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Former St. Louis City Officer Found Not Guilty

An update to the previous post: The verdict came down this morning on the case of Jason Stockley, a West Point graduate and Iraq war veteran: 613 more words

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Judge Told He'd Better Rule Correctly

Here’s a story that probably won’t receive much publicity in the mainstream media. It’s come to this now: A judge in St. Louis was “warned” by a group of clergy members that he’d better rule that white police officer Jason Stockley is guilty of murder, or else. 480 more words

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The Right to Private Snapchats?

Recently, Google employee James Damore was fired for quite rationally and politely expressing his analysis, on a company-sponsored forum, of perceived biological differences between men and women. 800 more words

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Celebrate September, 2017!

The alt-left in California are changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, so to follow suit, let’s dispense with celebrations that bear more than a whiff of alt-left-like “ 143 more words

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8/21/2017 The Great American Eclipse

A total eclipse of the sun occurs today, with the path of totality moving northwest to southeast across the United States. The eclipse can be watched… 257 more words

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Domestic Terrorism in Charlottesville?

Yesterday a young woman in Charlottesville, VA,  lost her life while “walking across the street,” during a “protest” or maybe it was a “counter-protest.” May she rest in peace. 1,073 more words

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Dual Citizenship and Public Office

Recently, the topic of dual citizenship became a thing in Australia:

First two Australian senators resigned on learning they held citizenship of New Zealand and Canada.

1,920 more words
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