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CPULeash: A tool for capping per-process and process group CPU utilisation

It’s now mid October, there are 0 posts in 2017. Therefore I think it’s time to loosen up posting constraints and try make a bit more casual posts. 10,213 more words


Nintendo Releases OS 4.0 for Switch : Adds Video Capture, Profile and Save Transfer, and More!

The latest operating system has been released for the Switch and adds some long requested (and needed) features. Operating system 4.0 adds a host of new features including video capture (admittedly limited) and profile and save transfers. 72 more words

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Basic concepts required for understanding Oracle.

This world is full of Oracle DBAs.

But there are a select few who develop a deep understanding and work their magic.

Now to be above average will take a strong foundation of the basic concepts to build upon them and then even sky is not the limit. 117 more words


FreeBSD: Building software from ports (2/2)

My previous post discussed what ports are, where they can be found on FreeBSD and what the files of which a port is composed of look like. 1,931 more words



Hi everyone! Today I would like to discuss my views on changing operating systems from Mac to Windows, and what this means in terms of composing and workflow. 486 more words