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Flash is Dead

Strong Bad tries to warn Homestar of impending doom of a dying Flash.

This may be my favorite Homestar Runner yet.


Erase and Rewind: A Tale of Innovation and Patience

In his talk at Open Web Camp 2015 called Erase and Rewind: A Tale of Innovation and Patience, Christian Heilmann has a lot of great messages for web developers. 124 more words


MDN Turns 10! A Decade of the Mozilla’s Open & Collaborative Web Learning Platform.

Mozilla’s open and collaborative web technologies learning platform – Mozilla Developer Network, widely known as MDN has just turned 10 and the journey for this open web learning platform has been just fascinating!

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Publishing Versus Performance: Our Struggle for the Soul of the Web

Jeffrey Zeldman talks about the struggle for the soul of the Web, brought forth by the The Mobile Web Sucks on The Verge. It’s worth a read as is Jeremy Keith’s related… 26 more words



This blog has sat here dead for a while. Reason is my lack of time regarding work with Mozilla. I have done it long (since Firefox 0.85) until 2006 I would say. 58 more words


Responsive Design: Where Do We Go From Here?

Accessibility is about providing good experiences for everyone, regardless of physical or mental abilities, gender, race, or language. It recognizes that we all have special needs—physical limitations, bandwidth limitations, device limitations—that may require us to experience the same interface in different ways.

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The Web is Not Poor Man's Native

A few days ago, I linked to an excellent post from Jeremy Keith where he talked about what attracted him to the Web. Chris Wilson touches on similar subjects in  22 more words