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Google Chrome, autocomplete="off", arrogant developers, and how GOOG became worthless

OK, before I go berserk, I’ll explain the problem, and its fix. Google Chrome has this “feature”, which is that there is no fucking way you can turn off autocomplete on input elements in HTML… 392 more words


Open Data Standards Affect City Spending Decisions

City decision makers should consider the new federal “open data” standards before building their own digital infrastructure.

The DATA Act 2014  requires the Department of the Treasury and the White House Office of Management and Budget to transform U.S.federal spending from disconnected, hard to find documents into open, standardized data, and to publish that data online. 417 more words

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Google Chrome in Docker

Docker and the way to build an automated container.

Docker has been in the news recently.For the uninitiated , Docker is containers on top of the Linux kernel. 324 more words

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Google vs Oracle Copyright Lesson for Intellectual Property

When Google based the Android programming layer on Java, it was a good decision at the time. They were on good terms with Sun Microsystems, the company that made Java, and a large part of the technology industry looked favorably on Java as a platform and process. 242 more words

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GitHub Desktop for Mac and Windows

I read through the FAQ on the Aug. 12 version of the GitHub Desktop website. At this time, I have the same question as Gravis Zero… 9 more words

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CISCO THOR - An Excellent Example for Open Source

Many open codecs exist. Many improves are to be seen in the uptake of such codecs. Cisco hopes to make a dent with Thor. Their approach to making Thor both a solid technology and fully accessible is, by all descriptions of their approach, first in class. 70 more words

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Un paseo por XMPP

Si tienes trato conmigo, me habrás oído hablar algo de Jabber/XMPP.

¿Te vienes a dar un paseo por la mensajería instantánea libre?


Es un protocolo de comunicación, como el correo electrónico o el FTP. 1,657 more words

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