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Investigating Intelligence

So investigating intelligence is the first book of the module I am currently studying (this is my second module but the first was a mandatory social science thing that is so boring I wont ever go into it as it was mostly study skills) I have already read the whole book, which I highly recommend people do. 238 more words


Whats this all about?

I am a student of the Open University studying psychology part time. So its going to take me a while to get my degree. I thought if I blog about my course step by step that along with taking notes the material would sink in better. 41 more words


The greatest post-war British prime minister: Harold Wilson

Harold Wilson created modern Britain. Between 1964 and 1970 Britain was changed into a caring, tolerant society, a civilised society. Every aspect of British life was touched, for the good, by Harold Wilson. 674 more words


OER-What makes a good one?

A new area I was exposed to in college this week was that of the OERs or Open Educational Resources. Part of our assignment for another module on the MATCHEL (Master of Arts in Technical Communication and E-Learning) course is to design an OER. 203 more words


View From The PamCam

I am usually fairly disciplined when it comes to separating study and leisure time, but today has been a little different. I’ve not been well today, renal/biliary colic has been “distracting”, shall we say. 59 more words


What is intelligence?

I’ve never really considered before what it means to be intelligent. Back in the day, I took and passed the 12-plus exam, which I suppose was based on intelligence tests. 163 more words


Do social work students find using social media helpful?

The role technology  plays in facilitating or disrupting the education of the sometime called Digital Natives or Net Generation has been extensively promoted, debated and reviewed. 344 more words

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