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Week 11 News Post: Money Follows Power

What we learned from our readings is that when people run for office, many more people love to jump on that bandwagon and donate! Most of them donate large amounts to get recognition and benefits that may come in the form of gaining influential power or at least connections to those who either already have it or soon will. 182 more words

Outside groups — mostly party establishment — playing big in GOP’s vulnerable districts


With scorching news about Donald Trump dominating the media, along with his equally blistering pushback, GOP members of Congress have had to make some tough decisions about where to position themselves vis-a-vis the top of the ticket. 2,004 more words


Liberal big money is pouring into elections


If you think campaign finance is just a right-wing billionaires’ spending spree, take another look. Liberal money has been pouring into federal elections in recent years. 1,451 more words


Trump’s tax losses, and the political power of real estate


The possibility that Donald Trump avoided paying income tax for nearly two decades has stirred debate about how, exactly, he managed to report almost $1 billion in net operating losses on his 1995 tax return. 1,957 more words


FEC challenged again to find coordination in current campaigns


New allegations that a pro-Hillary Clinton outside spending group and two that are backing Donald Trump have illegally coordinated with the candidates’ campaigns are refocusing attention on a concept that regulators have never quite nailed down. 1,556 more words


New role for Trump adviser and former lawmaker: lobbyist for Syrian opposition


Paperwork filed this week indicates that current Donald Trump campaign senior adviser and former Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), now of lobbying firm Squire Patton Boggs… 361 more words


Pence, Kaine share long histories in the fundraising trenches


Though divided ideologically, Indiana’s Republican Gov. Mike Pence and Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia have traced similar paths through state and federal politics on their way to being nominated for vice president. 1,179 more words