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How to log in OpenNI 2

I use OpenNI 2 to read depth and color (RGB) images from a Primesense camera. Sometimes when my program does not work as expected, I like to enable the… 128 more words

How to update Primesense firmware

My Primesense RD1.09 cameras were having lots of trouble working under Linux. They had no problems working under Windows.

One of the suggestions I found online was to update their firmware. 240 more words

How to read from Primesense camera using OpenNI2

  1. Install OpenNI2 as described here.
  2. Export the OPENNI2_INCLUDE and OPENNI2_REDIST environment variables in your shell. You can find their values in the file OpenNIDevEnvironment…

  3. 130 more words

Primesense on Linux

I have a Primesense RD1.09 camera that works without any problem under Windows using OpenNI Under Linux though, it is a world of pain! 376 more words

USB interface error with OpenNI and Primesense


I wanted to use a Primesense RD1.09 depth camera on my Ubuntu computer. I installed the OpenNI packages available in Ubuntu as described here… 74 more words

How to install OpenNI2 on Linux

Ubuntu has OpenNI library packages, but these the older OpenNI 1.x files and may not work well with your camera or system. Thankfully, there is no need to build the newer OpenNI2 from source since pre-built packages are available. 104 more words

Depth to color image registration fails in OpenNI


I wrote C++ code to read depth and color images from a Primesense camera using OpenNI 2, running on Windows. After initializing OpenNI and opening the Primesense device, I check if depth-to-color… 116 more words