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"Effie We All Got Pain"

The more I speak to my peers the more I realise that we all have something negative going on in our.

One of my colleagues relationship is on its last legs. 196 more words

Song Review: Solange - Cranes In The Sky


This song.


Because of this song I haven’t been able to move past the third track from Solange’s new album, ‘A Seat At The Table’. 227 more words


Putting The 'End' In Friendship

Not everything that has stood the test of time is meant to last forever..

For example when a long term friend does their best to spoil your entire holiday that ‘they’ invited you on and ‘you’ paid for – that “friendship” has reached the end of the road… 274 more words

Open Diaries 4: The Lawton I Used To Know


As a working girl like me who left her own province and lived in Manila for a dream and for a new chapter of my life, the only Lawton I knew was the minigrocery and semi-eatery like the 7 Eleven and the Ministop. 359 more words


Caught Up In The Dream

Are you ignoring the obvious? Are you accelerating through the bright red stop sign? ? If so, you may be heading towards trouble.

The older you get the more you realise that life is every shade of grey ever made – even more so when it’s your life in the spotlight. 371 more words

The Game

metaphor – only fun when played by your rules.

So yesterday was the first Super Bowl moment of this job and let’s just say I lost. 371 more words

Four Letters of Pain

I really don’t like accepting help. Not in the “lost-husband-not-allowing-his-wife-to-ask-strangers-for-directions”sense but in the “stubborn-toddler-insisting-they-can-do-everything-by-their-self” sense.

I’m not a believer in star signs and character traits but I am definitely a stubborn Scorpio. 205 more words