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Lease Insurance - Indemnification and Waiver of Subrogation

Most every commercial lease contains a provision requiring both the tenant and the landlord to buy insurance.  Typically, several forms of insurance are required, including Commercial General Liability, Physical Damage, Workers Compensation, and Business Interruption… 392 more words

Tenant Representation

Operating Expenses in Commercial Leases

Most commercial leases require the tenant to pay each month, in addition to the fixed rent, a percentage of the property’s “operating expenses”.   These expenses may also be called “common area maintenance” expenses or other similar names.  272 more words

Small Businesses

Financial Ratio Analysis: Operating Ratio

This establishes the relation between the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and other operating and sales and is represented by the below relation.

This indicates the % of sales consumed by the operating cost.

Financial Ratio Analysis

Period Costs

In the MANUFACTURING and MERCHANDISING sectors period costs are costs in the INCOME STATEMENT OTHER than cost of goods sold or cost of sales accordingly. 85 more words

Management Accounting

Improve Performance AND Reduce Costs

How to Reduce the Costs of Performance

Large scale applications often require high performing storage devices to deliver data to the software system and the end-user in a timely manner. 639 more words

Operating Expenses

The financial benefits of cloud computing are still to be determined.

There is a significant movement today towards cloud computing; come consider it the panacea to all their IT woes. Well, it is not. In fact it may well cost you more than are paying now. 459 more words

Operating Expenses

What’s in a protocol, what is a protocol, and why care?

Replication of data across data centers is an accepted “best practice” to protect files from damage, natural disasters and other risks. Storage vendors understand this quite well and over the years have developed proprietary languages, called protocols, whereby their storage arrays can talk to each other and replicate the data between them. 276 more words

Operating Expenses