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The Alternative To Windows Is Here But With A Twist. Meet the Remix OS That Is Android Based -PlanetBeyondTells

The Installable Windows Alternative Is Here: 

Remix OS is an Android Based operating system developed by Jide Technology. It is primarily made for desktops and Laptops. 431 more words


Endless OS: A customized GNOME Linux distro - The Internet without connection

Endless OS is a customized Linux distribution with modified GNOME desktop. Endless OS is mainly designed for novice users who have limited computer knowledge, and limited Internet connectivity. 465 more words

Month Projects 시작하기

이제껏 배우고 싶은 것들을 동시에 여러개를 배우다가 이번에 Month Projects 라는(내가 만듬) 진행 해보기로 했다. Month Projects는 1달,2달 정도 기간을 잡아두고 배우고 싶은 여러분야 중에서 한분야를 정해 그 기간동안 그것만 생각하고 배우는 프로젝트이다. 30 more words


Industrial IoT Muscles up to Functional Safety with New Intel Solution

@tachyeonz : In my position as GM for industrial solutions in the Intel Internet of Things Group (IOTG) I’ve heard manufacturers consistently voice frustration on how to effectively and efficiently develop, design and deploy robust functional safety solutions to meet evolving safety standards and protect the… 6 more words


Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

When you are installing Exchange Server 2013 for the first time the Active Directory needs to be prepared.

There are a series of requirements for Active Directory preparation to be successful: 324 more words

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Updating FreeBSD 4.11 (4/4) – Reflecting radical resurrection

In the first post of this mini series I wrote about legacy systems and installing FreeBSD 4.11. The second one shows how to configure the fresh system for remote access, bootstrap… 2,419 more words