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OpenGL in Qt for Beginners

In this post I am going to share the source code and explain a very simple example project that can be used as a starting point for anyone who wants to begin using… 353 more words


Talking about architecture

I’ve seen so many projects abandoned because of a poorly designed architecture. The first time I explored DirectX, I search online to get more information about how to make a good architecture, but I couldn’t find one. 429 more words


Praise the Metal - Part 1: Rendering a single frame

In my previous post I made an overview of the key concepts of Metal and how they differ from OpenGL. Now I’m going to describe the rendering process for a single frame in Le Voyage as well as introducing the high level architecture for the Metal Renderer implementation. 1,442 more words


Praise the Metal - Prelude

A while back I made an attempt at writing a Metal renderer for iOS. Although the triangle demo worked out fine, the truth is it lacked many features and it was more of a proof of concept rather than a production-ready solution. 1,437 more words


Skeletal Animation pt. 2 - Drawing the model

This is going to be by far the easiest part in this tutorial. In order to display our model we just need to parse through the structures so that we get every vertex in the order that it is referenced. 2,394 more words


[OpenGL] 2. The first triangle

::Fucking OpenGL… Nobody have made tutorial based on WinMain + glew shit. I don’t know why! Do many people use glfw or glut for their “huge” project? 643 more words