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Looking at shells, internal and External commands

This Study area follows on from this Post , Using Linux Shells

Each of the available command shells in Linux has two primary types of commands, Internal or External. 795 more words

Nigel Borrington

20 useful Linux shell utilities you may have never seen

If you totally get to the bottom of Linux shell – you’ll agree that it’s a powerful environment. Understanding of things like text manipulators, system utilities etc. 1,458 more words


Raspberry Pi 3 Plays Nice Tunes

I’ve been working on my Raspberry Pi 3 all afternoon with the intention of installing an new OS on it. I experienced several bumps in the road using a server to connect remotely to my desktop but finally figured it out and connected. 196 more words


Using Linux Shells, Command entry and Terminal emulators.

Please note that this post follows on from : The Linux Shell

Operating systems such as Linux and Microsoft windows owe their current existence to much earlier versions of themselves with ASCII-code Text based command lines as their only interface with their users. 912 more words

Nigel Borrington

Intel Atom mobile x86 platform ends following success of Apple Ax series chips.

Intel has announced it will cease production of mobile Atom processors, as Apple’s Ax series dominate the mobile market. The announcement may affect Microsoft’s plans for a Surface Phone running Windows apps under legacy x86 software. 64 more words