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A few new faces — but not many — among megadonors to presidential super PACs


The 2016 presidential race may be a whole new ball game in terms of fundraising, but most of the players’ names are awfully familiar — even if their faces are a bit more lined. 3,794 more words


Once more, a slide in lobbying revenues


Substantial spikes in outlays for lobbying by some of the biggest-spending clients could not keep overall second-quarter numbers from sliding below those of the first three months of the year — and in fact below those of any second quarter since at least 2010, with the exception of 2013. 538 more words


Scam PACs keep money churning, but not to candidates


The set of political groups using Scott B. Mackenzie as their treasurer certainly can’t be accused of sitting on the money they raise: Consulting firms rake in cash, donor lists are sold from one group to another in the same network, hefty legal bills are paid. 959 more words


Trash-talking Washington, but cleaning up with D.C. donors


When former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) announced his run for the presidency back in June, he tried to cast himself as a Washington outsider — despite his family’s long-standing ties to the nation’s capital. 524 more words


Clinton first, Trump last on share of funds from women


Whatever Hillary Clinton‘s gender gap may be in the polls, she’s able to raise money from men and women in roughly equal amounts — which puts her way ahead of the presidential candidate pack when it comes to bringing in contributions from her own sex. 435 more words


FEC tells Bush campaign to clean up bookkeeping on nearly $257,000


Jeb Bush‘s campaign accepted prohibited or excessive contributions totaling $256,873 in the opening weeks of his campaign, including nearly $50,000 from donors who list an overseas address as their residence, according to a letter the Federal Election Commission sent the campaign Sunday. 473 more words


Three times as much agribusiness money, on average, for House members voting to bar GMO labeling


Thursday’s House passage of a bill that would keep states from requiring genetically modified foods to be labeled was a big — and not at all close — win for agribusiness and food and beverage interests. 464 more words