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Dold, Poliquin rake in most Wall Street money in competitive House races


The Dow’s recent skids have investors on edge about how bad things might get on Wall Street. But there is one thing they can count on: the financial industry’s place as a top donor to congressional candidates cycle after cycle. 630 more words


Watchdog groups call on Ethics Committee to release findings in Azerbaijan case


Ten government watchdog groups have called on House Ethics Committee Chair Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) and Ranking Member Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) to release the Office of Congressional Ethics’ findings regarding all-expense-paid trips to Azerbaijan taken by 10 members of Congress in 2013, according to a Wednesday press release. 679 more words


Cruz prays for clergy support, but Clinton’s blessings tally higher


Ted Cruz is on a crusade to lock down what he calls “the evangelical bracket,” emailing 100,000 pastors last weekend to mobilize their congregations in a 50-state campaign to defund Planned Parenthood. 947 more words


Grayson, Toomey lead in small-donor funding in competitive Senate races


The 2016 presidential candidates are well ensconced in the money race, but they are not the only ones infected with donation fever. Candidates in competitive Senate races are trying to raise as much money as they possibly can, while also seeking to boast that they receive more small-dollar donations, a sign that they are more in touch with voters and the grassroots. 453 more words


Hybrid PACs collectively beat fundraising records of past election cycles


The 2012 election cycle saw the birth of little-known hybrid PACs, also known as Carey committees, which can maintain two separate accounts; one for contributions to federal candidates and parties, and the other for independent expenditures, to which unlimited contributions can be made. 775 more words


Feds seek Schock’s docs on players in foreign money scandal


Federal agents are seeking documents from former Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) that relate to a major GOP political vendor under indictment for allegedly conspiring to funnel foreign funds into a U.S. 580 more words


Mike Huckabee super PAC pays Mike Huckabee’s company nearly $30,000


If Mike Huckabee loses the race for the Republican nomination — again — at least his travel company will have made a little money in the process. 499 more words