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High Level Steps for Sql Server Cluster Installation

Quick one today:

Surprisingly, we’ve been doing a lot of Sql Server Cluster installations in the last few weeks/months. This is a handy chart, helpful to showcase the steps at a VERY¬†high level. 120 more words


My experience with Windows 10

since a while back I was kind of interested in programming and computers and on the camp last two weeks there were lot of nerds to computers I decided to share my experience with Windows 10 upgrade. 324 more words

When we click on the power button of our Laptop, what happens immediately and how the windows is loaded?

Solution 1

once you press the power button the laptop power button the CPU initializes itself from some clock trigger and then if the battery power is enough it then proceeds and checks systems ROM BIOS to look for startup functions and instructions it then checks the POST check(power on self-test) and then again checks the power and continues to check the HDD, cd, floppy disks and other perpheral devices connected to it. 156 more words

Operating System

What are the differences between interrupt and exception?

interrupt -> outside process affects the current process which affects current execution path
exception -> occurs within process affects current execution path

Operating System

What is the difference between paging and swapping? In windows OS, "My Computer", we see the option of paging, what does that mean?

Paging: If a certain memory location is not present in RAM then a page fault takes place. This causes the page which contains this memory location to be brought into ram. 76 more words

Operating System


I spent a day and a night in mortal combat with my computer. It wasn’t my computer’s fault. It was some update that caused something else to malfunction. 341 more words


Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 10

Microsoft, the giant company belonging to the richest man in the world, Bill Gates has officially launched its newest Windows product 10 on July 29, … 471 more words