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Release 0.1: My First Time with Python

Hey there, real quick second update.

So I just found out that there was supposed to be a separate blog post for both release 0.1 and lab 1. 633 more words

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Truly Private With Signal

(The Intercept) – Micah Lee:

A comprehensive video and text guide for Signal to ensuring that your private conversations are actually private …

theintercept truly-private-with-signal


Coding: The Art of Losing Interest and Finding Purpose

I felt there was a gap in the availability of a particular application on the Linux platform that had equivalents on Windows and Mac OS. To remedy this, I started collecting the data sources I would need to tap into, came up with a list of requirements for the first build (can’t escape my Business Analyst tendencies), and started with some basic code to lay the framework for where I’d like to take the app. 702 more words

Lab1. Dead Link Checker Review

This post is a review post I write after I create a Dead link Checker. This task Release 0.1 is an open-source base assignment that allows me to use any language I want. 476 more words

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OSD Release 0.1

Honestly, this lab was fairly challenging for me, I chose to use Python to create my tool because I have never really used it before and I wanted to give it a go. 211 more words

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Command Line Tool Collaboration

This week my classmates and I were tasked to work with one another to look over each other’s link checker command-line tool. Finding someone to work with was easy over Slack, where I worked with… 230 more words


This tool is a open source tool to check a connection status of URLs found from the input file, using Java. It returns “\ url status" in each line. 240 more words

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