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P25 Component Interoperability - expert webinar series

Avtec, Airbus DS, Eventide, Exacom, Tait and Zetron recently joined together to host an event to focus on the importance and the benefits of open standards. 113 more words

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A response to a W3C priorities blog

This blogpost is a comment on this interesting white paper by Crispin Weston and Pierre Danet about setting W3C priorities. I first thought to comment on the site but it became rather lengthy so seemed more logical to post it here. 1,574 more words


Appleā€™s paranoid approach to developer relations, and, I assume, relations with other browser vendors (and, in fact, relations to anything outside itself) is becoming a serious liability to the open Web.

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Improve System Security with Open Firmware

The month of Feb. 2015 has taught everyone much about the limitations of computer security. A huge revelation involved firmware exploits that are clever enough to outlive attempts to clear them out through operating system re-installs or advanced hard drive re-formatting. 198 more words

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Another Win for Feasible Future Security

The DShell framework has been made available for open source evolution. A digital forensics framework that may find its way into smarter, real-time security analysis code in open source operating systems and network routers. 26 more words

Open Standards

The AllSeen Alliance changes its IP stance after Iotivity launch

After getting hammered on its intellectual property rights by Intel’s competing Iotivity standards effort, the AllSeen Alliance, which is promoting Qualcomm-backed AllJoyn protocol, is offering users a patent pledge… 383 more words