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ACU’s Spending Might be CPAC’s Biggest Splash


The ‘silent’ primary to convince conservative voters — and donors — which potential 2016 candidate is their guy or gal started on Thursday and continues through Saturday. 522 more words


Net Neutrality Fast Facts


The Federal Communications Commission just approved new rules that allow it to regulate the Internet like a utility, establishing net neutrality. But only for now. 916 more words


Another Link in Ohio Dark Money Network


A mysterious Ohio nonprofit that attacked GOP opponents of Illinois Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner last year has been linked to a network of political operatives with close ties to Rauner’s own campaign. 901 more words


Net Neutrality Fight Rife With Interests Connected to Commissioners


The two Republican members of the Federal Communications Commission who have asked for a delay in the agency’s vote tomorrow (Thursday) on net neutrality rules both have past connections to big money interests opposed to the rules. 917 more words


Gone, But Not Forgotten: Ex-Members Keep on Giving


Even when they don’t head straight to K Street, it’s safe to say that former members of Congress don’t forget their colleagues — nor are they consigned by them to history. 717 more words


Will the Grass Grow Greener in D.C.?


D.C. residents voted to legalize marijuana, but Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) wants to prescribe the District a different fate.

Local officials, having defied Harris’ … 576 more words


DCCC Leads NRCC on Strength of Member Dues


House Democrats are still in the minority — even more so after November — but the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee burst out of the gate in the 2016 cycle led by strong early donations from its own caucus. 564 more words