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MOOCs: what the research tells us

MOOCs: What the Open University research tells us recommends priority areas for activity in relation to massive open online courses (MOOCs). It does this by bringing together all The Open University’s published research work in this area from the launch of the first MOOC in 2008 until February 2016. 145 more words


Innovative Pedagogy 2016

The Innovative Pedagogy 2016 report explores new forms of teaching and learning in a digital world, and looks at 10 innovations that have not yet influenced post-school education. 650 more words

Educational Technologies

study tips for university students

I’ve done uni twice now, so I’ve stacked up a few tips for effective studying. Sometimes I think I should take my own advice because I get behind on my work ALL THE TIME. 380 more words


EPiC Online Supervisor (EOS)

Aku telah dilantik oleh OUM untuk sebagai EPiC ONLINE SUPERVISOR (EOS)…apa benda tuhh??…EPIC. ???..macam sejarah Rom jerr…hikhik

EPiC = Educational Portal for Internet Courses….tudiaaaaa !! 113 more words

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Asia E-University EML411 Peningkatan Profesionalisme Guru

Aku telah ditawarkan untuk mengajar universiti baru iaitu Asia E-University yang di buat di Kolej Insaniah Alor Setar untuk subjek EML411 Peningkatan Profesionalisme Guru….wahhh teruja sangat…. 52 more words

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Nervous Anticipation

After taking longer than expected in getting my first assignment completed, I was relieved when it was finally in.  Every sensible part of my brain knew that it could be up to seven days before it was marked and returned. 218 more words

Daily Prompts

OUM HBEF2503 Kaedah Penyelidikan Dalam Pendidikan

Coretan di Lounge Toyota Mergong….


Kali ini aku nak berkongsi mengenai subjek aku dapat untuk semester ini dengan OUM. ALhamdulillah semester ini aku dapat 2 kelas untuk mengajar subjek HBEF2503 Kaedah Penyelidikan Dalam Pendidikan untuk program Sarjanamuda Pendidikan. 97 more words

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