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Introduction to SDN and NFV

If you’re confused about what’s the difference between SDN, NFV, Overlays and automation or what’s the role of each technology and how they’re connected

These are introductory slides for explaining the SDN and NFV technologies. 51 more words

Service Provider

Installing Kubernetes Cluster with 2 minions on Ubuntu to manage pods and services


Kubernetes is a system designed to manage containerized applications built within Docker containers in a clustered environments. It provides basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance and scaling of applications on public, private or hybrid setups, means, it handles the entier life cycle of a containerized application. 756 more words


Why OpenStack Is The Least Interesting Part Of Rackspace Clouds

Quick message: Eric Siebert over at vSphere-land is running his annual vote for top virtualization blogs. This is the first year that I’ve put my blog up for consideration and would appreciate your vote if you’ve found this blog useful to you. 262 more words


OpenStack Liberty CLi & Multi NAT Gateways

Customers, they always look for real world production solutions, never the simple greenfield lab setup that we’ve all trained on – if we’re lucky! The current project is no exception and though it does indeed deviate from the lab setup I imagine they’re by no means unique in their requirements. 1,238 more words

HP Helion OpenStack®

SUSE: OpenStack for the mainframe and beyond

Lots of companies offer the OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud distributions. Mark Smith, SUSE‘s global product and solutions manager, claims that SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6… 493 more words


Volkswagen Group Joins Cloud Foundry As Automotive Industry Continues To Support Innovation In The Cloud

This week, the Volkswagen Group joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a silver member. By joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation, the Volkswagen Group will provide thought leadership and input about how Cloud Foundry can more effectively serve its needs and those of the automotive industry in general. 113 more words


Crayの最新のスーパーコンピューターはOpenStackを搭載してオープンソースのビッグデータツールを動かす [ #cbajp ]

Crayといえば、スピードとパワーをつねに連想するが、同社の最新の計算怪物Cray Urika-GX systemは、ビッグデータのワークロード専用に設計されている。しかも、そのベースシステムはオープンソースのクラウドプラットホームOpenStackで、その上でビッグデータを処理するHadoopやSparkなどのツールが仕事をする。