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OpenStack: Good cloud, but hard to master

I don’t just write about OpenStack; I use this open-source infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud myself. It’s great. It’s powerful and flexible. But never for one second have I thought it was easy to use. 430 more words


AWS化する世界、異なる未来を描くOpenStack [ #cbajp ]

Amazonが米国時間1月28日に発表した2015年12月期通期決算によると、同社のIaaS「Amazon Web Services(AWS)」の売上高は78億8000万ドル(1ドル=120円換算で約9450億円)で、前年比69%増加しました。この1年で同社がAWS上にリリースした新サービスは722にも上るそうです。IaaSのリーダーAWSの躍進はとどまることを知りません。



How to use plotnetcfg to solve the neutron jumble ?

Recently, I came acorss recently tool “plotnetcfg” which was included in RHEL OSP 7 to make our life easy while working on neutron issues.

You need to install two packages to use that tool. 286 more words


【要ログイン】OpenStackでコンテナを制御する、新モジュール「Magnum」の威力とは? [ #cbajp ]




OpenStack Images default users

After chasing this information too often, I’ve decided to give a break to my brain and compile a list of the most common OpenStack Images (at least for my day-to-day activities). 261 more words

Looking for a Private Cloud Vendor?

Private cloud software has to work with the virtualization layer that is providing the resources, enabling a management interface for the self-service aspect along with a management interface for the IT administrator. 674 more words