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Florida LLC makes contribution to super PAC after receiving Ex-Im loan


A super PAC based in Alexandria, Va. first caught scrutiny months ago when it received a mysterious contribution from a Florida-based limited liability company. In November, the company, Evermarine LLC, had given $100,000 to Conservatives for Effective Government — by far… 691 more words


New tax forms leave Rubio’s dark money legacy even darker


With the 2016 election cycle bringing previously unmatched amounts of “dark money” spending by politically active nonprofits, one group stands out for blazing its own trail: … 1,599 more words


Megadonors missing from pro-Trump super PAC in April


Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has repeatedly trashed super PACs and claimed he would run as a candidate who couldn’t be bought. Through the end of April, it looked like no one really wanted to try that anyway. 799 more words


Scam PACs drawing FEC attention


The Federal Election Commission is raising questions about reports filed by the biggest super PAC associated with Scott B. Mackenzie, who’s listed as the treasurer of more than two dozen PACs. 547 more words


Lucky sole vendors for some nonprofits do very well, thank you.


For years, a handful of nonprofits — including the kind often used as “dark money” machines — have acted as veritable cash cows for one or two political or advertising vendors, new data shows. 835 more words


Advertising surges in presidential race; dark money dominating Senate contests


As political advertising in the 2016 presidential contest hits new heights — fueled largely by outlays from super PACs and campaigns — the battles that will determine control of the Senate are seeing historic amounts of dark money spending. 614 more words


Hedge fund megadonors capitalize on offshore opportunities


On the list of the largest U.S. companies by market value, those in the $30 billion to $45 billion range are household names: Capital One Financial, DirecTV, Phillips 66, Yahoo. 1,040 more words