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We continue checking Microsoft projects: analysis of PowerShell

It has become a “good tradition” for Microsoft to make their products open-source: CoreFX, .Net Compiler Platform (Roslyn), Code Contracts, MSBuild, and other projects. For us, the developers of PVS-Studio analyzer, it’s an opportunity to check well-known projects, tell people (including the project authors themselves) about the bugs we find, and additionally test our analyzer. 3,111 more words


Flaws in Microsoft Code Contracts

We have successfully created and continue developing PVS-Studio analyzer for C/C++ languages. Over the time, it became clear that many of the diagnostics that we have implemented are not related to a specific programming language, so we decided to apply our experience to another programming language, namely C#. 2,246 more words


Google's Deepmind Is Going Public for Researchers

@tachyeonz : Alphabet Inc.’s artificial intelligence division Google DeepMind is making the maze-like game platform it uses for many of its experiments available to other researchers and the general public. 24 more words


FreeIPA/Red Hat IDM and Jenkins LDAP Auth

This is an extremely short how to regarding the setup of FreeIPA or RH IDM and Jenkins. The guide demonstrates how to configure user and group authentication and authorization using the Jenkins Matrix Based Security plugin. 215 more words

Other Stuff

Accelerating Eulerian Fluid Simulation With Convolutional Networks

@tachyeonz : Real-time simulation of fluid and smoke is a long standing problem in computer graphics, where state-of-the-art approaches require large compute resources, making real-time applications often impractical. 22 more words


Make it all Free

Copyright, patents, trademarks. These are all ways that corporations, or individuals protect their work or their intellectual property. And while this does encourage people to create new inventions or works so that they can then profit off of their work it also slows down the progress for humanity. 344 more words

Comma.ai Open Sourced Self-Driving Car hardware/software platform

@tachyeonz : I’m very excited (I’ll write more later, seems that a core component is not open sourced yet) about this news, along with the fact that Ontario just approved self-driving car testing 2 days ago. 37 more words