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Bullet holes and grief

Dear friends,

Today marks 7 years since my dear friend (and Donkeysaddle Projects Project Manager) Amer Shurrab’s brothers were killed by the Israeli military in a military assault in Gaza the army termed “Operation Cast Lead.” Below, is what I wrote for WorldFocus.com after visiting his family in Gaza a few months later: 1,405 more words



Mouin Rabbani, Norman G. Finkelstein and I have an article in the latest issue of Insight Turkey examining the impact of the Arab uprisings on the prospects for Palestinian self-determination. 434 more words

Operation Protective Edge

Video: Chris Hedges, Max Blumenthal | Days of Revolt: The 51 Day War

Chris Hedges interviews Max Blumenthal about his latest book and the brutal tactics used by the Israeli state in attempt to suppress Palestinian resistance in this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt. 166 more words

Human Rights

Just Imagine What it Would Be Like If the US MSM Had This Kind of Courage (video AJ interview from 2014)

Isaeli spokesman Mark Regev gets OWNED by Aljazeera News host regarding the war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza.

Operation Pillar Of Defense

45,000 demand Israel PM Netanyahu’s arrest for ‘war crimes’ during UK state visit

UPDATE: I am told it is nearly 54,000 at this point


from RT

A petition calling for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for ‘war crimes’ when he arrives in London next month has been signed by over 45,000 people. 126 more words

Palestinian Rights

Finkelstein's Pessimism and Optimism

Philosopher Paul Ricoeur identified Marx, Freud, and Nietzsche as three masters of suspicion in the modern West.  Over the last three decades, Norman Finkelstein has shown himself to be a contemporary  maven of suspicion when it comes to  such matters as the Holocaust Industry,  Middle East scholarship applauded by the mainstream, and Israel’s policies that torment the Palestinian people.  757 more words


Israeli Military Conducts Another Successful Operation Against More Unarmed People

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: And now… Israel Cracks Down on Children’s Theater… yes, children’s theater folks.


When it comes to defending the Jewish State against unarmed civilians or peace activists, the Israeli military stands at the top of the dung heap in not only their ability to mount such operations but also in their skill to spin them afterward as “heroic”. 497 more words

Scott Creighton