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Operation Blackout 1.3 [2016 FINAL]

Apparently I forgot to post this! I thought it was scheduled, but it wasn’t. It has been sitting in my drafts box, I sure am happy I found it.

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Operation Blackout 1.2

Operation Blackout has been a really nice break from my weekly routine. Every Thursday when I get home I find things to do that don’t involve electricity. 292 more words


Operation Blackout 1.1

Yesterday, as some of you remember from yesterday’s post, was Operation Blackout. Operation Blackout is an experiment I’m trying where I don’t use electricity for personal use on Thursdays. 676 more words


Which Burns More Kilowatt-Hours: America's Christmas Lights Or Tanzania?

Today, which is tomorrow for me now, but is today for you now, is Operation Blackout for me. I have scheduled this to post while I lay around and read and clean and reorganize my apartment. 106 more words


Operation Blackout 1.0

The first Operation Blackout attempt was yesterday, December 17, 2015.

In the morning I completely forgot that operation blackout was in effect. I used lights when I woke up and used the bathroom for my make up, I got dressed, went to work. 268 more words