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Google OpenID and Azure ACS - Time to update!

If you’ve been around Azure for some time you’ll know ACS is one of the foundation services that provides an open authentication platform that can use various identity providers as a source. 69 more words


Gerrit authentication OpenID to LDAP

My workplace uses git for source revision control and gerrit as a code review tool.  Our gerrit server was installed and configured by our git guru a couple years ago.   447 more words


FIDO and its place in the eID ecosystem

FIDO stands for Fast Identity Online. FIDO is a new authentication specification that makes it easier to integrate with and re-use non-password authentication means: what-you-have and what-you-are. 553 more words

Thinking about a COTs Mobile Strategy

More and more software capability is becoming commoditised and off the shelf either in the form of COTS packages or SaaS solutions new considerations and challenges arrive for customer businesses. 535 more words


OpenID server updated and reinstalled

Yubico’s OpenID server has been updated to the latest version and moved to a new machine. Please report any issues you encounter.


Federate Your Identities Carefully

Just what is Identify Federation?

I always describe it as being like a driver’s license in the U.S. There is no national driver’s license, every state (plus the District of Columbia for the nation’s capital, plus Caribbean and Pacific territories) issues its own. 432 more words


Remote Control Soufflés: Challenge of M2M Authentication & Authorisation and Mobile data offloading

Some M2M devices will always connect to the internet using a fixed network connection / Wifi and others will always connect using a mobile network connection using an eUICC but there will be some that will offer both wifi and mobile network. 636 more words

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