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Person Recognition: OpenCV vs. AWS Rekognition

If you’ve been following along – I’ve been working with AWS Rekognition to detect people in security camera footage.

I have previous posts that discuss the results. 81 more words


OpenCV on Windows + Pip

I’ve had some minor issues with getting OpenCV to work on my Windows machine and all guides were not helping.

I was following these instructions found on OpenCV official website: 178 more words


Face Recognition with OpenCV · objc.io

objc.io publishes books on advanced techniques and practices for iOS and OS X development

Source: Face Recognition with OpenCV · objc.io


C++: genetic algorithm on images (Part II)


In the first post we went over the setup and the files needed for the application development. Now, let’s see what will the program structure be. 645 more words


Why openCV uses BGR (not RGB)

When using openCV to load an image, the color information is stored in the order of Blue-Green-Red instead of the currently more popular scheme RGB. 214 more words


Installing OpenCV3 and Python3 in virtualenv on MacOS Sierra

I spent almost 3 hours today and finally got CV3 installed. I found this detailed tutorial by Andrian Rosebrock early on:


My Hackintosh desktop has not been upgraded for 3 years after it was built in 2013 (running Mountain Lion), and there was no way to get homebrew properly installed due to “Command Line Tool version too old” error. 387 more words

Embarking on a new journey

Our company, the MI branch of PE, has signed a deal to be bought by company V. The news came during the Christmas shutdown of our SC facility and it was a surprise for me although most of my colleagues (myself included) sensed that the management was having some secretive M&A plan going on. 909 more words