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Método name_get en OpenERP (Odoo)

El método name_get base del sistema devuelve el nombre de un registro, generalmente, todos los objetos o tablas creadas en la base de datos de OpenERP (Odoo), tienen un campo llamado name, el cual es tomado por el sistema como campo clave y único en la mayoría de los casos. 155 more words


OpenERP report engine: Aeroo or Jasper

If you are OpenERP developer struggling with 6.1 version, there is a good chance that you already found that generic report engine is ok, but it’s a bit complicated to use. 339 more words


Odoo - Dynamic Product Label

Our new enhancement – It is possible to generate dynamic product label with barcode without changing module code. This module allows to generate product label with different types of barcode, dynamic page size and user define design.


How to import the Products data through csv file in OpenERP(Odoo)?

If you want to import the customer data through csv file in OpenERP(Odoo) follow the below mentioned steps:- Step-1 Go to purchases Menu and Click it. 66 more words

Odoo v8 Point of sale - Pricelist options

As we have already developed a module to apply pricelist in v7 Point of Sale but there are some changes we made for Odoo v8 point of sale. 118 more words


How to make the confirmation receipt through python code in OpenERP(Odoo)?

In below example, I have written Python script to confirmation receipt through python code. Use below python code in your .py file :

  1. ‘partner_id’: fields.many2one(‘res.partner’, ‘Partner’, change_default=True, required=True, states={‘confirm’:[(‘readonly’, True)]}),
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How to create recurring invoice in OpenERP-8(Odoo)?

In this blog I am explaining how to create recurring invoice in OpenERP-8(Odoo) with the help of screen shots.   Installation of Subscription Module in Open ERP Step 1:- Install -> Subscription Module. 86 more words