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My Project: High Speed DAQ with DPDK

I had an interesting project – to say the least. All my attempts of trying to explain it to anyone have not gone too well for me. 286 more words



After getting out of bed early in the morning and then biking to CERN (it took  approximately half an hour on average bike ride), what could be better than having delicious coffee??   57 more words


First Day at CERN

I woke up on 27th June, happy and full of energy! It was my first day at CERN!! Everyone was excited to begin this new adventure. 183 more words


BPH, Ahemm...

As with the visa and travel arrangements, the Openlab team also helped us with our accommodation. For our stay, we had two options:

  1. Business Park Hotel…
  2. 394 more words

Visa, Flight and Reaching Geneva

It was the 21st of April when I happened to hop across my application, I dont remember the reason now. The status had changed  😃  It showed “selected”  ^_^ !!! 342 more words


The First Step - Application

It all started with the application process (obviously :P ). As I was surfing the various summer/research opportunities one day,  I came across the CERN Summer Student Program and the CERN Openlab Summer Student Program. 348 more words


I spent a summer at CERN! Woohooo!! ^_^

As the title gives away, I spent my summer at CERN this year! :D

I was selected as an Openlab Summer Student for 9 weeks i.e. 65 more words