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This Is Not My Life

“This is not my life!”


  1.  an expression mostly heard by my colleagues around 2.15 pm, when clock watching and Instagram no longer mask the terminal boredom that is my day job.
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Chapter 0

I decided to write this blog for a few reasons:

  • to see myself the way I feel that my friends and colleagues see me. A lot of what I do and say people find amusing or wrong.
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The Cold Hard Truth - Diary Entry

The cold hard truth: I have Cerebral Palsy, I am 30 years old and saying that still feels odd and slightly uncomfortable.

Looking out at the world from the inside, I feel just like everyone else that walks this earth, well until I catch a glimpse of my own reflection or someone with a keen eye throws me a funny look. 428 more words

Life Experience

We Interrupt This Broadcast...

I’m still catching up on the 30 Days (ahem) of Songs, yes.  But I learned something this past week that’s thrown off my bloggery something fierce. 5,194 more words


Life After Open Diary

When I started this blog back in April I was trying out a couple of different sites. It took me a while to settle here. Though a friend brought up the site Prosebox today and I am thinking I am going to give it a try as well. 306 more words

The Open Diary entries I don't have.

Self talk: ” Oh, Sunday was so Busy….I could come here only in the evening to write a post.

I am here at the WordPress, for quite some time. 274 more words


The Open Diary Is Now Closed

October 1998 gave birth to a website known as OpenDiary (OD for short). It was a free-to-use site (although pay features would be later added), and one of the earlier versions of real social media (after a few months of its inception, the feature would be added to allow comments on diary entries). 377 more words