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The BountyHunter Game

Hey Folks :)

Continuing writing from my last post, where I talked about the Entity-Component-System (ECS) design pattern. Now I want to show you how to actually use it to build a game with it. 824 more words

My virtual reality world

‘I have come to hate my devices,’ the vicar said.

My eyes squinted. ‘You mean vices,’ I clarified.

No no. The vicar was referring to his alarm clock. 359 more words


hikari - New Material System

The next step in building hikari’s terrain system is proper material handling. In order to do so, I need to completely revamp the material system. This is going to be extensive enough to earn its own post. 1,496 more words


hikari - Terrain Mesh Generation

Continuing on from the last post, I have implemented the basic mesh generation for heightmapped terrain. This was probably the easiest part, but did require some cleanup of existing code first. 1,657 more words


FMOD event with C++

‘Life is like a hose,’ the wise old man said, ‘You can’t get water out unless you put water in.’

I nodded at his sage advice. 808 more words


Rewriting the renderer for Cathedral

So. Slack is down, which means I can’t actually talk to my team mates right now. It’s 01:18 AM, and I’m sipping on a nice Nikka whisky after just solving a really stupid and annoying bug. 1,260 more words


Physia2D: Week 9

To get to know more about this project, please check the Week 1 article where I introduce this project.

During Week 9, my main focus was to make torque work for Polygon vs Polygon. 285 more words