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SPO600 Lab 7 Inline Assembler Lab

Hi all, I was assigned to work in my lab for my SPO600 class. Here is the outline of the specifications:

1. Write a version of the Volume Scaling solution from the… 414 more words


Aprender vários idiomas ajuda ou atrapalha no processamento do pensamento lógico?

Muitas pessoas se perguntam sobre os efeitos positivos o negativos para a memória, no caso de aprender vários idiomas.

O certo é, sempre aprendemos com maior facilidade o que vivenciamos, tal como aprendemos a língua materna, foi primeiramente fazendo valer a mensagem que emitiamos e a mensagem que recebíamos. 323 more words


SPO600 Lab 6 Vectorization Lab

Hi all, I was assigned to work in a lab that and there are the specifications.

1. Write a short program that creates two 1000-element integer arrays and fills them with random numbers, then sums those two arrays to a third array, and finally sums the third array to a long int and prints the result. 1,299 more words


Third Async Cats Meetup

Our third meetup will be slightly unusual in that instead of being a brief lunch session we’ll try and bring enough speakers together for an afternoon session. 530 more words


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Free Plans!! IKEA Grow Room

How awesome is this? Free plans to create your own IKEA Grow Room!

The plans show how to cut it and create it, how fantastic to create a working space that is living! 26 more words


Using Workrave for Activity Breaks

We all know that taking activity breaks is a healthy habit, but like many healthy habits, they can be hard to adopt.

Over the past few months, I have been using… 619 more words


Webinar on "Learning .Net Core" on 5th Mar, 2017

With everything moving towards open source, Microsoft’s biggest framework “.Net Core” will bring a huge revolution in coming future. To understand more about this framework, on 5th of March (Sunday), there is a webinar conducted by Saillesh Pawar on “ 209 more words

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