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OpenStackのミランティスに出資するインテル--その真の狙いを探る [ #cbajp ]

プライベートクラウドにまたしても巨額の資金が投じられる。今回は1億ドルだ。IntelはMirantisへの1億ドルの投資ラウンドを主導した。Mirantisは「OpenStack」への貢献度で(Red HatとHewlett-Packardに次ぐ)第3位の企業だ。The Wall Street JournalのDon Clark氏は、「Intelの新たな取り組みは、決定的なものではないにせよ、OpenStackを法人ユーザーにとってさらに魅力的な製品にするのを促す可能性がある」と指摘する。




This week was my last week in the Outreachy internship and, now that it’s over, I would like to share with you what I have to say about my whole experience. 297 more words


Multi-Node OpenStack on your laptop in about an hour

OpenStack is just about the hottest thing going in IT today.  Started in 2010 as a joint project between Rackspace and NASA, it is quickly maturing into the premier solution for anyone who wants to make their infrastructure more self-service without having to go behind and clean up after developers all day every day. 1,407 more words


OPENSTACK CINDER "NFS" driver class hierarchy

The “NFS” driver for Cinder is simply a class derived from the following base classes. You can implement your own version of NFS driver class by simple creating a new Python file called “xyz.py” and copy the contents of nfs.py into it. 63 more words


MirantisとIntelが提携、OpenStackのエンタープライズ市場への導入加速を目指す [ #cbajp ]




Deploy to Metal? No sweat with RackN new Ansible Dynamic Inventory API

Content originally posted by Ansibile & RackN so I added a video demo.  Also, see Ansible’s original post for more details about the multi-vendor “ 291 more words


Google Hopes Open Source Will Give Its Cloud A Path To The Enterprise

“Google is not an enterprise company and we are trying to become cognizant of what the enterprise needs,” Craig McLuckie, Google’s product manager in charge of its Kubernetes and Google Container Engine projects, acknowledged during a panel discussion at the OpenStack Foundation’s annual  415 more words


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“We’ve come to admire the ability of the open-source community to drive innovation.” - Craig McLuckie