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This term 'Operating System' should be delved into for a clear picture!

From google search, from friends you got familiarised to the above phrase or probably some where along your studies and computer interaction.

Operating system commonly abbreviated as O.S is a system software that avails computer resources to the user and acts as a communication between application software and the microprocessor. 151 more words

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What computer Networks are, how they work and layouts.

Human beings developed interests in improving on communication devices as technology advanced.

A simple understanding of what a network is could be viewed as an interconnection of computers over a specified geographical area allowing sending and reception of information from one computer to the other. 126 more words

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Happy Birthday Ubuntu

Oct 20, 2004 was the announcement of “Warty Warthog”, it started off with 4.10. Today it is 16.10 and 12 years of its growth!. I had been using it from 4.10 and it has matured over version 8+ and it became my primary operating system in my laptop from release 10+.

May you live for long..

Operating Systems

Should you Update Each Time Raspbian Gets Updated?

As operating systems go, Raspbian is pretty good. Yes I do have issues with some aspects of it (see my evaluation on Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL… 1,170 more words

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The Sequel, Or Why They Took My Chainsaw Away

The computer is back. WordPress is back. All the programs are back. The only thing that is missing is $ 85 and my peace of mind. 228 more words


Next Ubuntu Will Be Called "Zesty Zapus"

The next version of Ubuntu will be called “Zesty Zapus”. Okay, now you’re just making stuff up. “In a blog post titled ‘The mouse that jumped’, Mark Shuttleworth announced the codename of the upcoming Ubuntu 17.04. 21 more words

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Next Major Windows 10 Update in March 2017?

Looks like we might see a Windows 10 update in March. “It’s public knowledge that Microsoft is working on the next major Windows 10 update but so far the company is yet to confirm precisely when this update is going to be released. 53 more words

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