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Read about NodeOS (http://node-os.com) , seems to be interesting bundle of webserver framework NodeJS with all other package containers with a linux kernel. 56 more words

Operating Systems

Linux is monolithic ! but why ?is it safe ?

Before I try to convey a interesting  and informative stuff I recommend you to read these articles first

1)Monolithic Kernel


look at the visualization of different architectures provided in above links… 560 more words

Operating Systems

What is Deadlock?

A process needs all the necessary resources to complete its execution successfully. A process has to wait for the required resources if the resource is currently in use. 213 more words


Distributed Systems

In batch systems and time sharing system, often there is only a single computer that is shared between the users. All the process are executed in a single CPU, therefore the process is subjected to high loads all the time. 95 more words


why short term scheduler is short and long term scheduler is long ?

To understand why short and long names respectively were given one need’s to understand their functionality

In simple words :-

just one thing to remember is we have 2 types of queues when talking about schedulers :–1)Ready Queue(in or near main memory )and 2)Input Queue. 104 more words

Operating Systems

Time sharing systems

Batch Systems allow multi-programming by executing a bulk of process in the CPU. This was a disadvantage because of the following reasons.

  • The user did not have any knowledge about what is currently happening in the system because he could not have direct access to the computer’s terminal.
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Operating Systems