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Odoo (sebelumnya dikenal sebagai OpenERP dan sebelumnya lagi adalah TinyERP) adalah suite aplikasi manajemen perusahaan yang mentargetkan semua kalangan perusahaan dari yang kecil hingga kelas kakap dan mencakup semua aplikasi seperti billing, accounting, manufacturing, purchasing, warehouse management dan project management… 96 more words


ODOO (Open ERP) AWS setup notes for your unforeseen startup


Setup ODOO on EC2 & RDS (Insecure)

Go to https://www.odoo.com and make sure you understand the needs for an ERP system at your startup. 491 more words


Install Odoo 8 di Ubuntu 14.04

Untuk menginstall odoo 8, ikuti langkah langkah berikut dengan cara buka terminal CTRL+ALT+T kemudian lakukan command berikut

Langkah Ke-1

#Update apt source list

sudo apt-get update… 423 more words


Odoo 9 Dynamic Cheque Print

User can print the cheque and also can configure cheque different bank’s cheque formats.

First do configuration for appropriate cheque book from “Cheques” menu inside “Configuration” menu of “Accounting”. 71 more words


Debugging Web API traffic

Note that this blog post mostly assumes you’re operating on Linux. If you’re using Windows just use Fiddler. It probably does everything you need. Actually, having just looked at their page it looks like it may well work on lots of places other than Windows too, so it might be a good option. 398 more words


Wkhtmltopdf alternativo para OpenERP (Odoo)

Una de las herramientas utilizadas para imprimir PDF desde OpenERP/Odoo, es WebKit, denominado como: wkhtmltopdf, los últimos nombres para dicho programas desde su sitio oficial… 199 more words


Interaction between Odoo XML-RPC and Yii2

XML-RPC Web Service is a set of tools and specitification that allow software running on different Operating System and/or different environments to make procedure calls over the Internet. 984 more words

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