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Former President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized ~ April 24, 2018

Hi folks…I have decided not to post quite so much dark stuff these days since the crux of Internet censorship has eased up a bit for those revealing the truth, but this news item is just too significant to pass up on. 492 more words

Why, Really, the Nazis Won the War

By Makia Freeman | The Freedom Articles

The Nazis won the War in many senses, ways and aspects – but it’s all outside the purview of mainstream historical thinking. 3,205 more words

Alternative Theories

July 20, 1977: CIA Mind Control Project MKUltra Docs Released for First Time - Sputnik International

If the program is really dead-what took it’s place?


“Project MKUltra” was the name given to an illegal program of human experimentation conducted by the US Central Intelligence Agency, which investigated mind control. 259 more words

V2: weapon of mass destruction and first space flight.

On this day 75 years ago the  first V-2 missile was fired successfully from Peenemunde, heralding the start of space travel.

German scientists, led by von Braun, had been working on the development of these long-range missiles since the 1930s. 453 more words


Happy Birthday CIA: 7 Truly Terrible Things The Agency Has Done In 70 Years

By Carey Wedler | The Anti Media

On Monday, President Trump tweeted birthday wishes to the Air Force and the CIA. Both became official organizations 70 years ago on September 18, 1947, with the implementation of the National Security Act of 1947. 2,235 more words


The Nazis Are Dead And Dying! Long Live The Nazis!

*edit, September 18, 2017 – I stand by almost all that I said, below. But I must walk back one thing I asserted. There is no big, ‘visible’, specifically anti-Communist movement happening in the US mainly targetting Russia. 9,440 more words


"20 Declassified Files that Prove Governmental Crime and Conspiracy" – Part 1

Image: http://www.activistpost.com

Read the following article, and then see if you can still trust this government. And remember, these facts come from declassified documents:

20 Declassified Files That Prove Governmental Crime And Conspiracy – Part 1… 1,758 more words

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