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ミドクラ、複数のOpenStackクラウドを統合したオーバーレイ・ネットワークを実現するミドクラ・エンタープライズ・ミドネットの最新リリースを発表 [ #cloud ]

革新的なネットワーク仮想化ソフトウェアを提供するMido Holdings Ltd.は、サンフランシスコにて2016年8月10日に、Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)向けに設計された拡張可能なネットワーク仮想化ソリューションであるミドクラ・エンタープライズ・ミドネット(MEM)の最新リリースを発表しました。



ウォルマート、クラウド管理ソフト「OneOps」のOpenStackへの組み入れも視野に [ #cloud ]




Serving beer with Puppet

On August 18 2016, Puppet held one of our Puppet Camp events in Denver. During such events, I have the opportunity to showcase what Puppet does in new, usually fun, ways. 942 more words


[OpenStack][Extensions] Write a new feature as extension

The first question is why we need extensions?

OpenStack as other architectures that support user interaction via API needs to have standard, stable API and another feature that supports innovation, capability for adding new specification based on use cases – it is called extensibility. 386 more words

AppFormix now helps enterprises monitor and optimize their virtualized networks

AppFormix helps enterprises, including the likes of Rackspace and its customers, monitor and optimize their OpenStack- and container-based clouds. The company today announced that it has also now added support for virtualized network functions (VNF) to its service. 254 more words


Operating OpenStack Clouds at Scale

As anyone who’s ever tried to move a technology from development to production knows, operations and scaling are two of the most difficult elements to do well. 269 more words


OpenStack in Action

OpenStack in Action by V. K. Cody Bumgardner, Jay Pipes
Publisher: Manning
ISBN: 978-1-61729-216-3
Year: 2016
Pages: 384

Download link -ITbook12-