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Procedural Ivy Generation

After a couple months work, here are the results of my OpenGL ivy generation program.


OpenGL with SDL2

I have just done a template of getting an OpenGL context through SDL2. It’s on my Github page.

I’m working on OSX 10.10 so I have up to OpenGL 4.1, but I’ve just sticked to OpenGL 3.2 CORE. 23 more words


What is lacking in VR input

Playing with VR tools, in particular the Leap Motion, makes some limitations clear very quickly.

The biggest and almost universal shortcoming in apps which make use of the Leap Motion is their lack of physics. 252 more words


Getting organized (also known as busy work)

One of the tricky things about learning a new API, and particularly a complex one like OpenGL, complete with warts and all of its memory-related pedantry, is feeling comfortable enough with the way it works to start abstracting, refactoring and encapsulating. 642 more words


Fuck-Up 970

It’s interesting which manipulative influences the Internet can have if you don’t look at the lie behind the lie and read the wrong articles. Yepp, I’m talking about… 802 more words

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