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How Generate Your Own 'Pcb' (Printed Circuit Board)

In case you aren’t familiar with details, you would possibly want to discover an out that the overall functionality depends on its system functioning. Thus, you must focus on details. 396 more words


Which operating system is the most secure? Four points to remember.

No, you are almost certainly wrong if you tried to guess. A recent study shows that products from Apple actually are at the top when counting vulnerabilities, and that means at the bottom security-wise. 536 more words


Testing LAB2015 with VMware ESXi 5.5 update 1

I hope someday I will have Home Lab ESXi. Currently I used ESXi at office but the resources are limited due to some others testing also running inside it. 259 more words


Private Server Part 2: Installing the Operating System

You have a big box full of complicated-looking electronics, a monitor, a keyboard, and cords going all over the place. Now what? If hardware can be considered the body of the computer, then the operating system can be considered its soul. 1,528 more words


Easy steps to troubleshoot major iCloud issues


iCloud is a formulation based on cloud computing. More popular among the business community the application works on the principle of sharing and storing data and  information online without connecting devises to transfer them and it can be navigated from anywhere. 268 more words

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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

More than 100 Keyboard Shortcuts
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Keyboard Shortcuts (Microsoft Windows)
1. CTRL+C (Copy)
2. CTRL+X (Cut)
3. CTRL+V (Paste)
4. CTRL+Z (Undo) 1,015 more words

Win Keyboard Shortcuts


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