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Caught Up In The Dream

Are you ignoring the obvious? Are you accelerating through the bright red stop sign? ? If so, you may be heading towards trouble.

The older you get the more you realise that life is every shade of grey ever made – even more so when it’s your life in the spotlight. 371 more words

The Game

metaphor – only fun when played by your rules.

So yesterday was the first Super Bowl moment of this job and let’s just say I lost. 371 more words

Four Letters of Pain

I really don’t like accepting help. Not in the “lost-husband-not-allowing-his-wife-to-ask-strangers-for-directions”sense but in the “stubborn-toddler-insisting-they-can-do-everything-by-their-self” sense.

I’m not a believer in star signs and character traits but I am definitely a stubborn Scorpio. 205 more words

A Rocky Start


  • still a step in the right direction.

03.01.2016. It’s three days into the new year and I’ve just had a very common conversation with a friend of mine… 309 more words

Be Careful What You Wish For...


  • that you shouldn’t take too seriously.

“If you want it, (wish for it) then work for it. If it’s better than before you’re winning, if it’s not, atleast you know and can shift your aspiration to something else”. 331 more words

Matthew 11:28

(taken from Meditate & Believe Right from Joseph Prince Daily Devo)

When fear creeps in and robs you of rest, slowly and steadily it overwhelms and takes control. 194 more words

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