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CirclesAndRotators Design And Coding Decisions

The previous five posts, starting with Drawing Circles With OpenGL, and finishing with Adding a Moving Triangle, created an increasingly complex program that displayed two circles and a triangle moving about the drawing canvas. 1,107 more words

Camera angles with OpenCV

‘Just do me Bullet Time,’ Arkwood pleaded, ‘like Keanu in The Matrix.’

It was yet another pathetic attempt to woo Daphne, the plump spotty girl who works down the chippy. 307 more words


PyOpenGL keyboard won't respond?

Below code generates above beautiful image. One problem is keyboard wouldn't respond at all. keyboard() takes a string value when any key is pressed, ESC or q quit the program. 725 more words

Adding A Moving Triangle

This is a follow-on from Two Rotating Circles. In this post, we will be adding a triangle that rotates about its centre, is scaled to half of its size, and is translated a variable distance from the centre of the canvas while rotating about the centre of the canvas. 898 more words

Skeletal Animation Tutorial pt.1 - Loading a Milkshape 3D File

I am going to be dividing this tutorial into a series of parts in order to avoid overwhelming those that are new to 3D models/animation. I am going to make sure that I clearly explain every part of the process, especially anything involving math so that you can truly learn how everything works. 2,304 more words