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Abusing a Cellphone Screen with Solenoids Posts High Score

This Raspberry Pi 2 with computer vision and two solenoid “fingers” was getting absurdly high scores on a mobile game as of late 2015, but only recently has  finished fleshing the project out with detailed documentation. 366 more words

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Summary of the work done at Google Summer of Code, 2016, for the OpenDetection Organization

This post is a brief compilation of the details related to the work done as a part of GSoC 2016, for the opensource library OpenDetection… 3,002 more words


Motion detection pipeline processor using Python and OpenCV

I found this interesting tutorial describing ways to use OpenCV to implement motion detection. I thought that this might form the basis of a nice pipeline processing element for… 211 more words


Interesting Python Tutorials

Hi there folks! I have read some interesting Python tutorials lately. I would love to share them with you. Without any further ado let me list them over here: 321 more words


Blog series Idea : Image processing in python

I am planning a series on image processing with python. The image processing would be helpful in machine learning tasks such as computer vision. It can also be used as a pre-processing step in applications like Optical CharacterRecognitions. 208 more words


Install OpenCV for Java on Mac OS X

Computer Vision is like deep space, the more you learn about it you realise the field is vast, mesmerising and will leave you in awe of what can be achieved.

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OpenGL Particle System with Python

In my last post I made a scary movie with PyMovieStudio, a free Python application for making movies. The movie has OpenCV computer vision to track the colour green, and OpenGL graphics library for fog and lighting. 1,034 more words