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2 Hoodlums over the wall

This was my Games Programming 1 coursework submission. The game was to be made using OpenGL in Visual Studio. I made a turn based multiplayer game where 2 people throw rocks at each other over a wall. 105 more words


Rendering a cube

One of the challenges of working with OpenGL ES 2.0 is that even a trivial task of drawing a simple cube on the screen can become tedious. 557 more words

3D Graphics

Dev blog - 0 - Intro

Dev blog – 0 – Intro

Hello world,

This blog is going to be basically a dev blog (sort of diary-ish I guess) for my personal project. 103 more words

Dev Blog

Muse3d - My (not so) small deferred lighting 3d engine

Around about Christmas of 2014, I was feeling a little restless. Working on the book in my spare time had meant that I hadn’t done any real coding, bar physics demos for about a year. 1,147 more words


Rendering is hard :(

Last week I managed a few more hours of work on the Villager Tweaks update.

I added the “glint” effect (that glow of enchanted items) on the pumpkin of Mighty snow golems. 136 more words

Mod Development

Compute Shaders - Particle Force

This demo is of 300000 particles being pulled in by two gravity fields. It is using the force equation to update the particle positions and velocities. 262 more words