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Watch The Fascinating Process Of How 'Stranger Things' Got Its Cool Retro Opening Sequence

One of the many, many neat details about Netflix’s breakout summer series Stranger Things is the creepy cool opening title sequence, which perfectly manages to capture the feeling of the era. 244 more words


TV Theme Friday: 'I Don't Want To Wait' By Paula Cole From Dawson's Creek

So even if you never watched Dawson’s Creek, you’ve probably heard the theme song for it.

Paula Cole actually wrote “I Don’t Want To Wait” back in 1991, but didn’t actually record it until 1996. 99 more words



Disclaimer: There are no spoilers in this article. I have only read the first three books and I have no knowledge of what transpires in the show moving forward. 1,538 more words

Does This 'Game Of Thrones' Theory Explain How 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' Is Being Told?

Of all the crazy things to happen this week on Game of Thrones, Sam finally (finally!) arriving at the Citadel after never shutting up about how excited he was to go there is probably not at the top of anyone’s list. 536 more words


Perfect Ten: Best Opening Credits

Opening credit sequences are kind of an overlooked aspect of film. Aside from notoriously terrible movies (“Pocket Ninjas,” for example) you never hear about BAD ones, but really you never hear about them at all. 2,426 more words





So here’s a thing… Sherlock’s characters have visited almost every major, in-focus landmark on the show’s title card.

2: Palace of Westminster / Parliament…

210 more words

Take A 360-Degree Tour Of The 'Game Of Thrones' Opening Credits

HBO’s Game of Thrones has, with the possible exception of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the best opening credits on television right now. The stirring music. The ever-changing geography. 181 more words