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Depth to color image registration fails in OpenNI


I wrote C++ code to read depth and color images from a Primesense camera using OpenNI 2, running on Windows. After initializing OpenNI and opening the Primesense device, I check if depth-to-color… 116 more words

Gesture Recognition - Software and hardware choices

An investigation into the most popular cameras used in the field of computer vision was performed by searching the internet and starting a discussion in the… 1,375 more words

Gesture Recognition

Install OpenCV with QT

Recently, OpenCV has published 3.0 alpha version, however, heard from some colleague, the compilation has some problems. Thus, I decided to update my current 2.4.0 version to 2.4.9, and install QT alongside. 354 more words

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SimpleOpenNI for working with Kinect Sensor in Ubuntu

This post is intended to help users to work with SimpleOpenNIĀ and Microsoft Kinect Sensor. SimpleOpenNI is a easy to use interface for getting started with kinect sensor. 203 more words

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How to build OpenCV with OpenNI on Windows

This does not seem to be possible currently. OpenCV only has support for OpenNI 1.2.x and Primesense sensor modules. But, OpenNI 2.x is available now. 18 more words

Tales of using ROS and raspberry pi.

Woooooot, I finally got everything working on my little Pydro-bot (inderstand Pi+ROS Hydro + Robot). So, what is working so far :


Setting Kinect Sensor with Matlab

This blog is intended to help users setup Matlab environment to work with Microsoft Kinect sensor which is has RGB-D Camera, 4 Array Microphone, Tilt motors etc. 349 more words

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