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How Future-Safe are Your Ideas?

Will the Big Think piece you just posted to Medium be there in 2035? That may sound like it’s very far off in the future, and who could possibly care, but if there’s any value to your writing, you should care.

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New Browser Features, Interoperability, Craft, and the Future of the Web

Aaron Gustafson wrote a post about the ongoing evolution of the Web that you should read.

It’s easy to see the Web as a unkempt, out-of-control beast. 36 more words


As We May Link

Jeremy Keith tells the story of hypertext and the power of the smallest HTML tag in As We May Link.


Flash is Dead

Strong Bad tries to warn Homestar of impending doom of a dying Flash.

This may be my favorite Homestar Runner yet.


Erase and Rewind: A Tale of Innovation and Patience

In his talk at Open Web Camp 2015 called Erase and Rewind: A Tale of Innovation and Patience, Christian Heilmann has a lot of great messages for web developers. 124 more words


MDN Turns 10! A Decade of the Mozilla’s Open & Collaborative Web Learning Platform.

Mozilla’s open and collaborative web technologies learning platform – Mozilla Developer Network, widely known as MDN has just turned 10 and the journey for this open web learning platform has been just fascinating!

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