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World's Most Popular Operating Systems OS

Operating systems (OS) are specific computer or mobile program, developed to manage computer hardware and software resources, and provide common services for computer applications. Personal computers operating systems like Windows, or Unix-based OS like MacOS, or Ubantu, a Linux-based operating system are already popular among users worldwide. 1,147 more words

Computer Operating Systems

Joy Living: You Are Responsible For Your Joy [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

For this message of Joy Living, Erica Campbell explains that our joy is our responsibility. She reads a quote from Chris Rock, about how people who help themselves first end up with the assistance they might need from others. 217 more words

Get Up!

Linux and Unix video games.

Video game companies, please port your games to Linux. It doesn’t matter that Linux has a small desktop market. It doesn’t matter that you waste money! 107 more words



Courses in computer programming are available in a wide variety of computer-related degree programs. Students learn how to write programs using common programming languages and how to test them for problems. 170 more words

Apa itu Linux?

Sejarah Singkat Linux

Pada tahun 1969, Ken Thompson dan Dennis Ritchie (juga adalah developer bahasa C), para peneliti di AT&T Bell Laboratorium Amerika, membuat sistem operasi UNIX, cikal bakal dari Linux.Beberapa tahun kemudian munculah berbagai jenis UNIX, salah satunya MINIX yang dibuat A. 730 more words


Operating Systems Concepts, 10th Edition

Lots of hard work went into this edition, so very pleased to see it coming out. The print version is back from the presses but the ePub electronic book is still in the works. 52 more words

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