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Chasing Meggie

Meggie, n. /mƐggi/

Etymology: Nickname derived from the novel-turned-TV show The Thorn Birds

  1. A female in her early 20s who finds joy in discovering and learning new things…

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to chase

chase, v. /tʃeɪs/

Etymology: Middle English < Old French chacie-r…

I. To pursue with a view to catching

1. e. fig. to chase up: to pursue (a matter, person, etc.) vigorously with a specific purpose, esp.

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How to Deal with Critics - Advice from a Professional Opera Singer

It’s a tough issue. Critics are important as they keep professional organizations in check in a way. They are, ideally, professional ears that will call out a company who is putting out sub par work, to hold them accountable. 466 more words

Thoughts And Life

How to Find Your Artistry - Advice from a Professional Opera Singer

This article deals specifically with the singing performer but can be applied to most other genres and styles.  I speak from my own experience, these are my feelings, my thoughts and opinions on the subject from my perspective. 575 more words

Thoughts And Life

{Girl Crush Tuesday} Helen Sherman sings all the right notes

We have some pretty hard girl crushes. These are the types of ladies that stamp their style on the world. They are the type of people that will always be remembered and little girls grow up wanting to be. 285 more words

Girl Power

Meet the Artist......Natasha Hardy, soprano

Who or what inspired you to take up singing and pursue a career in music?

The thought of singing and acting appealed to me from a very early age. 1,151 more words


A Week Of Ups And Downs

This week we have celebrated some wonderful anniversaries. On Thursday 21st, celebrations took place for the Queen’s 90th Birthday and on St. George’s Day (Saturday 23rd) I had the pleasure to celebrate the anniversary of the… 672 more words

Charlotte Hoather