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ASP.NET Core IdentityServer4 Resource Owner Password Flow with custom UserRepository

This article shows how a custom user store or repository can be used in IdentityServer4. This can be used for an existing user management system which doesn’t use Identity or request user data from a custom source. 1,408 more words


Implementing OpenID Implicit Flow using OpenIddict and Angular

This article shows how to implement the OpenID Connect Implicit Flow using OpenIddict hosted in an ASP.NET Core application, an ASP.NET Core web API and an Angular application as the client. 4,665 more words


Getting Started with Azure Data Catalog REST API

What is Azure Data Catalog? Simply put, Azure Data Catalog is a SaaS application hosted within Azure’s Cloud Stack. With Azure Data Catalog, enterprise customers can store information about their enterprise data source assets. 1,529 more words

Spring RestTemplate

Client-Side HTTP Access

We have all been in the situation where we need to access a remote API, to return JSON or XML data.  We then have to take that data and transform it, via JSON object mappers or XML unmarshallers. 538 more words


A family of common zeal

Of the many items in a new Radcliffe exhibit devoted to a family of social reformers, one in particular points to the attitudes and assumptions they repeatedly overcame. 745 more words

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Using Google Authentication in Windows Applications

Goal: We have windows application built using .Net and this application should be able to retrieve basic information about the user like name, email and his unique parameters like google id etc. 236 more words


Customize ID Token in OpenID in WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0 with Claims

Based on the user’s requirement he may need to customize the ID token. Once you decode the default ID token, it looks like as follows. What we are going to do is add new key value pairs to the… 445 more words