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OpenCV project in Cygwin/GCC - Part 2

Part 2 – Making OpenCV project in Cygwin

As explained in Part 1, once you have prepared the environment and installed all the required packages, you are now ready to make your first OpenCV project on Cygwin. 389 more words


Update - PyCharm and OpenCV

FYI, the awesome Adrian Rosebrock @ pyimagesearch.com kindly pointed out that there’s far more elegant solution than the one I’d been utilizing to get PyCharm to be cognizant of OpenCV libraries. 52 more words


OpenCV project in Cygwin/GCC - Part 1

Part 1 – Preparation

I used to make my OpenCV projects in C++ using Visual Studio on my Windows Machine. However for my next project I wanted to make sure that the project can be build on Linux as well. 269 more words


PyCharm and OpenCV

For several years now, my favorite Python IDE has been PyCharm, and it continues to get better with each subsequent release.

However, as I recently began to dabble with Computer Vision using Python and OpenCV, I began to run into some problems. 145 more words


Motion sensing through Image Processing

The main aim of the project is to find the User’s position with respect to the screen/webcam laptop. So we want to find the distance of user from the screen (depth, z axis) and on the x-y axes. 78 more words


SaltwashAR using Python ConfigParser

SaltwashAR is a Python Augmented Reality application, and it is now available on GitHub!

Arkwood and I were so excited that we threw a party for all the trendy people of Bo’ness. 747 more words


SaltwashAR now on GitHub

I’ve been tinkering with Augmented Reality for some time, and my Python code has been burgeoning. Burgeoning I tell you!

So I have taken the latest cut from my… 119 more words