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Email Credentials Phishing Using ContactMe.com


I rarely get interesting emails in my inbox. I usually get the usual spam or same old boring phishing email from some botnet. But today, it seems I might have gotten a bit more interesting. 1,004 more words


Daniel Schutzsmith: Follow Thy Checklist and Prosper

During FITC Toronto 2015 I had the opportunity to hear Daniel Schutzsmith talk about project management in creative enterprise. In case you’ve never attended an FITC event, part of FITC is about dreaming big and fearlessly taking on life-changing projects. 656 more words


8 hours to go.

im 8 hours time, I am going to be admitting myself into the hospital ready to wait for my operation.

To say I’m nervous would be an understatement. 536 more words

Kaboodle Ramblings

KNLC NAS Lemoore FSX Scenery

UPDATED with latest version 1.50

Please READ THE MANUAL for current install instructions. File names have changed and object libraries added.

Note: This version of the scenery has not been tested NOR is supported in P3D. 337 more words

The Fastest Way to Position your Business for Growth

 “It matters how much you keep – in addition to how much you make.”

Watch this short video of Karen explaining how to immediately reap… 213 more words


5 Useful Apps for Small Business Owners

These 5 tools can help you save time and facilitate your daily business processes, as a small business owner. Check out the apps, published on Jumix blog, here:

(Click here to read).


To Thine Own Brand Be True

Excuse me while I skip ahead to educational lessons I learned not while studying humanities, but while pursuing something totally different: an MBA. Sometimes my inner MBA rises up and pushes all that humanities knowledge to the side—though I’d like to think the analytical skills I honed in classes such as English literature led to my not only being able to analyze plots, characters, and themes, but also to do so with balance sheets, customer service philosophies, and branding decisions. 944 more words