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Choosing Performance

It’s not because of any sort of technical limitations. No, if a website is slow it’s because performance was not prioritized. It’s because when push came to shove, time and resources were spent on other features of a site and not on making sure that site loads quickly.

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Alan Levine speaks martian!

I spoke with Alan Levine about the hyperlink a few weeks ago. It was my hope that I could use the recording to help students and faculty where I work understand why it mattered that we had no permalinks in our learning management system’s course blog platform. 187 more words

Open Education

Chrome's Market Share And Service Worker

According to Stat Counter in the past 3 months Chrome made a progress in market share. It’s now got ~31% world wide. But if we dive a bit deeper into the chart below we can see that the situation on mobile is even better. 205 more words


Websites as Art

I make the Web with a lot of different people each day. We push pixels and stress over things like the experience and the performance, but most of that lives in the here and now. 90 more words


Explaining Web Design

Since transitioning away from journalism and writing to working on the Web some six-plus years ago, I’ve struggled explaining to my family what I do. 110 more words


Art Direction and Creativity on the Web in 2015

Listen to Andrew Clarke, Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Mall talk about art direction and creativity on the Web in this episode of the Unfinished Business podcast. 22 more words


Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Medium?

And when the publisher of a personal site writes for Medium, is she really giving up on her own site? Couldn’t she be simply hoping to reach new readers?

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