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“We could continue to flock to Twitter and Facebook — we could keep paying those who have and will rip off democracy for a stock price — or we could turn our backs and help the open web instead.” …

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The way the soup has hit the fan with Cambridge Analytica kind of looks like a bat signal to save the open web. 

We’ve literally placed the open web behind a paywall, simply by not giving a shit.

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Great, thoughtful piece on WordPress, AMP, Tide, and the health of the open web with lots of interesting links to explore.

“WordPress has democratised screwing up 30% of the web” 13 more words


“The young progressives grew up in a time when platform monopolies like Facebook were so dominant that they seemed inextricably intertwined into the fabric of the internet.

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“Google was just trying to imitate their social media competition, not realizing that they had a much more powerful platform for encouraging the use of the open web that could have disrupted the disrupters.” …

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Whither the Blogroll: The RSS Revival, Feedbase, Dynamic OPML Subcriptions, and a Following Page

I recall removing the Links Manager from WordPress back in 2012 amidst snickers about how old school and old fashioned blogrolls were in the age of social media. 257 more words

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