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W3C: Não ao DRM na Web Hoje no Centro de Congressos, Lisboa

Hoje, à entrada do Centro de Congressos de Lisboa entre as 18h e as 21h30, onde a W3C vai estar reunida, vai haver um protesto contra a introdução de DRM na Web, que fará com que o HTML deixe de ser uma norma aberta. 299 more words


Fast Company: How to Break Open the Web

From Fast Company: How To Break Open The Web. “… we spent three days earlier this month in San Francisco with technologists and activists who are determined to re-decentralize or redistribute the web (and by extension, the broader Internet), by returning control and permission to the edges. 42 more words

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The Open Web, Fuck Yeah!

Some douchebag wrote a thought-leadering rant about the pain of using the open web vs native apps – this is my rebuttal.

The problem with that rant isn’t that it’s false. 1,077 more words

Open Web

The Fucking Open Web

Nine years ago I was part of an idealistic group of web advocates looking to free the web from the tyranny of the big silos. We saw web identity as a core part of the web’s future and fought to build it with web standards. 1,014 more words

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Regarding the Indie Web : Who

Who is the Indie Web?

The Indie Web is made of people. It’s made by me. It can be made by you too. There’s no gatekeeper. 189 more words


Regarding the Indie Web : Where

Where is the Indie Web?

The Indie Web is everywhere. The Indie Web is nowhere. The Indie Web is anywhere you can access the internet. 279 more words


Regarding the Indie Web : How

How Can You Get on the Indie Web?

The Indie Web is not a place separate from the web that you already know and use. The web that you’re probably reading this article on right now. 904 more words