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Operation ‘Albion’

After the torpedo and mine casualties of the winter of 1915/16, there was little activity by larger warships in the Baltic theatre, although smaller vessels remained active – and suffered losses from the same causes. 2,099 more words


Google says it’ll be fully powered by renewable energy in 2017

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

Google will power its entire global operations using energy from renewable sources next year, it has announced.

In a move that the search and advertising giant is hailing as “a huge milestone,” 100 percent of the 2600 megawatts or so that Google’s parent company Alphabet needs to power its data centres and offices around the world will be acquired by solar or wind energy. 529 more words


#RMS in Azure


Today we’ll run a RMS scenario in our demo office 365 environment. RMS provides the ability to restrict certain actions to documents ( office and other ) depending on the authenticating user by encrypting the required files. 644 more words


Making 10's- Open Middle Problem

Directions: Using the integers 0 to 9, each only once, fill in the following blanks to make the equations true.

___ + ___ = 10 + ___

___ + ___ = 10 + ___

___ + ___ = 10+ ___

Open Middle

The main secret to junk-free house

In this article I will show-off that I still remember some operations management stuff – LOL :). But, you’ll get quite some value as well, because a lot of those complicated terms boil down to a very practical and down-to-earth principles, applicable equally good to a factory and to a… 902 more words

Family Life CEO

Let it snow: King County Airport is ready

Snow may be in the forecast, but staff at King County International Airport/Boeing Field is ready — fresh from conducting our annual pre-winter season review of plans and procedures. 215 more words


If the Death Star existed it would cost $7.7 octillion per day to operate 

Ever since Star Wars fans first laid their eyes on the monstrous Death Star in 1977, we’ve been fascinated with the Empire’s ultimate weapon. Now with “ 448 more words

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