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Microsoft will give you a new laptop if it can’t upgrade your system to Windows 10!

There’s only less than a week left before Microsoft’s free upgrade offer for Windows 10 expires and the company is pulling out all the stops to encourage people to update. 516 more words


What is Direct X 12 and Why is it Important?

When Microsoft began detailing new features of its upcoming Windows 10 operating system, one of those features talked about was DirectX 12. Gamers will immediately know what this is but they may not perhaps realize just how important of an update it will be. 942 more words


How to Fix Windows 10 Screen Auto Refresh

If you have just took advantage of the Windows 10 free upgrade, you may have experienced two of these very annoying issues:

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Shifting from Windows to Linux? Ask Paul.

First, go get yourself a cup of coffee if needed, because… this is gonna be kind of long, and it’s not an easy read.  Feel free to ask questions. 2,603 more words

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Toy Model of a Buffer Overflow.


So what can we do with a buffer overflow?  In Hacking The Art of Exploitation we get a nice toy model of exploiting a buffer overflow.  2,009 more words

Microsoft given 3 months to fix Windows 10 security and privacy

France’s privacy watchdog has declared that Windows 10 is gobbling up too much data and snooping on users’ browsing without their consent.

The National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) has given Microsoft 3 months to get its act together and to get compliant with the… 641 more words