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EMC {code} -- What's it all about

When you hear “EMC” you most likely think storage, you most likely don’t think open source or devops.  That’s where EMC {code} comes in.

Started nearly two years ago and championed by executive sponsor… 219 more words

Talend IPO's

The open source based data integration (basically, evolved ETL) company Talend IPO’ed this week. It’s a ten year old company, based on open source, with a huge French tie-in. 358 more words


The function of printing an expression type

Very often I see debates on forums about the type that this or that expression will have. So, I decided to make a little note in the blog to refer to an example of code that prints the type of an expression and information about it: 81 more words


[share] Templating di Codeignter Dengan Mudah


Kali ini gw mau share berdasarkan trick dari link ini:


Nah, trick templating ini lumayan simple dan ringkas dibanding kita harus mengakes view, misalkan:

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[trick] Mengambil Data Detail SEP Bridging BPJS Dengan Http Class


ada banyak class class php yang bisa buat ngehandle cURL php secara native…. kenapa gw ngehindarin native, karena gw males ngulang fungsi yang sama untuk ouput yang sama…. 282 more words


The LogDNA agent is open source

The LogDNA agent is a program that automatically reads files and uploads log lines to your LogDNA account. The LogDNA agent is required to view your logs in the LogDNA web app and runs quietly in the background. 250 more words


LaunchKit team heads to Google and open-sources its tools for helping devs launch their apps @TechCrunch @hirimalibe

The team behind LaunchKit, a set of tools that helps developers to launch their apps, is heading to Google and joining the Developer Product Group. It doesn’t look like LaunchKit’s products are moving over to Google, so the team decided to open-source its products and make them available on GitHub.

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