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DBeaver a free open source universal application

http://pxf.me/19i – DBeaver is free and open source (GPL 2) universal database tool for developers and database administrators.

– Usability is the main goal of this project, program UI is carefully designed and implemented. 73 more words

Database Manager

Latim e sua importância para os falantes da língua portuguesa!

Esquecem-se os entendidos que, das altas cátedras donde partem as ideias que abordam o ensino do Português, é na aprendizagem do Latim – mater generosa, cuja influência, quer se queira ou não, se faz sentir em todos os países onde os Romanos deixaram marcas indeléveis da sua cultura e não só – que está o sucesso no estudo do Português? 169 more words


O'Reilly Webcast - Extending Cassandra for OLAP

Colleague Randy Guck, who leads our open source Doradus project, recent gave an O’Reilly Webcast on the project and using Doradus to extend Cassandra for high performance analytics. 120 more words


Recycling Old and Discarded Parts into 3D Printers

Here is an idea that I hope catches on. The software Retr3D helps in custom designing a 3D Printer build based on what parts are available. 118 more words


Do I need An antivirus in linux?

Afraid to answer a bit background knowledge is necessary first.

Viruses hardly exists any more. Programs that infect other executables, overwrite parts of them and/or add new code to them is not how malware spreads nowadays in most cases. 628 more words


Demystifying Linux Kernel Timers

Some basics

jiffies – repesents time taken between two successive clock interrupt.
Incremented at every timer interrupt.
It is a global variable in kernel, declared as volatile so to avoid reading stale… 1,108 more words


Apache Aurora

I won't be terribly lenghty with tonight's blog post- only to say that I spent some time bringing myself up to speed on Apache Aurora… 45 more words