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It's an Olympic Year

It started four years ago, inspired by the 2012 London Olympics, and has become an annual tradition: the Joe’s Pond Olympics or affectionately the Jo-lympics. No need for passports or training, these games are accessible to everyone of any age and any skill. 368 more words


A Man-Made Meteor Shower at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics: Wow!

It was one of many proud and emotional moments for the Japanese, as 80,000 in the National Stadium stood for the playing of the Japanese national anthem at the Opening Ceremonies of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. 311 more words

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Let Me Be Brave

This past weekend the Summer Games for Special Olympics New Jersey (SONJ) were held at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ).

The 2016 Special Olympics Cauldron… 377 more words



Many people believe that time is an arrow that shoots forward. Entropy is referred to as things going from order to disorder. If you keep shuffling a deck of cards it becomes more and more chaotic from its original position, but if from some statistically odd coincidence the deck is rearranged back to its original state then we have a closed system of reverse entropy. 75 more words

Wake Up And Smell It ALL Not Just The Roses

More than Dinner Trivia

By Cheyenne Stonick, West Central Florida Delegation

As men who hadn’t bathed for days fought over gold nuggets in glittering California streams, a different, more valuable kind of treasure was being discovered across the Atlantic Ocean. 534 more words

Florida YIG

Technology vs. Tragedy

By Bradley Harwood, Tampa Delegation

Technology at its best can have traumatic results for some. Another view, according to Estelle Wolfman, Staffing Coordinator from Hillsborough County Schools, is technology “. 454 more words

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Ask Yiggy with Camya Robinson

By Tina Strock, Tampa Delegation

Second Year Legislative delegate Camya Robinson of the First Coast Delegation, is serving as a committee chair this year. Yiggy the Aardvark had a few questions for her. 313 more words

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