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The Web is not Google, and should not be just Google.

The following is exerpted from A letter about Google AMP.

We are a community of individuals who have a significant interest in the development and health of the World Wide Web (‘the Web’), and we are deeply concerned about Accelerated Mobile Pages (‘AMP’), a Google project that purportedly seeks to improve the user experience of the Web. 289 more words

Alien Landscapes

Threaded Replies and Comments with Webmentions in WordPress

Introduction to what one would consider basic web communication

A few days ago I had written a post on my website and a colleague had written a reply on his own website. 1,841 more words


Week 12 - Reading Notes (Data Centers, Repositories, and Security)

This week’s readings were truly insightful. The article surrounding the security and privacy settings of Facebook back in its early days was truly remarkable. While the information was not surprising, it is interesting that such a low percentage of users adjusted their privacy settings. 224 more words

Reading Notes

Chrome will soon make browsing sketchy sites less frustrating

When you’re browsing the web, there’s little that’s more annoying than clicking on what you think is a video and finding out that it was actually just an image with a link to a dubious site. 498 more words


Uprade, Mastodon and IndieWeb

  1. This project became bigger than I thought it would be, therefore I moved it to it’s own top-level domain. In other words, because this blogging thing became bigger to me than a simple account warrants, …
  2. 91 more words
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Decentralized Web Pt 3: Join the IndieWeb

Back in May, when I relaunched Notes from the Metaverse, I told you that this blog would now focus on three important areas related to the Open Web: 616 more words

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Why you should De-Google-ify your life

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Birmingham Open Media last week for our meetup on how to De-Google-ify your life. It was fantastic to know so many people are concerned about our collective reliance on Google services and are interested in discovering viable alternatives. 622 more words