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Contributing to Blender project

My small contributions to the Blender 2.8 immediate mode to retained mode in OpenGL 3.3 core profile



Blender animation in virtual reality

Salt. Water. Salt water, mineral.

Here’s a bottle of mineral water I did do in da Blender:

Arkwood said, ‘It’s da nuts.’ Just words.

I followed the Blender tutorial called: … 621 more words


Computer Graphic - Object Movement

Used Blender to create the basic model and use OpenGL to link the objects in a hierarchy.  Realized the Euler’s rotation of each object.

Computer Graphic

Computer Graphic - Bezier Curve

This is the first project of my Computer Graphic course, I programmed it in OpenGL. First, I built the 5 basic points and realized the drag movement. 60 more words

Computer Graphic

Gooch shading

Today I decided to write a simple first blog post about something in graphics. I picked Gooch shading because I started reading Realtime Rendering book and one of first effects was Gooch shading. 320 more words


Basic animation in virtual reality

Arkwood said, whilst removing the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and easing his grip of the Touch controllers.

‘The problem with your virtual world is there are no jump scares.’ 323 more words


Speaking clock in virtual reality

Arkwood said. Missed. He said.

‘I missed my train,’ Arkwood said. Stutter.

‘Why? Are you in love with its steel wheels?’ Oh, my wit.

No, he missed his train because his alarm clock it broke. 153 more words