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Disparity of stereo images with Python and OpenCV

In my last post, I was able to create a disparity map from a stereo image. An OpenCV Disparity Map can determine which objects are nearest to the stereo webcams by calculating the shift between the object from ‘left eye’ and ‘right eye’ perspective – the bigger the shift, the nearer the object. 841 more words


Visual Studio...

Ever felt so crazy from not being able to fix errors in visual studio that you simply think “I’ll go to sleep, let my brain figure it out overnight, and wake up with the solution”. 1,202 more words


Robomasters Competition

Our team was awarded with 1st prize of Southeast and 2st prize of National Final of Robomasters Competition brings our designed robots to fight other robots. 87 more words


Epipolar Geometry and Depth Map from stereo images

I’ve been using stereo images for ArkwoodAR, a Python Augmented Reality application for Google Cardboard:

The left image is from the perspective of my left eye, and the right image is from the perspective of my right eye. 831 more words


How to - Computer Vision Programing on Raspberry Pi 3

#Howto #ComputerVision Programing on #Raspberry Pi3

With Raspberry Pi 3, developing a computer vision project is no longer difficult nor expensive. Benny Cheung summarizes how to setup your Raspberry Pi 3, how to install the useful computer vision libraries from OpenCV and SimpleCV, how to install the machine learning framework Orange. 29 more words


OpenCV + Qt Creator [Menampilkan Citra/Gambar]

Pada tutorial  ini OS yang saya gunakan adalah Ubuntu 14.04

Post pertama ini akan membahas mengenai :

  • Bagaimana menampilkan citra yang dipanggil menggunakan library openCV kedalam program yang dibuat dengan QT Creator.
  • 206 more words