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Friday Open Thread: Introducing Luke Cage

Today, Netflix is dropping the Luke Cage Series.

A Black superhero? I can’t wait to watch it.


The Making of Luke Cage: A Hero for the Moment… 385 more words

Open Thread

Thursday Open Thread: Remembering Agnes Nixon

When I saw the tweet that Agnes Nixon had passed, it hit me HARD.

You must understand… Once upon a time….
For A couple of decades, I was a soap opera fanatic. 965 more words

Open Thread

Forget The Debate - This Happened On Monday Night *Open Thread*

With the election looming (sigh), the debate between Trump and Clinton has been making the headlines for AGES now, it seems. And the hype for the debate on Monday night seems to have far outweighed what actually happened during the debate. 1,047 more words

Wednesday Comic Round-up

Hello and Good Morning

It is my thought that we give the comics a go this Wednesday, because they surely had a smörgåsbord to work with in this week’s news cycle. 200 more words

Morning Reads

Wednesday Open Thread: Remembering Ed Temple, Tennessee State's Legendary Track Coach

Mr. Temple passed away at the age of 89. What he did at his HBCU without megafunds is more than impressive. It’s the stuff legends are made of. 780 more words

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Open Thread: What would you like to talk about?

(by chris the cynic)

Not like we’re out of people, but we do seem to have run dry on the whole conversation front and I wonder if that could be because open thread prompts basically boil down to: Whatever random thing I can think of on a certain day within a given amount of time instead of, you know, asking for feedback on what people are actually interested in discussing. 82 more words

Open Thread

Morning After Open Thread

Good Morning!!

I’m going to put up a quick open thread, because the one from last night is getting very long. I’m also very tired, because I didn’t get to sleep until around 3AM. 417 more words

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