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Design patterns in orchestrators: transfer of desired state (part 3/N)

Most datacenter automation tools operate on the basis of desired state. Desired state describes what should be the end state but not how to get there. 1,639 more words


Ubuntu OpenStack Pike Milestone 2

The Ubuntu OpenStack team is pleased to announce the general availability of the OpenStack Pike b2 milestone in Ubuntu 17.10 and for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS via the Ubuntu Cloud Archive. 292 more words


Walmart Gears Up Anti-Amazon Stance in Wake of Whole Foods Deal

Days after arch-rival Amazon announced plans to buy Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, Walmart is apparently ramping up its defense.

That acquisition takes square aim at Walmart’s bread-and-butter grocery business by giving the online retailer 465 new retail locations—thus a much bigger brick-and-mortar presence. 377 more words


Ceph RBD snapshots for an attached volume

You might find yourself in a scenario where you need to backup a CEPH volume attached to an Openstack Instance. CEPH snapshots come automatically to mind as the “state-in-time” solution. 224 more words


Virtual device role tagging, better explained

Now that Nova’s device role tagging feature talked about in a previous blog post is getting some real world usage, I’m starting to realise that it’s woefully under-documented and folks are having some misconceptions about what it is and how to use it. 850 more words


Is OpenStack Production Ready?

I’ll begin this blog post with a short disclaimer – I love OpenStack, I think its one of the most fascinating and
evolving projects out there, with an amount of technology that can feed a community, companies, governments, it must be doing something good. 543 more words


Openstack-Devstack-Error: No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available.

I was trying to launch a instance in Openstack but for some reason when I try creating the instance it always gave me below error. 157 more words