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A bug in object tracking

Hell on earth! I only want to track an object using OpenCV computer vision.

I plug 4 webcams into a single PC (2 webcams on the front USB, 2 on the rear). 156 more words


Starting the project

Hello there,

I started creating the game engine. The engine uses the libraries GLFW, OpenGL, OpenAL(with OpenAL Soft), libpng and zlib… 35 more words



Video installation (45′)

Tallereando is a multidisciplinary exhibition which integrates a series of photographies by José Luis Rodríguez Posadas, a sound composition by the composer… 31 more words


Extrusion - [d]espacio series (2011)

Video 9′ 24”
Music by Ángel Arranz

Extrusion is a video created in close collaboration with the composer of the music, Angel Arranz. The term ‘Extrusion’ means: 101 more words


Adding special effects to movies

PyMovieStudio is a Python application for making movies. We can record a movie using up to four webcams, edit the movie and add some audio. And, of course, add some special effects! 396 more words


ChaosExplorer Wrapup

This is the final post in the ChaosExplorer series of posts. ChaosExplorer was created to explore a number of chaotic systems and to create the displays for these systems in fragment shaders using OpenGL and GLSL. 290 more words

How to draw a circle in Opengl

Drawing a circle in OpenGL is kind of a bridge which everyone finds hard to cross.

There are many complex code available online.

Here is a simpler version of whatever you have seen. 384 more words