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Club Penguin - Herbert and Klutzy Spotted at Sea

Last week the Club Penguin team released an all new in-game mission called Operation: Hot Sauce. In order to have completed this mission, you must’ve flooded Herbert and Klutzy’s lair, hidden at the Beach. 76 more words

Club Penguin Help

New EPF Message!

New EPF message from the Director!

“Well done agents. The Blackout has ended. Through Herbert has eluded capture, his base is destroyed, and the Solar Laser with it. 10 more words


New EPF Message!

New EPF message from Herbert P Bear!

“I know it’s YOU trying to oppose me, Agent! I WILL find out who you are. I WILL capture you. 13 more words


ClubHerbert Updates!

ClubHerbert has finally updated with The Director being captured. And all of the pictures have crosses on them.

-Dj Pingy8


First Aid Pin 2012!

The First Aid Pin 2012 is found at the Mine!

-Dj Pingy8