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Alternative text

This course activity is posted here so that it can be shared with classmates.  The activity is to create alternative text for the visually-impaired, to describe images found in sample teaching materials. 767 more words


Stoopid is Stoopid Does

I hate this illness. First I miss years of school because of it and now as I begin studying (again) at the age of 39, I find it’s taken me about five goes to get right something I would otherwise think of as basic algebra. 55 more words

Life Goes On

Uni work, Dad, and The Battle of Hastings #openuni #1066

It’s a busy year. I’m currently taking my BA Hons Arts & Humanities through the Open University, and have just started year two. I took year one part-time, but now that I’m not working full-time (or not in a mainstream job at least), I decided to take both modules of year two at the same time. 649 more words

Week 5 - bleuurggghh

Week 5 – Bleurgh
So I have started my meds this week and all I have to say is bleeeuurrghh. I have a headache that feels like I am wearing the wrong prescription glasses, I feel queasy, I have indigestion and my sleep is restless HOWEVER on the upside cognitively I feel much better. 468 more words

Podcasts: essential and dreadful

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts about disability lately, in preparation for the first module of my OU study which relates to online learning and the support of disabled students.  163 more words



Who would have thought of complaining that an assignment word count was too small ?  I’ve just finished my first OU assignment and find that meeting a 1500 word limit is nearly as difficult as being asked to meet one of twice the length. 102 more words


Embracing idiocy

I hate train stations. To me, they are places where you have to say goodbye to people, and I’m not very good at goodbyes. My daughter disagrees. 727 more words