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DHS Wants to Hear from You

By Tomas O’Keefe, Consultant

Industry engagement seems to be the new focus at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as Luke McCormack, the chief information officer, and Soraya Correa, the chief procurement officer, have made it a point to… 309 more words

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Qemu 2.6 Virtualization Improvements

Phoronix has a nice list of improvements coming to Qemu virtualization. Qemu continues to advance as a solid, low-impact virtualization solution on Linux.

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CERN 300TB Open Source

A wealth of knowledge awaits in the vast treasure trove of information, tools, and processes made available by CERN. This is truly amazing stuff. Technology, science, analyses, and tools enhanced in the pursuit of some of the most labor intensive studies in science. 23 more words

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Opening the Smart Home technology stack

If you’ve worked on smart home or home automation products since year 2000 you’ve probably seen a few ups and downs in market awareness and the most recent up, helped immensely by the IoT (a cooler name for M2M for early investors into machine-machine communication) emergence seems to be growing real wings which is encouraging for all – a rising tide will lift all. 348 more words

You've been Disrupted by the Cloud Part 1

In 1985 while I was stationed at the Augsburg, Germany intelligence site attached to the 701 MI group I was in the process of putting together a Satellite Black Watch report on Gorbachev to send over to the CIA and State Department when I notice the birth mark on Mikhail Gorbachev’s forehead. 2,679 more words


Have Grandma create your next web app

Seriously; If you’re IT-savvy enough to use Keynote or PowerPoint, then you’re IT-savvy enough to create rich and complex web apps. At least, that’s my assumption! 402 more words


Linda Humphries joins CoopDigital

I’m really happy to say that Linda Humphries will be joining CoopDigital next week. Linda is an amazing advocate of collaboration and co-operation, notably in the world of open standards for the public sector. 317 more words

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