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Visibly Invisible

Let me tell you something. Wait, i don’t even exactly know how to put it into words, but i guess i’ll just go with the flow of my random-thinking mind. 346 more words


My City Life at Night

When daylight is out, my night life in. Getting ready for almost every night (week nights only) for my night shift work. I’m leaving the house by mostly 9 to 9:30 pm and travel more or less than 10-15 minutes to our office. 357 more words


HE-LOVES-ME by Olatunde Obafemi 

HE led me through raging lions and tormenting seas but HE kept me, didn’t tempt me. HE preserved me, my voice and gave me a choice to become great or become late. 167 more words


No Shame by Olatunde OBAFEMI 

This feeble mortality was dusty, stinky and dingy from self-gratifying immorality:

I was naked in HIS Presence until HE became my covering and aided me; by HIS Essence I faded away from the weakness of my humanity. 222 more words


OpenDiary: Creation

​Everything has been made perfect such that there is no deviation from this beauty. So that even in the visible chaos, there is a sublime order that creates within destruction. 170 more words


First Blog Post

Shift starts at 11 pm. Lack of sleep. Always craving for foods. Facing the computer monitor all night long. Talking with different people. A life of having a night shift work. 341 more words


Coming out

A few days ago, I spent some time feeling homesick for the interwebs of my misspent youth and for the people I met there.  At least a fraction of what I missed about those days (and that place) was the extent to which everyone had a sort of instant audience for the things they were writing.   662 more words