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OpenCV in Android - An Introduction (Part 2/2)

In my previous post, I explained how to integrate OpenCV on Android. In this post, let us integrate camera into our app to do some live testing in future. 868 more words



Sharingan is a tool built on Python 3.6 using OpenCV 3.2 to extract news content as text from newspaper’s photo and perform news context extraction. IMPORTANT: You will require some corpora and trained models for the code to run. 18 more words

OpenGL wallpaper on Oculus Rift

Arkwood bit on the bone. Ripped chicken. Animal. He is.

‘So sterile,’ said the disgusting Belgian.

He was still moaning about the utilitarian virtual room. True, it is rather plain. 321 more words


Add Face Module to opencv2.framework

When it comes recognizing face but you realize the module is not in opencv, what to do? Cry? Maybe. I spent 1.2 days to figure out that the face module is not in that repository. 215 more words


Static Background Removal from a video using OpenCV and Python

Background removal is an important pre-processing step required in many vision based applications. It can be used in scenarios where the background remains approximately constant across the capture and there are some movements in the foreground. 498 more words


Consuming OpenCV through Hadoop Storm DRPC Server from .NET

In previous article I gave a basic overview of Hadoop Storm framework and showed how to use it in order to perform some simple operations like word counting and persistence of the information in real time. 2,793 more words