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Users who choose to enable X11Forwarding in OpenSSH, or those who use software products that re-enable it, should pay close attention to last Wednesday’s OpenSSH security update. 493 more words


OpenBSD sur AWS: Un Voyage Inattendu

Il a quelques mois lorsque j’ai rejoint D2SI, je me suis retrouvé jeté en pâture à AWS. Je m’amusais bien à jouer au Cow-boy du Cloud, mais il me manquait quelque chose : mon système d’exploitation favori… 2,515 more words
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OpenSSH Releases Further v7.2 Security Update

On Wednesday of last week OpenSSH released version 7.2p2 which corrected a security vulnerability due to X11 forwarding (defined) commands not being correctly sanitised that could have allowed information disclosure. 177 more words

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OpenSSH Releases v7.2 Security Update

On the 29th of February OpenSSH released version 7.2 of OpenSSH which further hardened it against the Logjam attack (by increasing the minimum modulus size supported for diffie-hellman-group-exchange to 2048 bits) as well as incorporating changes initially made available in mid-January with version 7.1p2… 316 more words

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Rancid can’t SSH to older ISRs?

Well its 2016 and you still have that one-of-kind Cisco ISR 2811 or 3845 running in the environment? You followed and installed Rancid, all the new stuff works like it should but when you try to connect to that “one-of-kind” 2811 with Rancid it closes the connection… :/ 280 more words


OpenBSD on AWS : An Unexpected Journey

When I first joined D2SI a few months ago, I was thrown into AWS pretty much right away. After playing Cloud Cowboy for a few days, something kept bothering me: … 2,274 more words
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Bug that can leak crypto keys just fixed in widely used OpenSSH

A critical bug that can leak secret cryptographic keys has just just been fixed in OpenSSH, one of the more widely used implementations of the… 398 more words