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Password less SSH and SCP

Most of the time while working with networked systems we need SSH and SCP to remotely access data in remote systems. While automating them it may be necessary to have a password free SCP as it is required every time you push a file from remote to local machine or vice versa. 21 more words


Install Openssh server in Ubuntu

Hi All,

Security is the thing in the computer world that we can not guarantee fully achieved. Though we are advanced in many aspect in security and come up with more secured algorithms like (RSA, DSA) which are nearly impossible to break using brute force or any other approach in a reasonable amount of time, still there are people (Hackers) exist who can make our system vulnerable. 19 more words


Connecting to OpenSSH server using MobaXterm

This blog post covers connecting to the openssh server installed on Ubuntu server using MobaXterm.

Testing OpenSSH

I want to connect to the openssh server. … 230 more words


SSH connection refused


I SSH to another Linux computer and get this error:

$ ssh joe@
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused


Typically, there is no complicated reason of permissions why this failed. 53 more words

EC2 Keypairs


Verifying fingerprints of Amazon EC2 keypairs is not as straight forward, as one would hope. Reading Amazon documentation, and some searching on the Internet is required. 728 more words


Less Frequently Asked Questions: X11 Forwarding over SSH from AIX 7.1 to Fedora 22

It all seems so easy.. and then it isn’t easy.. and then you realize you have no effing idea how the X Window system works. 221 more words

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Използване на PuTTY като безопастно прокси в Windows

Защо е необходимо?

1. Дава лесен начин за прикриване на IP адреса който браузъра докладва на сайтоветете

2. Осигурява използване на криптирана комуникация в необезопасена мрежа 81 more words