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Pace University 101: MozDev Team

Event Name: SFD NYC Pace University 101: Introduction to Rust Lang

Event Link: https://reps.mozilla.org/e/pace-university-s-pilot-event-mozcafe/

Date: Saturday, 17th September, 2016

Location: Main Courtyard, Pace University, New York City… 376 more words

My Mozilla Story

Aplikasi ip camera murah dengan lazarus

ni ip camera merk ESCAM type QD300 (bukan singkatan es campina lo ya..heheh)..ni di jaknote harganya dibawah sejuta klo gak salah. Untuk keperluan proyek ke depan, jadi ane coba buat aplikasi simple capture dan streamingnya pake lazarus. 8 more words



赵彦博,曹学诚,南卓铜*,吴小波. 基于开源GIS的DHSVM模型河网数据自动制备方法应用研究. 遥感技术与应用. 2016, 31(04): 793-800.

zyb-dhsvm (1.53MB)

Recent Publications

Introduction to Roslyn and its use in program development

Roslyn is a platform which provides the developer with powerful tools to parse and analyze code. It’s not enough just to have these tools, you should also understand what they are needed for. 7,547 more words


Checking 7-Zip with PVS-Studio analyzer

One of the programs, which allows you to solve the problem of data compression, is a popular file archiver 7-Zip, which I often use myself. Our readers have long asked us to check the code of this application. 2,265 more words


OpenJDK check

Nowadays a lot of projects are opening their source code and letting those who are interested in the development of it edit the code. We’ll check one such project – OpenJDK and help the developers improve the code. 3,238 more words