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music for the working night

Since getting back from San Francisco, I have had a new appreciation for Anna Caterina Antonacci’s singing, if you can believe that. Anik was very nice to point out a tribute Paterre wrote up on the occasion of her appearance in SF this year.. 252 more words


Toddler refuses to eat sloppy joes because he's convinced “it’s poop,” and we completely get where he's coming from

When it comes to foods that 100% don’t need to exist, sloppy joes are somewhere near the top of the list. They’re not quite hamburgers and not quite a barbecue sandwich, but just a mashed-up monstrosity masquerading as a meal. 90 more words

Best Of

This off-road mountain biking excursion through an abandoned mine shaft looks totally insane

Mountain biking can be a real thrill and a great source of exercise, but these fellas were leaning more towards the thrill side as they went on a ride they likely won’t soon forget. 88 more words

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One dude went HAM with his fists and took out an entire beach of spring breakers

Spring break can be the perfect breeding ground for some all-out brawls. With the alcohol in excess and the partying in full force, it’s pretty easy for some people to piss off others and even easier for people to get pissed off. 181 more words

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Watch What Happens When You Enter Your 30's....

Getting older can be, well, interesting… LOL

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Attached: Benjamin Delp Watts

We’re ecstatic to announce the addition of our newest friend Ben Watts to the Traffic Opera line-up. He’s terrifically fun and talented to boot. Here’s his official bio: 250 more words


New Shavlik Patch (SCUPdates) Package Available – 3/22/2017

• QGD23450751619 – Google Drive 2.34.5075.1619 – Low
• QOP4402510857 – Opera 44.0.2510.857 – Low

Shavlik Patch Plugin-ONLY
• QAMDS10312 – Apple Mobile Device Support x64 – None… 20 more words

Patch And Bulletin Information