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OpenGL FreeGlut in Visual Studio 2015

Starting an OpenGL project in VS 2015 is really easy, thanks to the NupenGL.Core nuget package.

Here are really quick steps to start your first OpenGL project using the FreeGlut library to provide a Window toolkit. 420 more words


Python Context Managers for Binding OpenGL Objects

The sample Program from the previous post not only demonstrated some OpenGL calls and concepts, but also illustrates that code organization quickly becomes important as soon as the program grows beyond a couple of lines. 271 more words


fglrx on openSUSE 13.1

It is actually easier to install the flgrx driver via the terminal using Sebastian Siebert’s build script.

Download the latest script from https://www.sebastian-siebert.de/#download

As root, 72 more words


Copy a texture to screen

For our sparse voxel octree renderer we’re going to bypass almost the entire GPU rendering pipeline and use a compute shader instead. ‘Almost’, because the pipeline is the only method to render onto the screen. 1,788 more words


Dancing teapot!

Dancing teapot! This is just part of animation homework to animate color, position, and rotation of any object. I got plenty of fun implementing quaternion & bezier curve interpolation. Yeah, those things.

OpenGL functions not resolved in Eclipse


In Eclipse, I am able to build and run C++ code that calls OpenGL functions. However, most of the OpenGL calls are marked as… 100 more words

Camera pose using OpenCV and OpenGL

A few posts ago, I created some 3D Augmented Reality using OpenCV and Python. I was able to recognise a glyph and then project a cube from it: 1,282 more words