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Letter from the Just Net Coalition, representing internet users in the Global South, to Tim Berners-Lee, director of internet standards body W3C

Global South: What used to be called ‘developing countries’ or ‘the Third World’. Includes all of Africa and much of Asia, South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. 1,037 more words

Email the W3C today to stop DRM becoming a web standard

This coming Thursday (13 April 2017), the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the international body responsible for developing web standards, is set to recommend Digital Rights Management in the form of Encrypted Media Standards, become an official part of HTML5. 859 more words


Mastodon.Social isn’t as Federated or as Decentralized as the Indie Web

Mastodon.social is the cool new social platform[1][2], and certainly prettier than many of the other federated GNU social instances. My Twitter feed is full of mastodon mentions right now with many people saying “I’m on mastodon.social now as _____, come follow me.”–a phrase I haven’t seen since the last social boom in 2009 before the new class of multi-billion dollar corporations began monetizing their users. 901 more words


DSES Website

At the bottom of the This Week at DSE emails from DSES is this footer.

This is a reminder that DSES needs a website. AFAICT, This Week at DSE is delivered only via email. 234 more words


Mobile Web vs Mobile App

People don’t want to install your app. They might check out your site though. Is your mobile web presence an unusable turn off?

Conventional web sites let you reach users, while apps let you deeply engage users.

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W3C: Não ao DRM na Web Hoje no Centro de Congressos, Lisboa

Hoje, à entrada do Centro de Congressos de Lisboa entre as 18h e as 21h30, onde a W3C vai estar reunida, vai haver um protesto contra a introdução de DRM na Web, que fará com que o HTML deixe de ser uma norma aberta. 299 more words