to move into larger, real projects now. This week, we took a look at Visual Studio Code (VSCode), Microsoft’s open-source development environment. Our professor selected a few issues from its repository for us to choose from and take a stab at fixing them. 362 more words

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PINE64 Clusterboard

This week I learned that PINE64 (the company who makes the boards used in Mark II) released a new piece of hardware that could accelerate my work on RAIN PSC considerably. 550 more words