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Understanding Neural Networks

In this tutorial, we will understand what a neural network is and why they are used in deep learning and machine learning.

Now a days, almost every Tech Giant such as Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.. 585 more words

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A Glimpse Into The Mind Of A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

What’s going through the mind of those your autonomous vacuum cleaning robots as they traverse a room? There are different ways to find out such as covering the floor with dirt and seeing what remains afterwards (a less desirable approach) or mounting an LED to the top and taking a long exposure photo. 296 more words

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OpenCV motion detection in Oculus Rift (Mark II)

In my last post, I put on my Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and explored a virtual world. But I also wanted to know what was happening in the real world – so I added webcam images of the real world to each face of a cube in the virtual world. 561 more words


Where to begin?

So I was wondering how I’d embark on the adventure that is blogging. Then I figured why not start with a project that was an utter failure? 278 more words


OpenCV motion detection in Oculus Rift

In my last post, Arkwood – my disgusting Belgian buddy – had a problem. Another problem that is, besides his BO, leering and general hideousness. 577 more words


Keypoint Detector - FAST

This is my first post regarding local keypoint detectors. I will be writing the basic underlying concepts involved in feature extraction as this forms the most important part for computer vision applications. 477 more words

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Configure EmguCV (OpenCV) with Visual Studio 3/3

Hi guys, this is the final post in our configuration of Visual Studio with EmguCV. Of course, you should have looked at the first and second part of this tutorial but if you haven’t, you can find them… 531 more words