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HTML Tips to Enhance Your eCRF

In some cases, the display of your OpenClinica eCRF may not be exactly what you had in mind. You may want to highlight key words or phrases, create a bullet point list, or insert a URL or image. 587 more words


Introducing OpenClinica Participate

This webinar showcases our mobile-ready patient engagement and ePRO solution and will cover how this innovative technology can help you capture patient reported outcomes.

Source: Webinar delivered by OpenClinica CEO, Cal Collins and hosted by Marketing and Communications Manager, Rob Rittberg


OpenClinica CRF Features - Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Whenever I teach case report form (CRF) design in the OpenClinica Central User Training class, the thought that always comes to mind is, “so many features, so little time.”  OpenClinica has so many features available for building your CRFs, that there is no way to cover every possibility within the limited timeframe of a training class. 812 more words


ShowAction for a Group

This page show you how extremely easy it is to write a Rule-file using the ShowAction that will display a RepeatingItemsGroup. Read all about the secrets of the DestinationProperty.

OpenClinica General

Demystifying the Decode() Function

When I started learning to use OpenClinica, I was mystified by all of the things there were to learn. One year later, I continue to be surprised by the number of new skills and tricks I am discovering – whether in the form of existing functionality, new features ( 785 more words


showing items from other Events

With the release of OpenClinica 3.4, we have a whole new bunch of data to use in our CRFs: all data from other Events! Read… 10 more words


Video Demos: Printing Subject Casebooks, Blank Casebooks and Blank CRFs

We’re in the process of updating our documentation to include video demos of various OpenClinica features. Take a look at the video links below on printing subject casebooks and CRFs for a taste of what’s to come – and learn something cool in the process! 108 more words