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Succeeding through Laziness and Open Source

Back in mid-2014 I was in the midst of Docker-izing the build process at Virtual Instruments. As part of that work I’d open sourced one component of that system, the… 551 more words


Linux em todos os departamentos nossas escolas!

Quando no perguntam a razão de havermos optado por Linux em todos os departamentos de nossas escolas, podemos responder com segurança e determinação, que essa opção foi pelas seguintes rezões: 163 more words


Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Overview of Plugin

WordPress SEO is not just an SEO plugin, it is the complete website optimization package for WordPress web development companies to create and develop SEO friendly WordPress websites. 373 more words


Mid Liberty Release Cycle: OpenStack Quarterly Report

Finally we released a new version of the OpenStack Quarterly report. This is intended to provide insights about the software development process of the OpenStack projects. 357 more words


Fast Secure Contact Form

Overview of Plugin

This plugin helps WordPress web development companies to create and add forms to WordPress website easily. Fields are easy to add, remove, and re-order. 416 more words


Allison Randal on the future of Opensource

“Over the next 20-50 years, we can expect to see an increasing number of technical innovations released initially as free software and open source. Of the technical innovations that are initially released as proprietary, we can expect an increasing number to be either undercut and sidelined by rapidly innovating open alternatives, or else released later as free software and open source by their creators to avoid being undercut and sidelined. 130 more words


Why Open Source?

It has been a matter of becoming more aware of what a proprietary software is and what it means for a user: either you spend a lot of money to buy all the programs or you have to find alternative ways that are not completely… correct, to put it in a way. 366 more words