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I would much rather an imperfect open system to a perfect proprietary one.
Jeremy Keith in Hope.


The Long Web

In The Long Web, Jeremy Keith talks about how with the Web, we’re building something greater than the Library of Alexandria. But to do that well, we need to pay attention to the things that matter, like HTML, progressive enhancement, performance and URL structure. 34 more words


A Brave New Word(Press)

At today’s webinar on The Open Web, I was inspired to make the switch from my Blogger blog to this WordPress site. After seeing what could be done using… 142 more words

Education Technology

When You Ask The Question, "Are Learning Technologies Fit For Purpose?" #digifest15

“Asking the question is probably the most important thing.”

Lawrie Phipps made the point as he finished chairing a debate over, “Are learning technologies fit for purpose?”

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Today, the FCC voted for net neutrality, among other things. It’s great news for a more open and equal Web. Also, check out this post about some of the… 10 more words


Apple’s paranoid approach to developer relations, and, I assume, relations with other browser vendors (and, in fact, relations to anything outside itself) is becoming a serious liability to the open Web.

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