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Israel’s culture of impunity, the West’s culture of complicity

In March, I debated the motion ‘This House Believes Israel is a Rogue State’ at the Cambridge Union. Opening proceedings, I suggested that the opposition might well “concede” that “Israel is not perfect”, intentionally missing the point about Israel’s rights violations being systematic. 774 more words


Bibi No Go Bye-Bye - The Fascist's Mandate of Hate has Been Delivered

by Scott Creighton

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#IsraelElections Please trade us @netanyahu for the marxist, muslim appeaser. #ImpeachObama

It’s being taken as a world-wide referendum on the rightness of far-rightness; of the righteousness of reactionary, fear-mongering, hate-filled ideology.

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Scott Creighton


First published at New Left Project

A big day for Gadi Eisenkot, as he is sworn in as the new chief of staff of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). 1,147 more words


The only plus for children in the West Bank...

DCIP research shows that children arrive at Israeli interrogation centers blindfolded, bound and sleep deprived. More than three-quarters of child detainees endure some form of physical violence between the period of their arrest and interrogation, with half of them also strip searched.

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Why the IDF mistranslates its own 1 min. video by adding the word "Terrorist" four times.

This morning, I was scanning Twitter, and stumbled across this odd tweet from the IDF Spokesperson.

#Balloons are more than just toys. #IDF soldiers use them to stop…

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IDF & Refusal To Serve

US Slams ICC Probe of Israel as “Tragic Irony”

Local Editor


The United States condemned the International Criminal Court decision to open a preliminary probe Friday into “possible” war crimes committed against Palestinians, blasting it as a “tragic irony”. 275 more words


One Family, Two Doors, Nowhere to Run

(You can read the original of this article in TomDispatch.com)

No Exit in Gaza
Broken Homes and Broken Lives
By Jen Marlowe

Rubble. That’s been the one constant for the Awajah family for as long as I’ve known them. 2,510 more words

Human Rights