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The Battle of Narva, 1944 Part I

Narva: Castles/Crossing/Town

Background to a Battle

The German army of 1944 was no longer the seemingly invincible military force that had conquered most of Europe in the first years of World War II. 1,642 more words


The Battle of Narva, 1944 Part II

August 19, 1944, Narva-Riga, note the beginning of the disengagement from the Narva Riverlines, the small sectors now covered by Nordland and Nederland owing to their weakness. 1,928 more words


The Battle of Narva, 1944 Part III

SS Nordland at the battle of Narva

Another Try

During the first week of March, the German troops at Narva could sense something was coming. Soviet units were on the move, and the roar of tank engines could be heard from beyond the enemy lines. 1,950 more words


The Battle of Narva, 1944 Part IV

Operation Bagration

Meanwhile in Moscow, STAVKA was working on another operation, code named “Bagration, ” that promised to break open the eastern front once and for all. 1,516 more words


ANZ Bank Ops Hackathon

“Hey Mish, you aren’t doing anything this weekend, so come for another hackathon”…

“Yeah sure!” and that was that… I was doing my third hackathon weekend in a row, so much for a weekend in. 1,162 more words


About projection

In the past few months, endeavors have been there to try to define something that’s coming up from the subconscious and plays out in relationships. Male/female. 867 more words