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Four 2016 Hopefuls Accused of Breaking Law


The Campaign Legal Center has filed complaints with the Federal Election Commission against four 2016 presidential hopefuls, accusing them of actively organizing and running early presidential bids without abiding by federal rules related to fundraising limits and disclosure. 915 more words


Company Awarded First Federal Offshore Wind Farm Spends Big in D.C.


It has been nearly 15 years since a proposal to build wind turbines in federal waters was first floated by Cape Wind, but a Virginia power company with a much more substantial Washington money presence is poised to take the baton over the finish line. 663 more words


‘I’m Not a Candidate': How Presidential Hopefuls Get Around Finance Rules


This story was cross-posted with the Guardian.

The dinner invitations that dropped into the inboxes of political donors last week proudly boasted a list of guests whose names have already become very familiar in the crowded race for the Republican presidential nomination. 1,635 more words


Reid Linchpin of Democratic Big Dollar Fundraising


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid‘s announcement he won’t run for reelection in 2016 lights up unexpected races for his leadership post and his Nevada seat, but its biggest impact might be the loss of one of the Democratic party’s most industrious and creative fundraisers. 426 more words


A Hard Rain of Lobbying on Clean Water Act Rules


Representatives of farmers unions, cattle interests and lumber companies, plus municipal representatives from across the country, filed into the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee’s hearing room Tuesday as the panel met to hear stakeholder perspectives on proposed Clean Water Act regulations that have been a bone of contention for the last year. 612 more words


Netanyahu Taps Paul’s (and Cruz’) Digital Gurus


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu almost-a-surprise victory last week seems at least partly due to how he played the digital game, with an aggressive online outreach effort, active social media accounts and short but attention-grabbing videos. 566 more words