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About channel swap in caffe

In the training stage, caffe‘s c++ implementation uses imread in OpenCV to read image, which by default reads the color channels in order of… 75 more words


MSc Thesis of Bence

Oh by the way, I’ve just realised that I forgot to publish my Master’s Thesis here. It’s getting a bit old, pages turning yellow but I can still find typos in it! 20 more words


How to compile opencv on linux without root

##update Cmake

  1. only cmake version > 2.88 can be used to compile opencv.
  2. Download latest version cmake source code and cd in the folder.
  3. ./bootstrap…
  4. 75 more words

Ball Balancing

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but 2 kids and a new job take their toll :)

Most importantly, for this past few months, I’ve been thinking of a way to say “thank you” to my former colleagues that somehow managed to offer me the absolute best leaving present: a… 1,545 more words


Required Includes and Libraries for OpenCV in Qt

Use the following lines in a .pri file that is added to your project by using “include(C:/opencv/opencv.pri)”

This allows easy including of headers and library references in a Qt project. 151 more words


Online course recommendation

I’m a big fan of online courses, especially the ones that feature good professors with valuable professional and teaching experience. It feels like you are at the university again, but from the comfort (or discomfort) of your chair at home. 172 more words


Automatic GrabCut for human body extraction

Face detection is used to automatically detect and then initialize Grab Cut automatically. Grab Cut program from OpenCV then automatically extract human body as foreground. The program works perfectly automatically and for all kinds of complex background.

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