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OpenGL basic lighting on Oculus Rift

Reading a paperback by candlelight might sound romantic. Alas, it is a fucking pain.

‘I can’t read the unmasking,’ I told Arkwood, ‘cos a wax dripping has sealed the last few pages.’ 307 more words


Real-time shader recompiling

I’ve added real-time shader recompiling in my 3D engine.
It also returns if the shader has been successfully compiled and if not, it returns the line of the error and what the problem could be. 34 more words


Phong lighting model and 3D audio

‘You are not to go out in public,’ I told Arkwood, ‘Not after Tesco’.

He spun an elastic band on his index finger. ‘I needed the toilet, that’s all.’ 365 more words


OpenGL: let's break it down

Ok, so now that we’ve got makefiles down, let’s talk about the structure of the actual program. I know this is the scary bit, but we’ll get through this together.  1,058 more words


LibGDX Game Tutorial Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the libgdx game tutorial . Today we are going to add code to our world class as well as the game renderer class and create our protagonist. 5,309 more words


OpenGL specular lighting on Oculus Rift

Arkwood disrobed, tossing his T-shirt onto the BBQ. ‘Oh, it is sooo hot outside!’ he lamented. Keen for the neighbours not to spy his scrawny bones and faint, I suggested he leave the back garden for the house. 527 more words


The Setup

So here I was, thinking what would be useful for someone trying to learn graphics? A cheat sheet! and I set out to make a blog post about it. 1,117 more words