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"Why SRE?" Discussion with Eric @Discoposse Wright

 My focus on SRE series continues… At RackN, we see a coming infrastructure explosion in both complexity and scale. Unless our industry radically rethinks operational processes, current backlogs will escalate and stability, security and sharing will suffer. 81 more words


So you need a management network quick-smart?

TripleO deployments can be deployed with an optional Management VLAN. You can use this to run ansible playbooks, monitoring systems and manage your cloud, hence the name. 136 more words


About Outreachy

Hi everyone,

I’ll be quick in this post, I’ll just talk a little bit about what changed since the last post about Outreachy.

So: 126 more words

Set up OpenStack management and provider network through one physical interface

The goal is to connect provider and management network of OpenStack nodes in one physical network.


Create virtual bridge, ie. br0. The first thing to do is modify /etc/network/interfaces… 148 more words


Problem installing neutron: ryu... invalid environment marker

I ran into a problem while installing neutron. This error is rather common (as seen through googling) but the solution was hard to find. This is what I found that worked for me. 228 more words


More Accessible Neutron Development

As a quark/neutron developer I have to stand up neutron servers all the time. The way that openstack prefers this be done is with… 293 more words