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OpenStack part 3

In the previous posts, I forgot to mention that I’m working on this project with another student, whose name is James. James and I are both seniors in our senior seminar class. 106 more words


OVS 2.6 and The First Release of OVN

In January of 2015, the Open vSwitch team announced that they planned to start a new project within OVS called OVN (Open Virtual Network).  The timing could not have been better for me as I was looking around for a new project.   1,259 more words


Rackspace Builds Highly Available Cloud Using Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Rackspace is known for our expertise building highly available solutions for our customers, so it should be no surprise that we’ve been able to apply that competency to managed OpenStack solutions for both our upsteam offering and  211 more words


What is Terraform and how to use it ?

Terraform it a tool to configure and provision cloud infrastructure, it provides similar functionality as heat. Major difference is, terrform is cloud agnostic, it can be use for openstack, amazon or other cloud providers, but heat functionality is limited only to openstack. 1,172 more words


The Architecture Behind Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by Red Hat OpenStack

When Rackspace and Red Hat came together to create a managed private cloud, we knew this offering needed to support enterprises looking to transform themselves using the latest technological innovations. 119 more words


Device tagging, new in Newton

Device tagging in OpenStack Nova is a mechanism to communicate to the guest OS the intended usage of virtual network interfaces and disks. For example, if an instance has two virtual network interfaces, one connected to a public network and the other to a private management network, the interfaces can be tagged with ‘pub’ and ‘pvt’ respectively. 269 more words