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Image Stitching (Panorama)

OpenCV made image stitching way to easy and here today we are doing very simple image stitching example but in real time.

In this example camera is reading video frames and each camera frame is pushed into a vector, however, this vector is limited to 8 images. 477 more words


OpenCV in iOS - The Camera

Hello everyone, this is my second blog post on ‘OpenCV in iOS’ series. Before starting this tutorial, it is recommended that you complete the ‘ 458 more words


A bug in object tracking

Hell on earth! I only want to track an object using OpenCV computer vision.

I plug 4 webcams into a single PC (2 webcams on the front USB, 2 on the rear). 156 more words


OpenCV in iOS - An Introduction

Hello World! This is my first official blog post related to Computer Vision. I guess the title gives you the glimpse of what we are trying to achieve in this session. 737 more words


Adding special effects to movies

PyMovieStudio is a Python application for making movies. We can record a movie using up to four webcams, edit the movie and add some audio. And, of course, add some special effects! 396 more words


Adding audio to movies

‘Dance a merry dance, my dear boy!’ the judge said, whilst pouring me a generous brandy. ‘And if the gods should laugh, be sure to press record on your tape recorder.’ 463 more words


Face Masking [Unity + OpenCV]

Using the open sourced facial recognition Open CV, I successfully implemented face masking using textures over webcam images. This was an eye-opening project for me and I had real fun creating this effect. 22 more words